Ghost Stories

111 Pigeon street true stories of a haunted house

Hello All

Just wanted to share another story with you. This is gonna kind of a lenghty read. (so get comfy)

First let me just give a little bit of history on my family.

My mother, has seen things all of her life. My Grandmother, some aunts and some cousins, mostly female but a few of the males also see things. most of the women In my family, on my mother's side all see things. I really do think that it is passed down in families. I have three sisters and a brother. But only my sister Doris and I seem have inherited this trait.
I remember seeing things as a small child, not really understanding what it was I was seeing, but I remember being afraid of the things I would see. Dark figures darting around corners and streaks of light disappearing under beds and behind furniture.

Dark spots on the floor that looked like they would shrink up and vanish like a drop of water on hot pavement. My oldest sisters blue teddy bear bouncing very lightly up and down off of the bed on its own accord. when I was a little over 5 , we moved to a big farm house and lived there for about 8 years.
The farm was a very peaceful place . Nothing ever happened there.

No one ever saw or heard anything in that big old house, not even my mother who has been plagued by hauntings her whole life. She said that this was the only place that she had ever lived where nothing ever happened to her. The house was very big and the winters were very cold. The house was really hard to keep warm and the pipes would often freeze. We would have to go to the barn and carry water in for dishes and baths through the coldest part of the winter.

After 8 years of this, My parents decided they'd had enough.

We moved to a small, grey two story house in a neighboring town when I was 13. The house sat right across a bridge . You stepped off of the bridge, took about two steps and hung a right into our front yard. We were right beside the river. The house had a small enclosed front porch with a swing to the left of the door as you came into the porch. The swing faced toward the river and town. When you entered the house, the first room was the living room. with a door on the right hand side of the room that led to two bedrooms upstairs . then the small dining room with a bedroom off to the right side. Then the kitchen. When you got to end of the kitchen you would turn right to a very very short hallway. the bathroom door straight ahead. The backdoor to the left and the basement door to the right. We kids were all very excited to be living just a couple of blocks from town after living out by ourselves for so long.

Our excitement quickly faded on our first night at the new house.

My brother had left earlier to go out and cruise around town. My oldest sister Debbie had moved to lexington with my grandparents so she could go to nursing school when I was eleven.
My other sister Donna had moved to a small apartment in the same town just a few months before the rest of the family moved there. So there was only my brother Buddy my sister Doris my parents and I that had actually moved in.
We were all tired from moving all day and were glad to finally get to stop for the evening. It must have been around 9:30 or 10:00.

Me, my mother , father and my sister Doris were all sitting in the living room watching t.v and munching on sandwiches and chips. My sister got up to go into the kitchen, as she was walking , the radio in the bathroom came on. As soon as it did it was like someone had just opened a door and all of these "feelings" for a lack of a better word, Just came flooding over me. Like something had decided it was time that we knew it was there.

I could tell by the look on my mom and sister's faces that they were feeling uneasy also.

For some reason my dad could never tell when anything was around. If he could he never said or acted like it was. He always said that we were just reading things into nothing. Of course he thought that whoever unpacked the radio had turned the knob and it had just finally picked up a signal and came on. He had my sister go in and turn it off. She hurried and turned it off and came back to the living room.
We were talking about how weird that was and how we felt like there was something there. My dad just sat there, shook his head and smirked. after a little while the hairdryer came on. My dad then came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the outlet. After a while Doris had gone upstairs to get some more of her things unpacked upstairs. She had only been gone for a couple of minutes when we heard a loud thumping coming down the stairs.

Doris came bursting through the stairway door as white as a sheet and so scared she couldn't hardly get the words out. "I laid my culing iron on the table and when I turned back it was floating this far off the table". She held her hands up palm to palm and separated them about three or four inches. She said " I wasn't sure at first if it really was or not, I thought maybe it was just my eyes, but when I reached over to touch it to see if it really was. it dropped to the table". My dad , who at first was concerned when she came running down the stairs, was now shaking his head and rolling his eyes. He didn't believe her.

But my mom and I did. We knew there was something there. " Awh s**t Punkin" (Punkin was my sisters nickname) you scared the hell out of me.

