Ghost Stories by Country


The Green Room
I saw it, but I don't believe.


Story from my past part I.
2nd day here so Hi again and here a few stories.


The Ghost of 100 Carruthers St.
A Sensitive Subject - I See Dead People!
My First Experience (true)
Ghosts, They Are Everywhere
Things That Go Bump...
Old Man Charlie
Old School House
Vancouver B.C
Montibello Haunted House..
Am I different?
ghosts that walk on the ceiling???
Demon In the House or Have We Gone Insane?
Something(s)/spirits following me??


The Mysterious Case of The Haunted Munro's
Ghost Cat
Ghosts of Idaho
What to make of it?


Some of My Experiences

New Zealand

what do I see out the corner of my eye


Ravn ( Rewritten story my granpa told me)


Incubus.. The Sexeh Thing!
trying to talk...
unidentified flying human or Philippine wakwak
Grandma's Love
Scary stories from the Philippines
my chain of events
Philippine Elementals


Dreams of a feather.

United Kingdom

My Wifes Childhood Experience with a ouija.
Possession On the Three Planes?
Haunted House
Experiences in my house. Help!
Ghostie in the housie
The Bogs of Europe
The Great Midlands Battle
The face of 'Evil'!
My own haunting


Frank's True Story of Bone Chilling Terror
Montgomery Street
There Is Something in My House
HELP ME!!!! I need your knowledge!!!
Sorry I have been MIA.........
My Friend Alicia's very haunted new apartment
111 Pigeon street true stories of a haunted house
The first of my many encounters
Hampton Beach Haunting
Through The Fog
Mel's Ghost Stories
Mel's Ghost Stories Pt.2-The Landlord's Son
Beautiful ghost story (sad but sweet)
Things that have happened to me.
The House
My house may be haunted
Haunted apartment from the 1880's
Ghosts of Huntington WV
Second intense encounter/s
Resurrection Mary
Shadowman and Monkeyman (true story)
My life around Ghosts
Spooks R Us
Help and Advice on My Aunt's Trailer
He's back......
Satan sitting, there he's smiling.
To Start my time here, 3.5 stories
The Haunted House
The One Hundredth Skull story!!
my four year "haunting"
Who or what is in our house Part 2
Camping Incident (long, but true)
Story of my haunted Plymouth Real Christine
A Scary Story
Canton, OH haunting
Oliver House (true)
Haunted Schoolhouse Halloween update
Our haunted house on Timberview...
Freaky experience (true story)
A Living Porcelien Doll
Airport Ghosts ? : Is it Possible? :
The Donovan House
Ghosts of Arkansas
who...or what is in our house?
Haunted Farm House...
Strange Old Home & Pub: Sylive's Story (My Partner):
Something That Looked Like My Mother
A haunted...person?
Family and Personal Occurences
My Lifes Experience (long)
Barking Dogs and Strange happenings.....
My Haunted House Experience
The farmhouse on Norris Road
Strange events in new members life.
My Personal Ghost Experience
Ghostly Work Place
Apartments, Ghosts, and Cats...
Apartments, Ghosts, and Cats...In the Beginning
Childhood spooks.
We're bored.. let's go ghost hunting!!
various stories
The Best I've seen
Three Dogs In North Carolina:
Ghost house
Three stories from family and one from Nantucket
Some of My Many Stories
What the heck was it??
my other story
Haunted house in elk grove?
Doing Dishes (Ghost Story)
Grants Girl36's Halloween Archive 2
Grant's Girl36's Halloween Archive 4
THE SLEEPOVER GHOSTS : Older Ghost Story From My Younger Years:
Ghost at the nursing home
Ghost In The Nursing Home....... Part 2
Experiences at my grandmother's house
Experiences at my grandmother's house 2
The ceramic Gnome in my garden- WITH RESPONSES
My Daughters Little Friend:
Ghost or No, You be the judge
The Old Woman From The Cementary & Other Ghosts...
Hypnosis and Ghosts
Scary Dream!
The Chelsea House....London,England.
Creepy Family
The Ghosts of Mdina, Malta's Silent City
High School Life-Possession in the Floating House
Why are they targeting me?
Spinning Eyes
German World War Two Ghosts/ And Others Haunt Hotel In Dusseldorf,Germany:
The Haunted Road From Sheffield Plains To Sheffield-on_avon , England:
Different house, same vibes
True Tales from Left-Fork
Bad dream, HELP YOU GUYS!
Ouija Board Story..its long, LoL.
Haunted house in elk grove HISTORY!!
Candy Apple
