Woman's EVP In My Workshop

Discussion in 'Ghost Hunting' started by georgek, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. georgek Spirit

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    I have just set my camera in my workshop. Time of the recording 3:00am

    Placing it here at 3:35 am.

    Wow....I just set up my video camera in my workshop. Switched on the camera light, adjusted to infra red LUX and switched off the workshop lights before locking the door and a woman's voice can claerly be heard saying:-

    "Will you switch your light on?" (corrected)


    Here is the same recording slowed down using a .wav file


    Crickey....this is so obvious, can anyone hear it??
    Could anyone explain why a woman would be in my workshop in this early hour and noticing that I am switching the lights off?

    I have another 10 minutes of film to listen to....

    Will post if I find anymore.

    Dateline 4:05 am...finished listening. Just after this voice as I leave the workshop and lock the door...a faint voice can be heard??

    After the first few minutes there are loud bangs (wot...mouse traps??)

    I will see what I can salvage on Wednesday...

    Two more bangs withing one minute...



    Here is where I am setrting up my camera, as it accidently spans my workshop. THERE IS NO ONE THERE.

    At point 9 seconds (difficult...I will add this later) someone is saying "OFF"

    At point 11.5 seconds "Will you switch your light on?"

    As you can see, I place down the recorder, my hands are on the light switches, and I finally turn around and exit through the side door, locking it behind me, as I walk away!


    Here is the voice saying: "OFF"

    Now slowed down:-


    (wow...I think there is a bit before which is actually: "You Off?")

  2. georgek Spirit

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    This one really "takes the biscuit for me".

    Heck...am I confused!!!!

    I hate being confused, as it drives me barmy. Need answers to something that does not make sense.

    Nor does it make sense to me, by saying there are no voices, as everyone can hear them.

    For a start, no one has died there!
    There is no history of deaths or hauntings. The house was built in 1945 and there is no real history.

    Before then, the land was allotment land. Of course a great battle took place here many hundreds of years before....but these guys are speaking in Queen's English.

    Not only that, but using words like "switch" "switching"????

    Intelligence wise, some of these evps, have a better knowledge of science, bible study than I do! I never knew that an electroscope was anything more than a twitching device?


    They speak if and when they want to, often at twice our speed.

    About 95% of these EVPs appear in the first minute or two.

    Often they will seem confused, asking questions of why-how, what am I doing?

    Their accents appear 20th Century British...with a few having a Gaelic Scandinavian tone?

    Most of you guys, will have the idea, that if it does not fit....illogical...it has to be dismissed.

    That to me, is the easy way out. For a start, I do not see this world as having the judgement of other worlds.

    What with the bangs???

    Like heck it does not make any sense...but I am learning!

    One thing is for sure, we have got our earthly logistics wrong, because none of this will fit into this earthly logic!

    More data needed...

  3. jaziefizz Ghost

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    i have just been told that i have gifts of a clairaudient medium and a psychic channeler...
    this was extremly scary to me as i don't have much control of over it as of yet however....
    the spirits that want to talk to me/through me "follow" me as it were...
    bearing in mind one particular spirit who has followed me since i was a child now visits my little girl...
    therefore i believe a place doesn't neccisarily have to be haunted in order for the occurances to occur...if this makes sense...
    you could have spirits that are with you...
    not with your house
    have a think about it...
  4. georgek Spirit

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    Hello Jaziefizz,

    I don't need to think about, as I know you are correct.

    It is just that I did not want to come to terms with it.

    As I have to ask myself what they are really doing with me?

    This opens up other venues because they are also guarding me.

    As to guard me from what?

    That scares me!

    Regards George[^]
  5. georgek Spirit

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    I am going to eleborate on the points made by jaziefizz...

    Feel pretty sure that he will tell me if I am wrong?

    This guy can see me, better than I can see myself, as I cannot look inwards.

    Yet I know that he is correct, as these entities have been with me in many lives and we are thousands of years old.

    Some of these entities are not very pleasant, and I am sure that this darkness also prevails cyberspace?

    There are quite a few souls who have met me in battle and have followed me here.

    My protection is through some of these guardians that are on my tape.

    They are the lower grade entities....as there are higher souls who I may term as space brothers.

    Indeed their power is awesome...as I have met them in the mid 60s!
    They can still pack a punch or two live on forum.

    Without this protection, I am a dead duck. These souls can also play "mind games".

    The reality of such, is that an evil force can provoke someone in the street to turn on me. This has been done, and I have been saved more than once!

    They are here for a purpose, because they need me. Without them, I would die...as they have watched me from birth.

    The ones in my workshop are perhaps curios, or just souls, friends from past lives.

    They need me, because I accept, believe and devote myself to them.
    In such a way, that they can boost my mind and work on this earthly plane.

    They are the souls of the 'many faces of georgek'.

    This is why, EVPS happen when I am also close by. Apart from using my own energy, they are with me and follow me around.

    I can talk to them telepahically, but cannot identify, justify or find out anything about them, because they do not want to tell me!

    If I knew, it would 'blow my mind'. Once I asked to see for a hidden holy treasure and the vision nearly blinded me physically. My eyes were blinded by lights.

    They KNOW, that I cannot handle the truth, and don't tell me much.

    In my workshop last night, I discovered something new, which I will write shortly.


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