He sat back down and pretty much just snickered and rolled his eyes at us as we talked about it. We all kept telling him that there was something there. He kept telling us that we were full of s**t.

I don't know why some people can see and hear things and other people can't. I think that people are like radios. You know how you can have two different radios in the same house and one radio will pick up a certain station and the other one won't ? Sometimes you might get the other radio to pick something up for just a second or two and then you lose it again. I think those are the people who think they see something out of the corner of their eye, but when they turn to see it it's gone.

Or they get a creepy feeling for just a second and it's gone.

Those are the people with weak antennas. But those of us who are really "tuned in" with a good antenna, pull things in a little to easily. If there's something around we know it, and a lot of the time we wind up seeing it. I think that most people have things around them all of the time and just don't know it because they're not "tuned in" to it at all.

After Doris had calmed down a little bit, she and I went upstairs to bed.

We didn't sleep very well that night. we left the light on and slept close together, nothing else happened that night or for the next few days but we could feel something in our house and none of us liked it.

My brother, who obviously took after my dad, didn't really know if he believed in ghosts or not. He always got scared when we would talk about the things that we had seen when we were younger and when my mom would tell her stories but He had never actually seen anything for himself. It had been so long since any of us had seen anything that I had forgotten how creepy it felt to have something in the house.

It was actually kind of exciting and scarry at the same time at first, but as the days and weeks went by, we began to hear things almost everyday.

Our chihuahua (Hoppy) would stand at the doorway and look up the stairs and growl when no one was there. We had to keep the stairway door closed or the dog would stand there all day just fixated on the stairs and growl. My sister and i had walked to a nearby park, my brother was out somewhere with his friends,Dad was at work and we were on summer vacation and our mom was home by herself.

When we came home my mother said that the heat kept coming on.

She had been washing dishes and heard the stairway door creaking. The dog started barking.

When she went into the living room, the dog was barking at the closed stairway door. She went back to the kitchen and began washing the dishes again. After a few minutes the heat came on. When she went and checked the thermostat , it had been turned all the way up. This would happen several times a day on an almost daily basis after that, no matter who was there. We would hear tapping and scratching noises, the stairway door was forever being opened just enough to make it squeak and then closed. There was a closet in the first bedroom upstairs. the door on it looked as if it had originally been an outside door. It had a window on the top half of it but someone had painted the glass an ugly green color on the inside . It just made you feel creepy. Like someone had painted it so whatever was in the closet couldn't look out. This closet gave all of us the creeps so we always "tried" to keep it locked . Everytime we would go downstairs , when we came back up the door would be unlocked . It just would not stay locked.

It had one of those old types of locks on it . The doorknob was on this square metal piece that was attached to the door and then you would have push a sliding piece of metal over to the left and it would push the little latch into the hole on the door frame. A very old style door. There was no way it could be unlocked without sliding that metal piece over. We finally just started putting our night stand in front of it just to make sure that nothing came out of it. We wouldn't even keep our clothes in it.

I remember the first time that this "entity" ever did anything that was just for my benefit.

It was late on a Saturday night. I don't remember where my brother and sister were but they were both gone.

My mom was is bed and my dad had come home not long before, three sheets to the wind (drunk). He took his shoes off and lay down on the loveseat. In just a few minutes he was out. I was watching some movie on television. I heard someone tapping on the glass on the front door. Not the porch door but the door that came into the living room. I thought that someone was there.

I got up, pulled the curtain back and looked out the window on the door,

No one was there.

I went back and sat down on the couch. After just a few seconds it sounded like someone was tapping on the bottom of the door. I got up and looked out again, nothing.

By this time I knew that it wasn't someone but something.

I was glad that my dad was there, even though he was passed out.

The tapping turned into scratching sounds on the door and glass.

then it would alternate, scratching then tapping. Tap Tap on the glass, Scratch , Scratch on the bottom of the door. This went on continuously for at least ten minutes or so. I finally got up and opened the door and looked out. There was of course nothing out there. After I closed the door it stopped and didn't happen anymore for the rest of that night.

