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my sister in law came out to pick up my husband her brother to go to the cemetery to see there dad for his birthday 05/02/1935 meanwhile my neice was in cleveland with her marching band for school meanwhile heres the story off the news

channel 3
CLEVELAND - A 17-year-old Cleveland James Ford Rhodes high school student remains in critical condition after being hit by a car as he and several others were preparing to march in a parade Sunday. 05/02
Three others were seriously hurt, including a 49-year-old, a 15-year-old and 16-year-old Jamisha Lee. Lee, a drummer for the James Ford Rhodes High School, was hit by a 67-year-old driver Sunday in Washington Reservation as she and her band mates were getting ready to march in the Polish Constitution Day parade.

Lee has a fractured leg and an injured neck, but she's one of the lucky ones. Her classmate, Justin Otis, 17, was pinned under the vehicle and remains in Metro hospital in critical condition.

"Justin's body got jammed into the back of the car and you could see nothing but blood gushing out, " said Lee.

Since the accident happened in the Washington Reservation, park rangers are handling the investigation. They are examining the car to determine whether mechanical failure may be have been a factor in the crash.

The 67-year-old driver has not been identified because he has not been charged. Rangers questioned him at the scene.

channel 5
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A 17-year-old student from Cleveland's James Ford Rhodes High School suffered serious injures and needed surgery after a car careened into members of a group of students waiting to march in a Polish parade Sunday in Slavic Village. Two others students,16 and 15 years old, and a parent of one of the band members, 49, were also hurt and rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center. They were still being evaluated in the emergency room Sunday evening, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The driver, a 67-year-old Cleveland man, was being questioned by rangers four hours after the accident, a spokeswoman said. His name is being withheld and will be released if charges are filed, he said.

The car struck the group at 12:52 p.m. in Washington Reservation in Newburgh Heights, where the parade was forming before proceeding through Cleveland's Slavic Village.

Scott Shaw, The Plain DealerA Newburgh Heights police officer talks with the man who drove into members of the James F. Rhodes High School Marching Band before the Polish Constitution Day Parade on Fleet Avenue in Cleveland on May 2, 2010. Students and parents pick up marching band instruments in the aftermath of a car crash Sunday afternoon just prior to the Polish Constitution Day Parade on Fleet Avenue in Cleveland. A man drove his car into members of the James F. Rhodes High School Marching Band, hitting three band members and a parent. Most parking spots in the lot were taken by participants in the parade. Marchers milled near cars and others, including the band, stood on an open grassy area in the park.

A four-foot sidewalk and concrete barrier separated the pavement from the grass. Band members had just finished practicing and sat down to take a five-minutes break before falling into marching formation.

Seventeen-year-old Justin Otis and Maria Matos, 49, were sitting on a concrete curb when the car pulled into the handicapped parking spot. Both turned around and looked at the car, witnesses said.

The students expected the driver to stop when he pulled into the handicapped parking spot, said Cashany Hayes, 14.Suddenly, the car rammed forward over the parking curb, hitting the 17-year-old and parent.

"He stopped completely, then hit the gas," Cashany said.

Matos was knocked to the side of the car as it veered to the right, striking two more students, witnesses said. The driver dragged Otis about 10 feet before stopping. Student and parents wept and hugged each other after the crash. Many stared at ground with their eyes closed as paramedics from Cleveland, Newburgh Heights and Cuyahoga Heights tended to the victims. Other prayed.

The driver sat in his car while being questioned by police. He did not exit the car until the crowd left. Family members of the injured consoled each other at the hospital waiting room after the accident.

Willie Matos said his wife, Maria, was "banged up" pretty bad. Ricardo Andujar said his 15-year-old son sustained injuries and was in a lot of pain.

Sabrina Otis said her 17-year-old son, Justin, was being prepped for surgery and received substantial injuries.

"He's pretty bad," she said.

Relatives of the fourth victim, Jamisha Lee, could not be reached.

The Marching Rams looked forward to stomping down Fleet Avenue, said parent Luis Gonzalez. He said the students and parents are a tight-knit group.

"The kids were pumped," he said, fighting back tears in the hospital. "This is what they thrive on. We are all like family."

Gonzalez described the accident scene as surreal when he heard the students scream and spotted a student being dragged by the car.

"I started running toward them," he said. "It was a bad scene."

my neice tiff was sitting right where justin was seconds before the accident she got up to answer her cell phone and justin sat down we say it was divine intervention it was her grandpa who interviened to save tiff since mary my sis in law was all the way in medina at my house on her way to the grave in rittman ohio my sister in law came out to pick up my husband [her brother] to go to the cemetery to see there dad for his birthday sunday 05/02/1935 meanwhile my neice was in cleveland with her marching band for school i have to check the obituary but i believe he passed at 1:00 pm

now for the record yes im thanking god it didnt happen to my neice my sis in law has enough problems but my heart goes out to the family that it did happen to i wish it didnt happen at all but its strange that it happened like this