Big House, No Ghosts?

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    Big House, No Ghosts?
    Haunted Winchester Mystery House
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    When I visited the Winchester Mystery House I thought I would capture a lot of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) on my trusty digital recording device, along with anomalies captured on my cameras. I captured nothing unusual, abnormal or to say the least paranormal.

    I was not impressed with my findings. In fact the Winchester Mystery House is probably the most non-haunted house in California. The Winchester Mystery House was actually built for the deceased victims of the Winchester rifle, that is why Ms. Winchester kept on adding rooms. Of course, she went a little bonkers by adding 13 steps to a blank wall or having a door open to nothing but the outdoors, dangerous stuff if you are intoxicated and thinking if you opened this door you will find a bedroom and when you open it, it's nothing but outdoors and you fall and break your neck.

    Here are some of the stories about this mysterious house:

    Everything you wanted to know about the Winchester Mystery House can be found on Wikipedia, see here:

    A caretaker of the mansion claims he heard footsteps and odd breathing in the house. There were no tourists in the house. The only person in the house was the caretaker. The breathing continued and the caretaker could not find any natural explanation for the unsettling breathing noises. Then the caretaker heard a screw turning and the sound of the screw falling to the floor. The caretaker turned on the lights and couldn't find anything out of place. What I think this caretaker experienced is simply a residual haunting effect. The sounds of a carpenter that once worked on this house. The sounds are being replayed over and over again, implanted into the atmosphere. Non-intelligent energy that is being witnessed by the caretaker. The Carpenter was captured by a tourist in a photograph, he was wearing workman's heavy coveralls.

    A tourist claimed that he saw a man handing out candy in front of the house. As the tourist approached the man that was handing out candy, he simply vanished in front of the tourist’s eyes. The man was 6 feet tall, wearing a tall top black hat and a black coat tails jacket. This story reminds me of something that Deanna (my wife who is a psychic experienced at the Miner's Motel in Jamestown). Here is Deanna's experience:

    12/25/2016 Christmas Night: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Psychic saw an apparition in our Room 307 at the Miner's Motel - 18740 CA-108, Jamestown, CA 95327. The apparition description: male, brown hair, wearing 1800s garb, wearing cowboy hat, wearing blue jeans. The apparition looked at Deanna and she could envision that this apparition when living had a Mining Store for miners and his specialty was Turkish delights and butterscotch candy. The apparition said to Deanna: "Merry Christmas!" GHOST IDENTIFIED: Miner's Motel Candy Man.

    Other mysterious happenings at the Winchester Mystery House is when a Winchester employee locks all of the doors, he re-checks them only to find them unlocked again.

    A caretaker claims that his duty is to shut off all of the lights in the house. When he finished and was walking to his car, he looked back at the house and the whole second floor lights were on. Talk about frustrating.

    Another employee complained that one time he found his desk drenched with water. The paperwork on his desk was completely wet. Everything around his desk was bone dry, the only thing wet was anything on top of his desk.

    Rumor has it that a janitor that worked at the mansion died on the grounds that he loved so much. He died of an apparent heart attack. Some tourists have claimed that they have seen the janitor peering through the window.

    Daniel Jahns of Santa Clara County said that he saw 2 little boys dressed in blue running up and down some steps. Daniel thought the boys were part of his group and told the boys to be careful. The boys stopped and looked at Daniel and began laughing. Daniel noticed that the 2 boys looked alike and figured they were twins. Daniel asked the boys: “where are your parents?” The boys looked confused and vanished in front of Daniel’s eyes.

    A black Labrador retriever is sometimes seen wandering the halls. A caretaker followed the dog down one hall and into a room. When he arrived to the room, the dog was gone.

    I was unsuccessful one time and perhaps I will try another investigation, since there are so many paranormal stories about the Winchester Mansion. I recently received word from Gordon Carroll on Facebook that he was unsuccessful in obtaining any EVP evidence at the Winchester Mystery House, but was successful in obtaining an EVP at the Mark Twain Cabin - Mark Twain Cabin, 20777 Jackass Hill Rd, Sonora, CA 95370 in Angel’s Camp, as seen here: http://www.sierranevadageotourism.o...rnia-historical-landmark/sie373ebf719dee63a23 - The EVP that Gordon obtained said: “Bring me the wood!” Michael Colby of Tahoe City says he saw an apparition at Mark Twain’s Cabin and the apparition looked like Mark Twain! I once saw Mark Twain’s Cabin a few years back and did not investigate. Deanna and myself will be investigating Mark Twain’s Cabin in the future. Perhaps since the Winchester Mansion is so huge, it’s hard to obtain evidence. Mark Twain’s Cabin is nice and small, easy to investigate. Look for my future reports!

    Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
    aka The Demon Warrior
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    . . . The “Winchester House,” is an intriguing architectural form for several reasons, even as a talisman of sorts, when one considers its construction. The “talisman” affects, that the house suggests and its purposeful construction, allows continued passage of those displaced spirits from the use of the firearms the name is most associated. Ms Sarah Winchester inherited that property, the finances, and the unfortunate ramifications of firearm use – the displaced spirits. Sarah was not the cause of their often premature deaths, but she made active attempts at helping them find something of a peaceful passage and / or disposition after the calamity of their traumatic death experience. More can be said of her husband’s death and, especially, infant daughter’s death. It was through her association by marriage of her husband and persons responsible for the development and deployment of the weapons that she tried measures toward appeasing those spirits she found herself.

    One must also note that that period in history, the 1800’s, was known for its fascination with the spirit world. Some of the elusive building of doors, walls, windows, and rooms were purported to redirect distraught spirit forms from confronting Ms Winchester. Possibly. “Door-doorways, walls-the antithesis of doors, and windows,” have significant symbolic representation, too.

    I found the diagnosis of her infant daughter and subsequent death unusual. Part of the diagnosis suggests “failure to thrive” in modern pediatric medical terminology - Marasmus in Wiki. There are several causes for such severe malnutrition stemming from lack of food to the body’s inability to use food forms like carbohydrates and, especially, proteins. It’s hard to fathom that there was some sort of malnutrition due to lack of resources to acquire adequate food given the family’s apparent wealth at the time. There does not seem to be much information on the well being of the family’s overall health or of any known chronic conditions to include mental health.

    Other things about the room additions that are still something of a mystery are tenuous Masonic symbolism and a hint of Sacred Geometry incorporated into the design(s). For instance, the “Séance Room” is centrally located and the building and modifications of additional rooms seem to expand outward from it. There’s much speculation about that purpose, of course, but the end result is still something of symbolism suggesting (spirit) movement away from the occupants within the séance room.

    One might refer to the ‘Golden Ratio’ or “Fibonacci Spiral.” The use of Sacred Geometry can be found amidst the ancient arts for many things, one of them involved in motion. Most people do not realize it, but they themselves are actively moving as part of or within an active spiraling motion, part of which includes the Fibonacci Spiral and its implications within the architecture of life forms like plants, for instance, “The Flower of Life.” The axial motion of the planet; the axial precession-precessional motion of the planet; these two motions of the planet in an elliptical orbit that is itself moving through space around the Sol star; these motions moving within the galactic rotational motion – well, . . . . One gets the idea anyway about how important understanding something of Sacred Geometry is and its relationship to motion and symbolic representation. In a sense, one is not in the same position more than once although one does observe something of an instantaneous illusion of being stationary as a circle or that a point drawn might imply.

    The Winchester House is not the only constructed form on the planet that has Sacred Geometry significance, but it is one way of using form toward direction in contemporary times with certain notoriety. Thanks for the stories.
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    Very enlightening, many thanks for your comments!!

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