I guess that whatever it was had got locked outside and needed someone to let it back in. LOL

This same thing happened to me numerous times while I lived there.

It only did it to me when I was alone in the living room and would not stop until i got up and opened and closed the door.

My mom was the first one of us to see whatever it was that was in our house. This thing took different shapes and usually only showed itself to our mom. She had been sleeping and for whatever reason she just woke up.
I don't know if any of you have ever had that happen to you. You're in a sound sleep and you just wake up all of the sudden and you know that there is something there.

She was facing the doorway to her bedroom and saw a black figure crawling across the dining room floor towards the living room. It was about halfway past the door when she saw it. She raised up a little bit to get a better look. When she raised up, it stopped, paused for a moment and backed up the way it had come. I don't know where it was going. I often wondered if it was making its way to the stairway to pay me and my sister a visit.

The next one of us to see anything was Doris.

She had come downstairs in the night to use the restroom.

When she got to the hallway she could see that the light was on but the door was open. As she approached the door she saw someones hand reach over to get some toilet paper so she stopped and waited for whoever was in there to come out. After a few minutes, when she heard no sound and no one came out , she said "who's in there"?

No one answered. She looked in and there was no one there.

She didn't even go in she just came back upstairs and woke me up.

We were both too scared to go back to sleep.

After it began showing itself from time to time , it began to physically touch us.

My sister and I always slept in the room right at the top of the stairs.

The second bedroom was always colder than the other rooms, even in the summer time. Doris and I hated that room. Whenever you went in , you couldn't wait to get back out. I remember everytime I would leave the room , as I would be going through the doorway I always felt like i had to arch my back and just run the last couple of steps out of the door . It always felt like there was something right behind me and if i didn't get out fast enough it was going to grab me. And after I had made my escape .. I would always get that shiver that starts on the back of your neck and works its way down.

My brother had taken that room (thank god) because it offered a little more privacy. Our room didn't even have a door , you walked up the stairs and there you were.

I remember waking up one night , just from being uncomfortable and I was going to change positions. When I tried to move my arm so I could roll over , i couldn't move it. I was still half asleep and tried to move it again. I realized that my arm was moving but seemed to be stuck. I could feel pressure on my hand. I thought that maybe doris was laying on it or something. I pushed myself up on my other elbow to see what was going on and realized that my arm ...from my elbow down.. had fallen between the headboard and the mattress. My hand was hanging under the bed. When i tried to pull it out , I could feel something holding onto my hand. I had to literally jerk my hand up to get it to let go. I cuddled up to my sisters back and lay there for a long time before I fell back to sleep. My mom had the same thing happen to her a few months later.

All of the physical things that happened to us always happened during the night, usually while we were sleeping . But one evening , It wasn't very late, Doris and I were upstairs in our room. We were sitting on the bed just talking. The light was on . She was sitting , covered with the sheet and bed spread. All of the sudden she just slid right down to the foot of the bed. Something had grabbed her ankle from underneath the bedspread and yanked her down the bed. We both jumped up and took off downstairs.

Believe it or not but we returned to our room later and went to bed.

I know... you would think that we would never go upstairs again. That's what everyone says.

It is really hard to explain but, whenever something would happen , after a little while I would start thinking ... well ... that wasn't so bad.

It always seemed like something would make us feel like ..."it's not as bad as you think it're alright... nothing that bad really happened". My mom and my sister said that they were the same way. No matter what happened , we always would wind up feeling that maybe we were making a big deal out nothing and it really wasn't that bad after all. I think that whatever it was that was in the house was making us feel that way.

My mother on one occassion had woke up very thirsty and was going to get up to get something to drink. When she sat up and her nightgown had moved , she felt a cold spot on her chest. When she reached up to see what it was, she found that the bow on the front of her nightgown was soaking wet. Just the bow nothing else.

She decided she didn't want to get up after all and just lay back down.

Over the years in that house we had many things happen to us. My mother , sister and I were usually the targets. But on occassion the guys in the house would get a just a little taste of something that they actually thought was "weird".