Roanoke - The first American Ghost story?
Strange bathroom incident
Family Photos
A Few Experiences!
Spirits in my apartment? (UPDATED AGAIN)
The Gruesome Tale of Belle Grove Plantation
The Spirit and my Boots
Haunted Restaurant I worked in!!
I guess we owe our lives to
Newingtonhill Farm House
My Experiences With The Unknown 2
Hallucination, or gohst?
Who Are You?
Cumberland Cemetary - Wenona, IL
The beginning of a new life
Haunted newspaper?
My Dream
Ghost Story From A Man That Once Did Not Believe!
Was I talking to "air"??
Knock, Knock...Boo's There?
The House Was Strange...
voice from ??
Time warp?
Never Feel Safe When He is Around
Phantom Fleetwood
Railroad ghost
Unpleasant Visitations.
Investigation of my house
Sir Willy, our poltergeist. A real encounter.
My cousin's house(haunted)
Imaginary friend?
Shadow Person By My Crib?
A life of being haunted
My families 'haunted' heirlooms
Help From A Stranger.
Jared Keeton
Summer Vacation
Fighting Shadow People.
House, Ghost, or Spirit?
Knock Knock
My Bestfriend
The Summer of 1994
Ghost hunters raise ruckus in Baltimore
Chapel - Fiction
Ghosts In Greenwich : Reasons To Visit Conneticut:
Very scary strory
The Old Beecher Farm
Two Roommates One Ghost
In Loving Memory of Ole Uncle Harold:
Doppelganger of my mother.
Possible Haunting?
Wanting to talk to a visiting ghost?
The Haunting of Dead Man's Lagoon
Satanic Cult
used a ouija board... scared me... ghost followed
The organ player
Inspired by Blackadder (Hitchhikers)
Jesuit Priests, ghost ladies and all in one hotel
Haunted Apartment in Chicago.
Of all things, a haunted TRAILER!
Harlan County Kentucky (a.k.a. Bloody Harlan)
somebody watching over me? and some other stuff
Haunted House in New Hampshire
The strange Occurances
Encounters Ghosts over 30 years old
Haunted Hoover?...
Ghost Sex?
Demon Cave
My true experiences
The Haunted Hotel In Spain
The House in Banida
Worshiping Stones In Gilmer Texas
My story of human "ESP"
Haunted Apartments
Grandma's house...true story
What did he want...
My experiances jordan
from a new person
Meet the Myrtles
Haunted Hibbing High School - Minnesota
What a night with a candle and a deck of tarot crd
Mager Hills witch
The Police Call
Grandfather's last goodbye
A strange event
How I met Alucard (member here)
My Story....
Personal Experiences in Haunted Backwoods MS *LONG READ*
Old Family Ghost Stories
My Experiences Cameron
Overactive Imagination or Haunting?
My dad :)
Multiple? Burning smell...hmmmm
Mysteries. Answers?
my story from 4th July
Hot Rod Haven - Louisville, Kentucky
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
No title
Evil lady in tree update
Willow Creek Manor
Can Ghosts/Spirits Touch You?
Jennie Wade house, Gettysburg Pennsylvania. (long)
Coudl some body help please?
Back and w/ a Story!
My OBE, a synopsis:
The Lalaurie Mansion
The rim (true story)
Devils Den ~ Gettysburg
newspaper article
Pacific poachers
Haunting in my Fathers/Computer room.
One time our house had guests
For all that dident read this...BUNNY MAN BRIDGE!!
Old farm house
A couple short stories (real)
Something has attached itself to me
My first encounter with the paranormal
My Mom Came To Visit Me
Just one of many
Some Good Ghost Stories!
The house we almost rented.
Kitty Conspiracy: Voices from beyond or Schizo?
The Ghost In The Green Dress the day?
Depression Era Railroad Ghosts
Mt First Encounter
Daylight Trip To Okie Pinokie
Calling up the spirits.......
Meet my roommate. (UPDATED)
Auditorium -TRUE-
Mom and her ghosts
I'm new, and my stories!
School Haunting?
face to face (whispering ghost)
'Cemetery Sam'
Thunder, Lightening Chains Oh MY!
Is my house haunted? SERIOUSLY?
A newbie's story
Skeptic Turning believer ( My Real Experiences. )
Seance III The final trip to the cemetary!
Be careful what you ask for...
growling in my throat and bouncing in my bed
Kid and black?
Reese's Peace
The Haunted Bombshelter?
Have you ever had one?......
Grandmother May Have Never Left Us...
Grandma's Canary... Is it a Ghost Now?
Richters Woods
Edmund Bighams ghost
True Story. Voices heard in cemetery.
A strange night in the Desert
One of my expierences (Memory Hill)
Byn's experiences
