Ghost Stories

A Living Porcelien Doll

First of all, this happened to my friend not me. She asked me to post it to find out what happened {and what is still happening}. She though didnt wish to have her real name written, so I shall call her and the ones involved with fake names, the girl who this is happening to is going to be called Lilly, her brother James, her sister, Riley. And her mother Alice and her father Scott. I shall post it in first person.

It was my birthday, and had got lots of presents, the one I like dmost was a porcelien doll, that was given to me, by my father, *Scott. Whose mother had past away recently, and in her will asked *Scott to give me the doll, for my fifteenth birthday.

Even though my age was a bit old for dolls, I still had a little play with it, I loved the way its eye's seemed to follow you as you'd walk. I didnt find it freaky at all, but that was too change.

It soon turn 9.00pm, I was totally tired, having just had a big party, eaten lots of food. And of course danced with my boyfriend. He was sweet, he went home around 15 minutes earlier than every one else, because he had to babysit, for his mother was going out, with her new husband.

I had entered my rom ,with my three bag full of presents, and the porcelien doll under my arm, and placed them on the ground, where I started to sort them out. I first put the make up, and clotehs I had got away, and then the photoframe, and camera. Lats too be put away was teh doll. Which I soon named after me. Since my name was *Lilly, that was hers aswell.

I placed *Lilly, on my sheld just above my bed, with my other things from my childhood. I never touched teh shelf, incase I broke soemthing, and there wasnt much space, I placed *Lilly on the back, because it was to full at the front. No dust moved on the shelf though, since I didnt need to touch it. There would be no dust under neath the things though, naturally of course.

I soon got changed, and laid down in my bed the light was still on, it wa sone of those clap ones, so I clapped my hands and the light went off, I snuggled deep into the wamrth of my duvet, only to open my eye's, as the light turned on. I thought it was my sister *Riley, she always liked to mess me about at night. I clapped again and the lights went out, yet again I fell back to sleep.

Waking again, to a knockin at my door, I looked to my clock and it wa smidnight, why there would be some one at the door, I didn't know. I ofcourse, didnt hear anyone stirring so I stood, putting on my dressing gown and slippers, and opened my door. And shuffled out, and then, swung my leg ove rthe sid eof the banister and slid down. I always did this. I jumped off at the end, not noticing my ligth on, even though I hadnt put it back on, and peeped through the spy hole bit.

At first I didnt see anything, but soon I did, someone sitting on the pavement, a male figure. I looked more carefully and recognised who it was. It was my brother *James, why he was out there I didnt know, I opened the door, to let him in, he stood walking over to me, he seemed to ahve locked himself out, but I wondered how. Since he was in his pyjama's.

Being the oldest sibling, I took him into the kitchen. And made him a hot chocolate as I always did, when there was a sibling in distress. And then he spilled it out. Speaking to rapidly for me to understand, I thrust the dirnk into his hands, and he took a sip, placing it on teh kitchen table, he was shaking. Takign off my dressing gown I hung it round his shoulders. He slwoed down in his speakign after five minutes, saying he found himself outside when he awoke, but he didnt sleep walk, because we used to share a room.

I didnt thin twice, and I said he could sleep in my room, and I would sleep in his. He liked my room, I didnt know why but he did. I walked him up teh stairs, and into my room, and teh light had been now switche doff, yet there had been no clapping noise, a placed him onto the bed, and tucked him in. Make note that the dool was still at the back of the shelf, I did what sisters would do. Saying it was nothing, and just a dream. And then I wlaked out closing the door firmly.

I walked into his room, the nightlight was on, it was a snoopy one. I sighed, and sllid myself down onto his bed, my feet hanging off the end, seemign his was only ten years old.

Soon enough I was asleep, and was dreaming, this dream was peculair. A face kept appearing, a orrible milky white face, with sunken in eye's, and there was me aswell, standing still, like I was a doll or something. I woke up, panting eye's wide. My brotehr was screamign in my room, I shot out of his bed, an dopened the door, which was stuck soon it opened though, the door was big for the frame, this always happened.

I ran, like hell throwing open my door. The light was on, and my brother was crying and screaming, I grabbe dhim holding him close, looking up to the shelf, I noticed the doll was now at the edge, a malicous smirk on its face. The eyes had been sunked in. How was this possible though. It looked like the face in my dream.

I asked my brother if he had doen this, asked him if he had moved it. And he shook his head. My brother didnt normally lie, I stood walking to my bed, and knelt on it, looking at the doll, grabbing it I picked it up off of the shelf. Holding it tightly, I looked and saw that on the dust riuddled shelf, tehre were small foot prints. No drag marks.

And there were also miniscule hand marks, as if the doll, fell over, onto its hands, and lifted itself back up. By this time I was spooked, by the first thign at happened, and now the doll. I soon enough had wrapped the dol up, in foil, and place dit in a drawer. And nothign happened for teh rest of teat night, me and my brother slept in my parents room, leant against the door.

In the mornign he said, he had walke dout of the house, at night and had lied to scare me. He was a good actor, I hit him for this not hard, just a slap around the face. But he swore on his fishes life that he hadnt move dteh dool. And I believed him.

Nothing happened for the last couple of nights, I said nothign to my father, who seemed to be persistant on seieng the doll. I didnt know why, but soon I went to get it out of teh drawer fro him,a nd it wasnt there, instead it wa sback where I place dit on the shelf, no longer wrapped in foil. But stood there, its face like when I first got it, I laughed why I laughed I didnt know.

I suddenly had the urge to smash its porcelien face in. But I didnt, whenever I tried I stopped. I showed my dad it. And he told me somethign that would change me for ever. He said, that the doll, would do things. Like walk, sing and sometimes get into dreams, and scare teh wits out of who-ever had possesion of it. But it wouldnt do anything to harm.

Its been a year now, I now am 16, and the doll no longer scares me, I am used to its antics, to its tricks. I speak to it, through my dreams, and it speaks back. I was scared the first week or so but I'm not naymore. I dont know why my dad decided to tell me after I was scared senseless. During those nights before he told me, I slept in my parents room, with my brother and sister.

And thats the story. I dont know if she told the truth though, maybe you can tell me if it sounds real or fake. I haven't a clue.