We were all sitting in the living room one evening watching television and talking. All five of us were there. It wasn't very late and still kind of light outside. Dad was telling some of his tales from work. Who had played what joke on who and what they had done in retalliation to the prank. Evidently the trailor factory he worked at was full of part time clowns and pranksters. It led to some interesting stories that always made us laugh.

After things had settled down a bit, and we fell back into the program we had been watching, we started hearing something from upstairs.

It sounded like someone was rolling a bowling ball across the upstairs floor. from one end to the other. The two bedrooms that were upstairs were both directly above the living room. Each one taking up half of its length. The sound started on the end of the room above the televsion and would travel the whole lenght of the ceiling to the other end of the room above the stereo. My brother said,"What is that"? . My dad said "hell, it sounds like someone is upstairs. We muted the television and listened. It was a constant "rolling" sound . As soon as it would reach the end of the ceiling on one end of the room, it would immediatly start rolling back the other way. It did this several times while we were trying to figure out what it was. My dad got up and went to the stairway door and opened it. The sound continued.

By the time he got upstairs the sound had stopped. He didn't hear anything at all up there.

He came back down and said "damned if i know". He went back and claimed his position on the couch. As soon as he sat down the sound started again. " What the hell is that?" he said. It really did sound like a heavy bowling ball being rolled on a bare floor right above us but the upstairs was carpeted.

Everytime one of us would go upstairs the sound would stop. When we came back down it would start again. This would go on for hours.

We heard this many times during the time we lived there. As did our guests , it didn't matter who was there, day or night, If it wanted to roll its ball around, it did.

Some people of course thought that it was neat others wouldn't even come back in our house. When they would come over they would sit on the porch but not come inside.

We had been living there for around 6 years I had been physically touched on numerous occassions. Had witnessed all of the sounds and weird happenings and had grown quite use to them. I had seen little shadowy figures that never stayed long enough for me to really get a good look at them. My mother on the other hand seemed to have been chosen for most of the visual encounters. She had seen what appeared to be 3 little pigmies sitting on her dresser one night. She still kind of giggles to this day when she tells the story. By this time my brother and his ex girlfriend had a baby. He was almost a year old when they split up. His girlfriends sister brought the baby to our house one day and said that Robin didn't want him and was giving him to my brother.

Well... from that day my mother and father raised him as their own. Dad had moved to my brothers old bedroom upstairs so that mom and the baby would have room in the bed. That didn't last long though, He only slept in that room a few times and refused to sleep in there anymore. He moved to the other bedroom. He never would say why.

It was sometime during the night and the baby had woken up. Mom always kept him a bottle of juice or something in the headboard of the bed for a quick fix. After she had given him his bottle and he dozed back off to sleep , she rolled over. when she did , she said that her eyes went directly to her dresser. Sitting on her dresser , she said that she saw what looked to be 3 really really small pigmies. She said that they looked so comical that she wasn't even scared. One was just sitting with its feets hanging off, another was leaned over her jewelry box and the third was standing by her purse.

The one on the jewlry box had on really big over sized glasses. She said that she couldn't help but snicker at them because they just looked so strange and funny.

They never moved at all. They were just there. She said that she didn't know how long she looked at them, but she eventually just fell back to sleep.

I was 19 and was working. By this time my sister Had gotten married and moved out.

I had gotten married and moved out at 16 but was back home again by 17.

I wasn't even gone a year. So anyway... by the time I got back dad had set up camp in my room at the top of the stairs. My brothers old room was vacant, but there was no way i was going to sleep in there. So i claimed the couch.
One night...actually it was early morning but still dark, My mom had come into the living room and woke me up.

She whispered "Engie (my nickname) come in here and look at these two little boys at the foot of my bed". What? She said it again.
I got up and we quietly walked to her room and peered around the door.

And sure enough... there they were. I couldn't believe it.. I was finally allowed to get a really good look at an actual ghost... well.. two of them.

It was so weird. My moms room was very small . The closet had the two big sliding wooden doors on tracks. When you would push one open, it would cover the other door.

The boys were standing in front of the doors. They looked a greenish gray color . Their clothes, hair, everything was the same color. There also appeared to be a little bit of a hazey look around them in the same weird color. They both looked exactly the same except one was about a foot taller than the other.

