Ghost Stories

A haunted...person?

First of all, I would like to apologize for the length of this post. I know that it will be long, but everybody's input would be greatly welcomed!

I am currently 19 years old and a freshman in college. Ever since I was little I have believed in ghosts and felt like I could feel presences around me. I always just thought that my family had bad luck at finding haunted houses, but now I'm starting to wonder. Can a person be haunted? Am I haunted?

The first thing that I remember was from when I was about 4 or 5 years old. We lived in an old 100 year old house. It was originally 1 bedroom, with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dining room. However, my parents had turned the dining room into their bedroom, and me and my older sister shared the one bedroom. To my knowledge only one person had died in the house. It was the grandmother of a lady who went to our church. The woman had been in bad health for years, and was dying of cancer. She refused to be put in a hospital, because she wanted to die in her home with her husband, which she did. Anyways, I remember laying in bed at night (my bed was facing the window) and seeing faces in the window. They didn't look like shadows and sadly, I don't remember any features of the faces. Just that they were faces. My parents pushed it aside, saying I was just seeing shadows from the trees in the yard. However, my sister never did these "shadows". My next memory was when I was about 9 or 10. I had turned the water on in the bathroom and was letting my tub fill up. When I came back into the bathroom to get in the room was filled with steam. I walked in and remembered feeling something on the back of my neck. Like someone breathing. I didn't think anything of it and got into the tub. I looked down into the water and I could see my name in the water. It freaked me out pretty bad so I got out of the tub, only to find the steamed up mirror had a hand print on it. The hand print was small, but not small enough to be a child's. I would guess it was a teenager girls or a woman's. Me and my mother were the only ones home at that time and she hadn't been in the bathroom before I had went to get into the tub. This freaked me out pretty badly so my parents asked my preacher to speak to me. He reassured me everything would be alright, that Jesus was with me. I still didn't feel safe though, and for almost a year I refused to sleep in my room or in the dark. So when I was 11 my parents decided maybe the best thing for me was to move to a new house. So we moved into a trailer that we bought. We stayed at this trailer from the time I was 11 to 14.

While at this trailer not much seemed to happen. And when something did happen, it was always outside of the house, in the yard. I remember that I was outside playing basketball with the neighborhood children about a year after moving into the trailer. I was wearing a long peasant-like skirt. I remember feeling something tug at my skirt. Almost like a little child who wanted to be picked up. I turned around to find nobody. I asked the kids around me if they had touched me or pulled on my skirt and they all said no, and it would be pretty hard for them to have done it considering they were in front of me, not behind me. In our front yard there were two, tall trees about 50 yards apart from each other. I remember looking out my window one night and seeing a man standing in between the trees. He was tall and thin and wearing dark clothes so I couldn't tell much about him. All I know is that he made me feel uncomfortable.

When I was 14, the house payments began to rise and my parents couldn't afford the trailer anymore. So we moved into a double wide on the road beside us that was up for rent-to-own. We stayed there for about four years. Shortly after we moved into this house, I felt things beginning to happen again. My room was the coldest room of the house and everybody vouched for that (friends, family). And I always just felt creeped out in that room, so I spent most of my time across the hall in my sister's room or in the living room on the computer. One thing, other than the coldness of the room, was a porcelain doll I had. She was an Indian porcelain doll and sat on a swing. She was suppose to be hung up. I had her hung up to the ceiling in a corner of the room, at the foot of my bed. She and dark hair and brown eyes, but every time she appeared in a picture her eyes were red. Then at my 15th birthday party, she gave me and my two best friends, Brittany and Laura, a good scare. We noticed that she was swinging back and forth. There was no air in the room. Later that night when we looked up at her, she was still but her shadow was moving. We took her down and put her in the closest, where she's stayed since then. Another time, I was probably about 16 or 17, my best friend Brittany was staying the night with me. We had phones that were made for caller ID, but we didn't have caller ID with our phone service, so nothing should have showed up on the caller ID when someone called. Brittany and I were laying in bed, it most have been about midnight or 1am. The phone's caller ID lit up, like someone was calling. Nobody was. The phone never rung. The phone did this 2 more times, and each time there was something on the caller ID screen, like a name and number, but neither of us could read what it said. When I was 16, I got a puppy for Valentine's day. She would come into my room, but always seemed very timid too and sometimes would randomly bark at places in the room, when there was nothing there. And shortly before we moved out of that house when I was 18, I was standing in my room, changing. It was probably about 10 or 11 at night, because my father was still awake and I was getting ready for bed because I had school in the morning. At that time I didn't have any blinds just curtains. I saw a shadowy figure pass by my window, outside in the yard. It creeped me out a little bit, so I pulled the curtains closed. A few minutes later I saw lights outside my window. They were like flashlight lights, just dancing around outside my window. I went and got my dad, but he saw nothing from my window and went outside and there was nothing. It had just recently rained and the whole yard was a mud hole, yet there was no footsteps outside of my window or in the front yard.

