Lost a dear friend

Discussion in 'Ghost Stories' started by Katelyn, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Hey guys long time since I posted here! But I am back! I actually have two stories to tell but I will do them in separate threads. I have something tragic to tell everyone....

    My fiancé had a best friend who added me on fb and we talked a lot but he had depression and almost committed suicide a few times but always got out of it and even nearly died of a heart attack. Well he had been in and out of the mental institution and I haven't talked to him since. On Tuesday.....my fiancé messaged me on fb saying that he needed me so I asked him what was wrong and he said it was his friend and I got worried thinking he had tried attempting suicide again so I asked what happened and he told me his friend was shot and killed and I immediately started to cry. He told me it was a drive by shooting and the bullet was meant for my fiancé but his friend pushed him out of the way and got shot instead. He was shot in the stomach and twice in the chest and he died in my fiance's arms. Ever since then I have been experiencing strange stuff like when I was at the grocery store and walking then my grandmother asked me if I moved the loaf of bread and I told her no so she said that she had the loaf of bread on the top part of the cart and now it was in the green basket on the lower part of the cart which was weird. Then at home every time I would be doing something I would either see a shadow or a white light and when I looked at where it was it would be gone. Then the other day I was sitting on my living room floor playing with my cat and the space between my shoulder blades was touched and it felt real like a real hand was touching there and I felt cold everywhere so I asked my grandmother and she didn't feel cold. And then last night I was getting something to eat and my cat ran out of the kitchen and skidded to a stop then he looked at the wall.....nonetheless this is one spirit I want to keep in my house no way am I letting him leave. But this friend of mine and my fiance's is our hero for sacrificing his life to save my fiancé and I am grateful that he did or else I would have lost my fiance

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