Old Hag.

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    The scariest thing, and one of the best scares EVER, that has happened to me was in the early hours of the morning quite some time ago.

    I love the feeling of being scared, the adrenaline, and have yet to find anything that does the trick since this. It just doesn't compare.

    So, I was at my Dad's house one night, I think it was one of the times I moved home for a stint because of a relationship split, and was designated the sofa in the living room as a bed. It was a cosy room with a fireplace opposite the window and the TV opposite the sofa I slept on.

    As on any other night, when everyone went to bed I put the fire on and watched a film. It wasn't a horror or anything, Probably some Brit flick as goes my taste, so I had no monsters in my head as I drifted off into sleep.

    The next thing I know I'm awake, TV off but fire still on, but totaly unable to move. I could see as clear as day an old lady sat on the other sofa under the window. She didn't move or say anything, just sat as if watching the fire.

    I'm scared, I can't move and there's a strange old lady sat about six feet away from me.

    Then I started to get movement back in my arm. As it crept up my arm and across my body the old lady faded and was gone.

    I've heard of sleep paralysis and this could of been that I suppose but where did the old lady come from? It was nobody I knew.

    It has never happened since and nobody else has seen anything.

    Real haunting or my mind playing tricks?

    Either way, what a rush!!
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  2. DEADPsalm Spirit

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    Is this paranormal? Maybe...

    This sounds very much like what has been labeled "Sleep Paralysis". The brain paralyses the body to prevent self-injury during sleep. On occasion, we awake from this deep sleep but remain paralyzed. Quite often our brain is also still processing dreams as we awake in this paralysis. From personal experience, I know this can be as vivid as a fully conscious experience and quite terrifying. Does a scientific definition of the experience preclude the paranormal? No; not in my opinion. Perhaps in some way it actually validates the experience. Did an "Old Hag" actually visit your home? Probably not but the relationship of any symbolism and situations of your life at the time may be quite interesting.
  3. Ellen_87 Spirit

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    that's a strange story. it dose sound like sleep paralysis but i can't be to sure, but sounds freaky tho lol
  4. Returned Spirit

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    I thought it unusual that you referred to the elder woman on the other couch as a “hag.” The term hag is often attributed to someone who seems an evil looking old woman, like witch or female demon, even a frightening spirit – Certainly a reason to be scared, if it wasn’t because of not being able to move. It’s an old term one finds from Wales along with its equivalent, Banshee, from Ireland. It’s possible there’s something in your past experiences that conditioned your sleep that evening and night.

    You said the TV was on before you drifted off to sleep and later found turned off when you woke. Someone in the family, perhaps, if not the disappearing old woman.

    There are theories about how the “mind” seems a deceptive organ of consciousness. It almost has a special talent for self-deception. Yet, there are no finished laws of mind to be found and are not likely to be had anytime soon, if at all. The mind is sometimes called a universe unto itself with a person operator in charge who hasn’t learned all that is knowable. Bit of a mouthful, maybe, yet true more often than not. There are many things that can contribute toward behaviours in some form or another, but again, they’re not tallied to date, either. Science is useful when determining behaviours, but lacks the credentials for what makes mind, a mind.

    The mind playing tricks? Possibly, but not necessarily. Part of what might have been in your experience may have come from the programming on the TV the previous evening, upbringing, stories heard or read, and attempts at placing patterns to observations and to sensory inputs over time. Haunting? Possibly, but not necessarily, either. There’s also the possibility that what triggered an effect with you was known by something or someone else – Also possible, is that there was another corporeal being (another person) manipulating certain causes for an effect.

    You mentioned a creeping sensation of your arm and the ‘old lady’ fading – The sleep paralysis explanation may be useful as the hag explanation, but neither, reproducible on command or for others to reproduce as in a laboratory experiment. Is it intelligence of a spirit presence or is it intelligence of the perceiver taking place when the observations are considered – Or possibly both? Did one sleep on the arm, in such a way as to disturb blood flow to the nerves, muscles, and soft tissues in it that coincided with a dream state as one went to sleep or was ending a sleep period?. Temporarily disturbing blood flow can give a momentary inability to move ones arm or another appendage. Obstructed blood flow also affects surrounding tissues, too, forcing sensory feedback that affects the rest of the body and brain. That this can take place during sleep, is it necessarily “sleep paralysis?” One could easily shrug ones shoulders another time here, too.

    The sense of movement or kinesthetic sense (proprioception http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sense#Kinesthetic_sense
    ) has a role during ones waking moments, but is thought to be distanced during sleep. What’s a sleep walker?

    As much as is known about humankind and its many quirks, there’s easily as much not knowable. The pursuit of explanations continues in nearly all manner and form. I have my reservations with all theories, legends, folklore, and myth as life seems to have a talent for coming up with new ways to perceive, that which is.

    Safe journey

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