Ghost Stories

A Few Experiences!

Info kinda: This was copied from a message I sent to a friend. These are TRUE experiences and are my own and my family member's. Thank you for reading and sorry for it being soooo long!

In this, I am talking about a dark spirit that is (I'm guessing) attached to me.

Ok. Well, it hasn't done anything lately. Not sure why but it hasn't. First time I ran into it I was either a freshman or junior in high school. I wad asleep in the room that had been my great-grandmother's room. The house is super old abd has several spirits in it including a little girl, and old married couple, and twins. I know of the twins because I'm scared half to death of going up the stairs to where my old bedroom is because of them. One is espcially rude and gives off this energy of wanting to shove you down the stairs. The other is shy and seems to be held back by her sister. The old married couple would check on my mother while she was pregnant with me. They would appear at the ebdof the bed and walk to my mother's side and the woman would bend over and reach to touch my mother's forehead but they both dissappeared each time right before her hand touched her forehead. The little girl (who appeared soon after my grabdmother died) would climb into bed with my father and grandfather at around 4 in the morning just about every other night for quite a while (she also came after my great-grandmother died but wasn't there too long). My father and grandfather would be awoken by her climbing into bed with them and at first would think it was my little sister. Anyyyway... That's just to show a few of the spirits we have. Well, the dark spirit the night that I first saw it it scared the **** out of me. It shook my bed so much that it woke me up and when I woke up I roled over to see a black mass rising at the side of my bed as if it had been kneeling by my bed. It scared me so much that I wanted my mother. I don't often want my mother because well, just because. I could always feel it in that room or in anuwhere else but especially in that room and I'd see it every noe and then. It'd move my stuff or make noises in the room. One day a little while back, my father and I were in the laundry room (right next to the front bedroom that I had been sleeping in when it happened) and we could hear the bed slamming againdt the side of the wall. It was hard at first but started to sound like someone was just on it moving around. At the time my mother was out of town and my grandfather wasn't at home and my sister was in the living room. My father and I walked into the hallway and I stopped in front of the bedroom door not halfway wanting to go in there. So, my father opened the door and we both looked and nothing. Absolutely nothing. In February of this year I moved out for reasons that are private. I moved in with my boyfriend and his parents. The spirit followed me and wasn't happy with that. He would turn off the sound on the laptop or turn things on. It would knock things over, etc. It especially liked turning the alarms off on my boyfriend's phone, mine, AND the laptop. These alarms were all set for the same time and they were for my boyfriend to be able to wake up for work. We made sure the alarms were set and so on after the second time it happened. It hasn't done much lately but it does appear every now and then. This brings me to a few months ago, my boyfriend and I house sat for my parents. I was ok cause I was with my boyfriend. The first night we were there we slept in bed together (a tiny single bed because we were too lazy to pull the trundle bed out) in the front bedroom. The next night we slept on seperate beds. The day after we were done house sitting he said he could feel it there, the dark spirit and that he understood why I was so afraid to even set foot in there alone. That scared me a little. He hasn't said anything about it since though and I'm ok with that. The thing that scared me about it was that he always makes fun of me for overreacting to certain things or to thr fact that I can't watch a scary movie in the dark anymore.