Ghost Stories

A couple short stories (real)

I was talking with a pair of friends who recently bought a house, they got a killer deal on the place!! But that is not what the story is about, while looking for places they checked out several houses and a few had hauntings I am sure.

Place one they went into they went into the basement and were looking around, Carrey found a door and opened it up. She said that it was likly it went into a room but she couldn't see anything it was beyond pitch black in the room. To qoute Miles her husband "You know how people talk about looking into the bowel of the earth where the darkness eats the light? Yeah well that was it!" they flashed a light into the room and it did nothing and they got such a feeling of lonelyness welling out of that room they both felt sick. Their realtor walked downstairs took one look and said they would probley need to fix the lighting in there as there was a note on the sheet saying something about bad wiring in that room.

The other place they checked out had a stair case that lead down from the kitchen, now this is just weird in itself not really haunting type thing. The stairs went down to what they presumed was the basement but it was dark down them and you couldn't really see much. Well they found the stairs to the basement and it was not these and apprently there was no way these kitchen stairs would even reach the basement....they wondered where it went but were to afarid to check it out. The realtor made a off hand comment about it being where they hid the bodies. I still wonder if she was joking or not.

The last place they checked was the best of them all we even went back to this place to check it out. They got there and the first thing they noticed were the four or five bullet holes in the front window. They got in and Carrey got the wigglies as she calls it, they proceeded through the house which mind you was old close to 80 years or so would be my guess. Well they got into the basement which had a root celler feeling to it and there was one room that Carrey looked into and said "You know how you look into a room and get that feeling of not wanting to go into it? Well yeah I got that." they walked up the stairs and the door to that room slamed really hard which freaked them out. Carrey said at that point they felt a very heavy and evil presence lingering behind them as they left and when the realtor tried to shut the front door it slamed closed hard and fast enough to smash into her hand and made her drop the key. They got it locked up and left and when she told us about it we went back to check it out, we took the normal precautions before going into active place. We walked in and set up a few tape recordrers and explained that we were just there to look around and nothing more. Well what ever is there was not having any of that, we hear a door slam in the basement then something heavy pounding up the stairs to the kitchen. One of the guys with us Craig is able to feel ghosts and he is sort of our grounding person, by that I mean he tells us when to get out or when to apologize. He is very talented and good with spirits and we thank him every time he goes with us anywhere. Well he looks at the kitchen and says "Get out now!" we stared a moment then heard something slam into the floor in the back of the house and we started out with Craig following up whispering a few chants/prayers. The door slamed closed again really hard in our faces about two times when we go out, craig was sweeting and told us that what ever was in there was angry and filled with hate and was not messing around with us. We could feel it watching us from the front windows as we got the gate, we found a older man across the way with this dog and he was watching us. We said hello and he motioned us over and asked if we were okay, we said yes then he surprised us by saying "So you went in there? Boy you couldn't pay me enough to do that. There be something wrong in that place, something evil if you ask me. Won't walk my dog by there anymore I tell you what, no sir I say over here on this side of the block. I have heard things coming out of there at night that sounds like a hundered people are running around or crying and screaming." we said farewell and took off, we did some looking and apprently the house had had a somewhat recent driving shooting (drug/gang related) and a mother was killed in the one room while tending to her baby. The shooters either mistook her for the person they were after or didn't care either way the baby was taken away the house repossed by the bank and put up for sale.