I thought that perhaps they were brothers. Whether they were or not , I don't know. They both had short hair . They were wearing short sleeved shirts that appeared to have wide stripes on them and the pants they were wearing looked to me like jeans. They were only visible to the knees. I didn't see the lower part of the legs or feet. They were both standing in the exact same position. The were standing side by side so close that they were touching each other, the tallest one one left hand side.

Their heads were turned completely to the right as if they were trying to rest their chins on their shoulders or something. Their hands were ...let's see how can I describe this to make sure that you can get the right mental picture. Stand up....let your arms just hang in front of you .. take your left hand and hold onto your right wrist and just relax. Your hand should be over the front of your crotch area. Now turn your head completely to the right. That's how these two boys were standing.

They were completely motionless. I mean there wasn't the slightest hint of any movement whatsoever. complete stillness that you could almost feel.

It almost looked like someone had cut them out of paper and just placed them there. There was no creepy feeling ...nothing. They were just ..there.

What I had originally thought to be stripes on their shirts I realized weren't actually stripes. My mom said that she had been looking at them for a while before she came to get me. It looked like their feet were starting to move and she got a little scared thinking they were going to start moving toward her or something. But then she realized that they weren't really moving , they were starting to dissappear from the feet up. By the time I got there they had vanished completely up to their knees.

They were dissappearing now in stripes. You know how it looks when you open your blinds.. the stripes of light and dark that it leaves on your wall? That's what this looked like. They had stripes through them, on their shirts at first then all over them.

This was a slow process. I had to go to work and my mom didn't want to stay there by herself. By this time it was pretty well light outside.

I walked the two blocks to my aunts apartment and told her what was going on and we drove back to the house. You could still see the boys standing there, even with the early morning light brightening the room a little. Not quite as plain as before because they really had a lot of stripes through them, but you could still tell what it was. My mom had awakened me at around 4:00 , so this was about an hour and half later and you could still see them. They were still there when I left for work.

Mom said that it took a little while before you couldn't see the boys at all anymore and quite a bit longer for the hazey look to go away. I would give anything... anything to have been able to get a picture of it.. we sure had enough time but, We never really thought of that until later anyway. We had no idea that they would be visible for so long.

My mom had wanted to move so many times but she said when she really got serious about moving she would always start thinking, "I really do like this place, I don't want to move, I'ts not so bad here". That was always the way we would all feel when things would start getting bad. It was like we just couldn't get motivated enough to get out.

We would always be made to feel like it was ok.

I got married again and moved out when i was 21 . Mom and dad lived there for a couple of more years and then finally got out.

She said she was really quite sad when she realized that she was really moving although she knew that's what SHE really wanted. She knew, as well as the rest of us did that whatever was in the house always made her feel like she didn't really want to go.

Her last night in the house she woke up to see a little girl standing by her bed with her face painted like a clown looking at her. She said it reminded her of my sister Doris' daughter Crystal who was around 4 at the time. She said that she just looked at it for a minute and rolled over and turned her back to it. That was the last thing she saw there.

There were many other things that happened there that I didn't want to take the time type out. I just wanted to share the most significant ones with you. .

That has been over 20 years ago since they moved out.

I'm now 43 , have been married for 22 years and have 3 kids.

The home my parents now live in is nothing like the house on Pigeon st.

She does see things quite often, as do Doris and I. None of us have lived anywhere since then that we have not had numerous experiences.

The only place that any of us have lived that was truly ghost or demon free was that big old farm house. The place that looked like it would be full of ghosts but gave nothing but peace.

I know that these things all probably sound ridiculous to a lot of people reading this, but believe me every word is true. It seems like the more unbelievable something sounds, the more I tend to believe it. Who would make up this stuff? If I was going to fabricate a ghost story, I think I would make it sound a little more believable than the things i've told you.

I have had many...many more experiences since then. It would take me forever to write it all down.

I will tell some of them in future postings.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you. I have enjoyed reading yours also.

There was one more big thing that happened in that house but I already typed it out in another posting. It's called (growling in my throat and bouncing in my bed) if you want to read it.

If i had known I was going to write all of this out , I would have saved it and added to this.