Last year, when I was 18, my family moved again. The double wide we had been living in was too small now that my grandmother had moved in with us and the puppy I had got for Valentine's day had ruined the carpet from messing in it. So we moved into an old farm house not too far away, in the country side. Now the house is pretty old, my dad estimated that it was built in late 1930's or early 1940's. The house has already creeped me out 9see my other posts about it), but recently it has completely freaked me out. I am home from college on Christmas break and have been since December 13th. I return next Monday. About a week after I came home from school I was laying bed with my new kitten, Miles. I was petting him and I noticed that he was staring at the ceiling. I looked up at the ceiling, but didn't see anything. Then I noticed this his eyes started following something around the room. As his eyes stopped in the corner of the room he backed up against the wall, hissed, and then ran away. And he also seems to never want to come into my room. I'll pick him up and bring him into my room, but as soon as I put him down he takes off running back into the hallway. And a lot of times he will follow me, but will stop at my doorway and just sit there, looking into the room, meowing at me. It's as if he wants to come into the room, but is scared to. Last night however, I was completely scared to death. I was sitting up in my room, on the computer around 2am. Miles (the kitten) had followed me into my room, begging for the milk that I had just poured myself. I had another chair sitting beside me and he climbed up into it. I looked over at him, to pet him, and noticed he was following something around the ceiling again. I ignored it, putting it off as a bug or something, since he had been chasing a spider in the kitchen the night before. Then he followed something across my dresser and down to the floor and then started following it around the floor. At that moment I heard a clicking noise coming from the same area that Miles was looking. I just put it off as the vent or the heat, since it had just turned on. About a minute later there was this banging. It was coming from my left hand side. It sounded like someone was banging on the inside of my walls. Both me and Miles took off running. I went to wake up my sister, but remembered she was at a friend's house, so I returned to my room, without the cat. I got back on the computer and everything was fine for about 30 minutes. Then I heard the knocking again. I let out a scream and ran down the hall to my grandmother's room. I told her there was something in my room. Right about then, my mother came into the room, wanting to know what was going on. I was so scared my hands were shaking. We all came into my room, but found or heard nothing. So I sat back down on the computer and my grandmother and mother were in the doorway about to leave when the knocking happened again! We all three heard it and ran into the hall. By this point I was in tears. My grandmother went to get my father. He checked around outside and inside my room, but there was nothing. I was so scared that I slept in my sister's empty room for the night.

I even feel scared or creeped out at college. I live in the oldest dorm on campus and in the basement on top of that. We commonly call it "the dungeon". We evening, it was probably about 8 or 9 at night, I was on the top floor with my friend. I needed to get my charger for my laptop so I ran down to my room to get it. As I came onto the hall there was this man standing there. I say man because he was most certainly a man. He wasn't a student there. I live on a co-ed floor, but its a freshman floor and this man I saw must have been at least 35, if not older. He was tall and skinny and was wearing a long black trench coat and a hat that was somewhat in the style of a boiler hat. He was standing outside of my neighbor's room, but was facing towards me, not towards the door. He made me feel uncomfortable, but I just assumed he was there to see Cody or Kevin. So I unlocked my door. Before I went into my room, I turned to look back at the man and he wasn't there. I hadn't heard any door on the hallway open and in order to get to the stairs to leave the hall, the man would have had to go past me, which he didn't. I grabbed my charger and quickly left the hallway. But as I was locking my door back I felt like something was watching me the whole time and I got the most creepiest feeling as I walked past the boiler room on my floor. Another time at college that I felt completely scared was one evening after I had taken a shower. It was around supper time, 5 or 6pm. My roommate wasn't in, so I just came into the room with a towel on (we have private bathrooms, not hall bathrooms). I just felt like something was watching me from the bathroom so I quickly shut and locked the bathroom door. Even then I felt uncomfortable to walk by my bed, like something was going to reach out from under my bed and grab my foot or ankle.

I guess what I'm asking is, am I haunted? Do I have a spirit attached to me? Or do I just seem to find myself in haunted areas a lot?