Ghost Stories

A little advice would be nice

OK, this may end up being very long, so please bear with me. I need some advice from those who know more than I do of these things.

As I have stated in previous posts, my oldest son is quite sensitve to the other side. I've recounted the stories of him being attacked in our apartment in '97 and of the child spirit who stayed in his room most days, but I haven't gone into full detail of how Alex first came to be so tortured. We are now going through issues which I have no explanation for, so I'm coming here hoping someone can assist me.

When I was pregnant with Alex, perfect strangers would come up to me and lay their hands on my tummy. This is not unusual for a pregnant woman, however, out of my four children, only my pregnancy with Alex would bring about the strange people overlooking my personal space bubble. I had hands laid on me for prayer. A little old man with an accent I didn't recognize started crying when he touched me and repeating, "This is a blessed child. This is a blessed child" over and over again to me. He was not the only one to use that phrase, and it continued even after Alex was born.

We have had several periods of time where Alex would come to me with stories of what he has seen or experienced. Yesterday, he let me know it has begun again. He says "it is a dream, but not a dream" and gives me great detail. In the best condensed form I can relate to you, what he says is happening now is this:

He falls asleep and leaves his body. He begins walking around, and the world around him transforms into a different neighborhood. A man in a cape with a hood comes rushing in towards Alex and ends up taking him deep within the earth. The man is covered in fire that "is not fire" and has a terrifying face. In the middle of the earth, there are tons of other demonly figures and something is said about the feast beginning. He sees other children there, too. This figure and the other figures hate the daylight, and hate children more. Out of nowhere, a woman appears who leads the children away into the light where the creatures cannot follow. He says she tells him many things but he cannot remember the conversation fuilly when he wakes up. Just that the creature preys on children and cannot come into the light. Then he wakes up.

Now, nightmares are one thing, and like he said, his nightmares are silly and easily forgotten once he wakes up, but this is not like dreaming at all other than he goes to sleep before it happens. It has happened twice now.

My son is sensitive and once went through a period where he was even sent home from school for scaring all the children and the teachers in his class. It happened after a week of him not sleeping because "the monsters" kept pinching him awake and laughing and scaring him, then they grew strong enough to follow him to school. He totally freaked out, and his teacher violated seperation of church and state by telling me they all believed what was happening to him was real and to seek a priest.

The only correlation I can find between restful periods and the times where he is tormented (it takes place about every couple years where things become terrifying for him) is my advancement into magical practices. I am a healer, and unless I shut myself completely down (which happens every time we go through this) Alex is open to attack. Seriously, I've looked back and it has gone as this:

When I began a student of the Tarot and began using basic herbs for healing, Alex was suddenly attacked in our apartment. He was two. I shut everything down inside me (I know no other way. I have to shut it all down or keep going, I don't know how to achieve a middle ground) and the activity ceased.

Once I began my meditation again and delved into herbal studies again, Alex went through a couple months where he could no longer sleep and could see us all surrounded by these creatures. He was seven. I shut myself down and just continued studying without practicing. The activity ceased.

I started working with a girl who needed me to bless her home for her and teach her how to protect herself and her daughter, and Alex suddenly quit sleeping again and began drawing pictures of the ones coming after him. He said they would pinch him and scratch at him, and marks WOULD show up on his body. He was petrified and slept in my room again. I put my herbal training aside and things subsided. He was 9 at this time.

I have recently begun working with herbs again. I'm not being irresponsible with my craft, all I do is work with herbs, meditate, andacknowledge there is a spiritual realm which surrounds us. And now my son (who is 11) is going back to his terrified state of being and telling us great details.

So I need help in protecting my son. I know many will nto believe me or will claim he is only having nightmares which is normal, but it is NOT normal the way he has them. And besides that, I truly sense something with him unlike when one of my other children has nightmares. I've protected the house and given him cleansing baths, but it seems when I open the gate to practice what I feel I should be practising, my son is on the receiving end of most of the activity. I feel it is important to let everyone know he can still see them and tell me about them even when I am not practicing and growing, but only when I open myself to help someone else or learn something more does he receive physical attack.

Any ideas other than psychiatric help? We've been down that road for the past 6 years, and it doesn't help at all. In fact, when he takes medication his 'visions' get worse. I know there are some gifted people here, and I would appreciate your input. Thank you.
My mind is a bit muddled as I try to sort through all of this. I appreciate the responses I have received so far, and each of you has given me much to think about.

First and foremost, I don't know a single person in this state other than in-laws. How on earth do i go about searching for someone to bless our home??

Secondly, I've kept the option of religion completely open for my children. They attend a Baptist church on occasion, and I have spoken quite a bit about my own belief structures. Basically, I will allow them to be whatever they feel led to be without having it forced upon them. I just introduce a lot.

Lastly, which books do you suppose would be good for him to read? I did actually tell him that the woman was his guardian angel and would keep him safe, and that has made him a bit happier. He is maturing, I can tell you that much. When the first encounters took place, he was petrified. He was unable to sleep and sat up all night long in the corner of the wall on my bed staring around him. Now, he gives me great details and is still frightened, but functions much better.

Oh, and one other detail: My son was born educably mentally handicapped and later was diagnosed with acute stress syndrome along with ADHD. I can't help but feel that these diagnosis' tend to aid in his other abilities.
This won't be long since I am nursing a baby and playing on the pc at the same time, but I will be back to respond better in a bit, scout's honor!

I appreciate all the input, especially FMD since as I was reading your response it seemed something screamed straight into me that your answer was perfect. I have recently learned to communicate quite well with my main guide. I have three, but one main one who says he has been with me 'since the beginning'.

As far as my gifts, the only ones I really know about are empathic in nature. If asked what my gift is, I would immediately respond, "I am an empath". I think that is why I feel directed towards healing, and I've learned to control that gift for the most part. When I was youner, my gift was so strong that I martryd myself for the benefit of others because their emotions were so strongly felt by me that I could not tolerate any 'negative' feelings whatsoever and would do whatever it took to keep others around me happy. I've grown past that as I've gotten older, though.

Thank you again, I will be back shortly. Oh, and I have a combination of a spiritualist church/bookstore in town here which I found the very first week I moved here. Just by finding it within the first few days of my arrival here tells me I am ready to learn from someone else. I had mistakenly presumed since my craft is not "active" as far as channeling or actively seeking spirits that I would be safe. My naivete is indication I *DO* need a teacher, and not just my main guide, to lead me the way I shoulod be going.