The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings by Brad Steiger

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    Name: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings
    Second Edition

    Published by Visible Ink


    Author: Brad Steiger
    Price: $19.95
    Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
    Comments: I'm sleepy right now and the reason why is because I have in my hand, Brad Steiger's new Werewolf book. Yes, I spent most of the whole night reading this book! I couldn't put it down! This book contains information on real stories about werewolves, fictional werewolves of comic books and movies and all kinds of other shape-shifting beings! Brad Steiger is truly the 'Dylan Dog' of sleuthing into all aspects of the paranormal realm and this time he digs deep and hard into the world of shape-shifters. With the knowledge that you will gain from this book, you will understand why Brad Steiger in many circles is known as the Man, the Myth and the Legend. In this one book, you will learn about the Almasti - The Wildman of Caucus and how he has a thing for cherry trees. There are many cool references to movies, like the 1981 - An American Werewolf in London', one of my all time favorites! You will learn about the Egyptian god Anubis or evil shape-shifting magicians who take on the appearance of the badger. Have I caught your attention yet? I see that I have and you probably are wondering what else is in this incredible book! Okay, wait no longer, I am spilling the beans. Most people consider Elisabeth Bathory as a vampire of sorts, learn that she actually fits more in the category of 'werewolf', you will learn more about this slash and bite Elisabeth! One case that I am fascinated with is the Beast of Bray Road (Wisconsin) and yes, it's here! Let's not forget the Beast of Le Gevaudan or Beauty and the Beast and another one of my favorite movies Blood and Chocolate 2007 or Cat People the 1982 movie. There are even werewolf type of serial killers referenced like the Chicago Rippers or Albert Fish! There is Mowgli who was raised by wolves, Chupacabras, crocodile people and coyote people! I kept wondering if Brad was going to be able to cover everything shape shifter...well, he did!

    I should never doubt the man, Brad gets everything like Quentin Collins of Dark Shadows, Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dog Soldiers 2002 and even Eddie Munster! Besides reading all of these great references, I am also enjoying the spectacular artwork of Ricardo Pustanio! You get some exceptional visuals from Ricardo. He places his heart into his artwork to go with the stories. Hmmm..what else is in this book? How about The Dwayyo - a wolflike bipedal creature in West Middleton, Maryland. Or let's take a step back in time, let's go back to 2000 BCE and find out who King Gilgamesh's friend is. Oh yes, it's Enkidu, a werewolf type of creature!

    You will find Frankenstein Meets the Wolf-Man, Ginger Snaps and learn about how the German town of Greifswald in 1640 was overrun by werewolves! You will learn how Adolf Hitler compares to a werewolf that somewhat reminds me of the zombie Nazis seen in that movie 'Sucker Punch'. Learn more about the Incubus, the Inquisition and Jack the Ripper! Enjoy a superb chronology of werewolf stories and history that starts off at 140,000 BCE to 2010. There are skin walkers, Windigo and information on True Blood and the Underworld movies series!

    I found the hedonism of shape-shifting pleasure in Brad Steiger's new The Werewolf Book - Second Edition! Whenever I do a bit of monster hunting, I always bring one of Brad Steiger's books to use as my 'bible' and reference guide, The Werewolf Book is going to come in handy one day. With great knowledge comes great power and Brad Steiger proves this once again!
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    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions about the book. It sounds like a great read!!
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    Quite right! Brad Steiger is a formidable force in the publishing world. His experience at gathering historical content and candid writing skills can leave the uninitiated reader unhinged for fright and in need of a brighter night light nearer their bedside.

    I thought it interesting that his new book on the paranormal aspects of lycanthropy came in an encyclopaedic version. It brings together many parts of that topic into one and allows the new reader to this subject easy access to its history that wasn’t available before. True, other writers have published their volumes pertaining to werewolves in encyclopaedic form such as, “The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters,” by Rosemary Guiley. Brad Steiger sticks to the werewolf material he’s gathered. The shape shifting reference has some semblance to that volume and makes one wonder whether there is a little of Rosemary Guiley’s and Philip Imbrogno’s, “The Vengeful Djinn,” used in it for making more believable the stories handed down over the ages about shape shifting in general.

    One can see why his interests into the paranormal have such an impact on readers. I’ve often wondered whether he’s related to Father Joseph Steiger who assisted in an exorcism in Earling, Iowa, in 1928, or there abouts. If so, that relationship suggests unique inside knowledge of an ongoing phenomenon. Such knowledge also makes for great novels, too.

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