Ghost Stories

A life of being haunted

It all started when I was a young girl growing up in Arizona. I was probably about 10 when I first started seeing ghosts. I would wake in the middle of the night and look at my doorway to see men dressed in old fashioned clothes carrying weapons such as guns, pitch forks, and axes. I would watch them enter my room and then go down into the floor. I was terrified they would see me so each time I would hide my head under my blanket and go back to sleep. Things changed when I was about 13. My two best friends and I would play with the ouija board and also go into trances.

One time I was lieing on my parents bed in a trance and my friends saw what looked like a little boy in lederhosen materialize above me. We decided to contact the boy, Tommy, using the ouija board one night. Beth and Joann were using the board and we asked it if it was my dead grandpa and it said "yes".

We also asked it if it was Tommy and again got a "yes". We stupidly asked it if it would show itself to us and got a "yes" and at 3:15AM. We were getting spooked so I went to my bedroom for my rosary and the closer I got to the board the faster the thing went coming to a dead stop when I was standing next to it. We had used it in the living room so we took it back to Beth's house because we were scared. We also decided to sleep in the family room instead of the living room because we kept hearing what sounded like howling. As the clock advanced on the meeting time we became increasingly scared. We finally ran to my bedroom that I shared with my grandma and the 3 of us got into my twin bed. We felt safer and after a while it was decided that Beth would go to the kitchen for food. She came running back without only to tell us that she heard voices mumbling. At the appointed time there was a huge flash in the hallway and a quick second of what sounded like rain.

Unfortunately removing the board from my house didn't end my trouble. I would wake up to my radio channel surfing and one time I saw a white ghost above my bed. My mom insisted that somehow my fan had blown my sheet, which was tucked in at the foot, up to my ceiling. As an adult things continued. One night I woke up to see the top of a head going past the foot of my waterbed. I screamed for my husband who came running and saw nothing. When we moved into our first house and no longer had a waterbed my bed would shake when I was in it alone. It was not a violent shake and after a while I got use to it and informed whatever was trying to scare me it wasn't working. It stopped and moved on to bright sparks of light which my husband saw and became a believer.

One night we were awakened by the sound of glass shattering and my husband wet. My glass of water was removed from my bedside table and dumped on my husband and then went crashing into the wall imbedding itself in our plaster wall by the head of the bed on my side. The heavy bottom of the glass ended up at the foot of our bed on the floor. I had been asleep on my tummy so I couldn't have done it. I did get rid of my problem for a while but we (my kids and I) see glimpses of things around the house and we hear noises as well. My oldest son who is 20 is very in to ghosts and has captured many orbs on his digital camera from in our house, mostly in my bedroom. They don't seem to be mean. I also suffer from horrible nightmares.

I had a dream once about a dead brother of a boyfriend that I didn't know about until I told him of the dream. I have also shared a dream with our cat (don't laugh) which was of seeing a huge racoon staring her in the face. My youngest son and I shared a dream about vampires one night. He started telling me about his dream and I was shocked that it was what I had dreamt.

Proverbs 3:6 Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths