Ghost Stories

2nd day here so Hi again and here a few stories.

Hiya to everyone I missed at the general forums.
I'm a 28 year old male and my name is Donny. I live in Belgium and have been interested in the paranormal for most of my life. I'm a "Virgo" so I guess it's written in my stars.
I used to be pretty up to date about the paranormal when I was younger but it has been many years since I devoted my life to it and I fear I forgot alot and need to get in touch with it again.

I wanted to tell you guys about a few things that happened to me, well actually alot happened to me but i'll start with 2 stories now and the rest will come later. The reason I'm telling this is because I could use some advice and maybe some info about the things in the stories.

The first story happened when I was alot younger, I think I was around 15 years give or take. I still remember it like it was yesterday though.
I used to be a prankster and I had a friend who was, according to himself, very in touch with the spiritual so myself and another friend decided to call his bluff and we'd fake out a seance. The idea was for my friend to hide himself in an area I made that was pretty well hidden from view. If you would hide yourself there, noone could find you unless they knew you were there. So, I took a fish wire and made it run across the wall to end up at a poster which would be torn if he pulled the wire (for dramatic effect).

So said and so done, he hid in the place and my other friend arrived shortly after. He set up for the seance and I played along. After a few minutes my hidden friend started to pull the wire but it did NOT tore the picture up. It made this cool noise that ran around the room and ended in a loud "pop" when the wire broke. My seance leading friend was convinced we made contact and started to ask questions to the so called "ghost" which was actually my hidden friend with the fish wire. I told my friend, the hidden one, before that he could not speak and just had to reply with knocks and stuff.

So he was knocking along in responce of the questions, but he got tired with being in the hidden area and started to knock pretty violent, the seance leader (who was so impressed that he did not notice the knocks were comming all from behind the drawers) freaked out and ran out of the room. My hidden friend left his hiding place to check on the seance leader and to see him run away in fear while I was cleaning up the things we used. I was all alone in the room, just when I left the room I heard this low male voice saying something that sounded like "Don't do this to me" comming from inside the room. You can imaging the fear I experienced at that moment. I ran out to check on my friends and they were outside, and nowhere near the room. My mother was in the other side of the house and for as long as I know her, she does not have a low male voice. Also my friends did not believe me about the voice but I know for a fact I did hear that voice as I can still remember the exact sound of it.

I never heard that voice again after that day.

The second story happened several weeks ago.
I had just arrived at work. I work in an old military camp that has been turned into an refugee camp. I always start my shift at 07.30am so I am all alone in the main building until 09.00am.

We have a cat in the camp that is used to live in the building but wanders around the camp alot. It's a very nice cat and we know eachother very well. She always lets me pet her on her belly and likes to lie on her back in the middle of the corridor. So, the cat was in the corridor and I was looking for the cat food. I went into the corridor and approached the cat to pet it like I always do. I called her with my hand and she came towards me until she suddenly stopped and took on a vigilant pose. She was looking past my left side into the dark corridor and did not dare to come closer to me. I called her again and she hesitated but you could see she was scared of something and she ran away to the door and I had to let her outside.

I was the only one in the building, I checked all rooms and I found nothing that could have scared the cat. Eversince that incident the cat is not usual self in that corridor and she does not appear to be very comfortable anymore.

I know that animals can sense things we can not, anyone got any idea's? I would like to try to find out what it was that spooked the cat. Anyone got any clues for me?

Thx =)