Latest Experiences (UPDATED)
The Pump House
Weird baby-sitting happening
Old Haunted Schoolhouse
people with no faces.what does it mean?
Protection beyond the grave
True Ghost Stories
More Experiences!?!?!
Fingerprint Ghost
Childhood hauntings
Crazy Happenings
My Ghosts From ALABAMA
a must read true guardian angel
He stayed for a while...
Haunted Farmhouse
The House In France:
Scary S*** in Jackson
Parker-Moore Cemetery
Some Experiences I've Had
New to the site, lots to share
Gas Ghost
Say Goodnight, Gracie
evil man, depressed house, phantom tracks...
Daddy's Girl
Live near cemetery and possible ghost living in house
My Haunted House (True)
The Ghost and Cousin Jimmy: (A True Story)
A night to remember
My First Paranormal Experience
strange but true and long
The same spirit...?
Old man in bed
Asylum- True experiences
The most terrifying experience in my life
Smith Farm
my second story
Old soul New face
Unsolved Murder of J.J. Cassone
The Goets Hill Witch
My experiences rickg
That girl from my dreams
my husbands demon
My Strange Childhood Experience (need answers).
Nanna's beach house
Possible Posession Please help
A haunted house in San Diego?
Some Experiences!
What the scariest, you've ever been?
Bible School Demon?
My Mom's Haunted home
Hi. I'm new. Got some stories, too!
How do I get my daughter to sleep in her rm UPDATE
Okie Pinokie
Ok I need help, Animal lovers prepare yourself...=/
daydreaming about future? sorry somewhat long
Maybe getting a little too comfortable....
My old apartment and questions about research
A little advice would be nice
For me its normal
This is a little embarrassing but...
Her father-back from the dead?
Friend's Ghost
Frightening memories of my old house.
Held non verbal conversation with ghost.
It can happen in the Amish area too
What are these???? do not laugh please
Was I right or is he? 0.o
Help, Im a bit frightened....long
Ghost Girl
the move rid us of nothing...
Hauntings in Gregs Hollow - salem
The Mardi Gras beads....
my huanted hill
An attack by a nature spirit, as requested
Family Curse --Update
Ok...I best tell my story.
The last Ouija
Banshee calls again!
My first haunted house. STARTED MY LIFE IN THE PARANORMAL!!!
Twisted Sisters
The Marr Residence
The One Thing
Demons, Family Connection?
The Demon
My experience Linkin
Not all ghosts are scary!
The Apparition in My House [TRUE]
My house.
Things are not good... :(
Long but creepy experience.
Violet Roses in an Ashen Sea...
The Old/new house that seems so alive..
Grandmother's Closet
Talking about scary dreams that come true
Visitors....lots n lots of visitors
My Three Ghosts
Will He Move on?
The Indian Chain Letter
Winchester Mystery House
Look no further than your backyard...
I almost peed my panties
new member, new story
Demon incubus succubus
My Room!!
Weird Happenings
Angry Spirit Or Demon?
my daughters shadow friend
A Real Will'o Whisp
Could somebody help me out on this?
A suburban Halloween ghost tale
Traverse City Insane Asylum Hippi Tree
Albino Railroad Tracks - Belleville/Mascoutah, IL
My mother's death
I'm new, and something is up with me...
It seems to happen months at a time....
What do you guys think?
New, maybe haunted, house
Shadow People
Black demon dog/bear/wolf and telepathic richard?
Random Ghosts follow me, why?
My haunted House
My husband is freaking out!!
Another experience of mine
An EXTREMELY long paranormal experience.
ok I did not see this coming (The Mom's story)
Kitten Killer
Hour Of The Centaur
Happily Ever After (Madrid NY)
The activity in my house now - 18 months
The Doll's House.
Say What!?
Astal Projection??
The Broken Down Trotting Horse:
Here We Go Again...
newcomer with a storie
More on ghostly smells.....
Ghost in my Boyfriends house? Could be.
Can a ROOM haunt you?
Vanishing Graveyard (True Story)
A weired Ride
What can I do to help?
My house is going wild again
Not actually a ghost story, but...
Junior high experience
Southeast Light
Sexual Spirits
True story from Hawaii
Weird story. Morgan cem. Northern Utah
Swinging Chains
Shadow Walkers
I saw what I believe a demon, help.
should we continue?
Look Behind the Woods!
Oyster creek
My old house.
Face in the background