- The Haunted Litch Mansion & curse of the family fortune -

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    The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns.
    He comes in everything you've ever wished for...
    Apparently when Thomas Kimball Litch bought a massive tract of wooded land in Brookville
    around 1849, he struck a deal with the devil and in turn a curse followed his fortune and anyone
    directly benefiting until death.
    Thomas K's Lumber Mills were plagued by accidents and disasters, claiming lives of innocent
    people. With an endless bank account, the buildings were quickly re constructed. The more the
    forests were desecrated, the more money was made and more power Thomas K had. He loved
    every minute of it. more at forsakenplaces.blogspot.com
    The Old Litch Mansion of Brookville (1).jpg Brookville Forest (2).jpg
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    . . . "Plagued by accidents and disasters, claiming lives of innocent people." . . you say. A curse following Thomas's fortune and anyone directly benefiting from it, too? . . Makes one wonder where the "benefit" from the fortune sneaks into the lives involved, eh? . . . The photos shown certainly present a pristine woodlands. And then there's that mansion atop a rise.

    It looks similar to that other mansion like structure – "The Baker's Mansion." It, too, as if on a hill top.

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