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    ~*~ FORUM RULES ~*~

    1. No religious bashing or preaching is allowed.

    2. No selling or purchasing items through the forums is allowed. Threads regarding the solicitation of funds for any organization must be expressly approved by the administrator. Any threads regarding this that have not been approved will be edited or deleted at the moderators discretion.

    3. You MAY NOT start threads to advertize personal websites/forums etc. They may appear in your signature, or in your profile, but not as a thread. (please see rule #2)

    4. Harassment, in any form, is NOT tolerated on this website and may result in your account being locked with no warning.

    All opinions are accepted here, as are all religious paths and all living prefrences. There shall be no discrimination or posts containing vulgar, harassing, hateful, threatening, privacy-invading, or sexually-oriented content, nor posts in violation of any laws.

    5. REGARDING COPYING & PASTING: Due to copyright laws, there shall be no C&P-ing of content from any copyrighted sources, (this includes websites as well as books). A brief in-your-own-words summary of the written work will be permitted, accompanied by the link to the source site.

    6. There is no Chat/Cell Phone/Internet/Slang-Lingo type permitted. Posts containing chat speak may be edited or deleted at the moderators discretion.

    7. Members occasionally seek help and advice concerning various medical issues, procedures, diets, etc. Please note that the advice or solutions offered are the opinions of individual members and are in no way endorsed by Ghostplace, which takes no responsibility for damage that may result from following that advice. Remember that forums such as this are not the ideal place to seek advice for medical concerns.

    Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in:

    1st time: private warning sent

    2nd time: warning and reason for it made in public, ON the offending post

    3rd time: membership locked

    ***The moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, lock, or any way alter a post that does not conform to the above rules and to lock an account with no warnings at their discretion ***

    If you have any questions or concerns, please PM a moderator.


    What is all that orange text in my post???

    The moderators one day decided that it would be a good idea, when they edited someone elses post, to make their edits stand out so that they could be differentiated from the original message, and so they started using text that looks like this when they were moderating. This has become the "Unofficial Moderator Color" - if you see it in your thread that means that a moderator has edited your text and replaced it with theirs, marked in orange.

    Ghostplace Post Ranking System

    Ghost: <50 posts

    Wraith: 50+ posts

    Spirit: 100+ posts

    Spectre: 500+ posts

    Shade: 1000+ posts

    Poltergeist: 2000+ posts

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    2. The height cannot exceed 250 pixels (so you can have a 300 x 200 sig, but not 200 x 300)

    3. Please, only one sig picture at a time. More than one picture really makes it difficult to stick to the above rules.

    4. Regarding text: Please limit signature text to 5 lines or less. If you have a particularly long quote you may want to consider using the scrolling text/marquee function.

    5. Please do not use images that are copyrighted to another site.
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