Ghost Stories

A newbie's story

I posted in the introduction forum with the promise to share my experiences. I'll start with the first one.

I was in kindergarten, it was summertime, and I was fast asleep. Being a kid I was afraid of the dark so my parents always left my door open. So I'm sleeping and for some odd reason my eyes just popped open. You ever get that feeling that someone is staring at you while you're sleeping? Say you're in bed with you significant other and they think it's cute to watch you sleep and your eyes just open knowing someone is staring? Anyway, my eyes opened suddenly and I saw a woman standing to the right of my bed. Her face was about 12 inches from mine. Just staring. Expressionless. She was leaning over my bed. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The weird thing is that she was perfectly still. Almost mannequin like. Her arms were even sort of posed that way. I couldn't see through her.

She had blonde hair in a pixie cut style. She was pregnant. She was wearing aqua colored pants and a maternity shirt. The shirt was vertically striped with pastel colors that matched the pants. Her eyes were a piercing blue and her lips were red as blood. She didn't blink. She didn't make a sound. She was so close to me that I was rendered paralyzed with fear. It took everything for me to pull the covers over my face.

I stayed in that position for what seemed like hours. Finally, I got the courage to pull the covers down. For some reason I felt compelled to look towards my open door. Probably because I wanted to scream for my mom. I looked towards the doorway and saw twins walking slowly toward my bed. It was a boy and a girl, but they looked exactly alike. They looked about 8 or 9 years old. Again, I couldn't see through them. They were holding hands and walking very slow. They both had chestnut hair. The boy was to my left and was wearing a brown suit with a white shirt. The girl had her hair in pigtails with orange yarn ribbons. She was wearing an orange sweater with a short pleated skirt. Their eyes looked black. As they inched closer to my bed I was utterly terrified. I tried to scream for my parents, but couldn't find my voice. I couldn't move and my five year old heart was ready to burst through my chest. Again, it took everything for me to move and cover my face. I couldn't bring myself to lower the covers again. I stayed in the same position until the next morning.

I told my mom about what happened. "Mommy, there were people in my room and I was so scared!" She dismissed it as a dream. I insisted it wasn't. She said that dreams can be weird things and to not think about it anymore. So I didn't. What else could I do? I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies at that age so I don't know how I could dream something so vivid and real.

I guess I blocked out that memory as it came crashing back when I was in junior high. I was terrified all over again. It bothered me greatly as I knew with 100% certainty that I was NOT dreaming. I became terrified of mannequins. Probably because the woman was so still and mannequin like. I hated going to department stores and being around those things. My parents thought I was being ridiculous. I told them about my memory. Again, they dismissed it and said I had an overly active imagination. I never brought it up to them again.

When I got to college I talked to my Psych professor. She listened to my story and said, "Children at that age don't have the cognant of reasoning to remember a dream so vividly and in such detail. And you certainly wouldn't be thinking about the dream almost 13 years later." I wasn't sure. I don't know if children have that ability or not.

Just writing this creeps me out a little because I remember it like it happened last night. Every detail, how I felt, what they looked like. I never did any research on the home in an attempt to find out if there had been a murder or suicide. Oh, I have to add that the twins and pregnant woman looked nothing alike.

So that's my first experience! I would love to hear some insight. You all seem great for that!:D Thanks for letting me share something that has been bothering me for decades.
I just spoke to my brother on the phone. He asked how I'd been doing and I told him that this situation had been bugging me lately for some reason. He didn't recall hearing the story so I told him what I told you all. What he said next really surprised me.

He said he never felt right in that house. He asked me if I remembered when he attempted to set the house on fire. I told him I'd forgotten all about it. He'd been in Catholic school during that time and felt compelled to play with matches. It wasn't preplanned; just something he felt he needed to do. He managed to set his bed on fire before my parents were able to put it out and call 911. When they asked why he would do such a thing he would only say, "The Devil made me do it." They dismissed it as Catholic rhetoric and my grandfather (a cop) came over and took him to jail to scare him straight. He never did anything like that again. We all just chalked it up to him being a kid with a fascination with fire. He told me that he knew it was wrong, but that something told him it had to be done.

He also told me he always felt like he was being watched. He said, "Do you remember when Mom and Dad would leave the door open with the screen shut towards the kitchen? You and I would be watching TV and I would always turn around and look towards the door because I knew something was watching us." That tripped me out because I felt the same. I recall sitting on the floor watching "The Muppets" and constantly looking behind me.

He asked me if I remembered how scared we would get there. I told him I didn't save for that one incident I experienced. He said there were a lot of nights that I was frightened and came to his room to sleep. He also came to my room to sleep because his room scared him sometimes.

He asked if I remembered the 8 foot long snake in our backyard that was dead. I didn't. He said it was really weird because no one could indentify what type of snake it was and we lived in a metro area. He went on to say perhaps the snake escaped from someone's home, but that it was just too weird.

He also recalled a black cat being dead and by the back door. I remembered that too. The cat didn't look like it was run over. It had blood near its mouth with gravel stuck to it. I recall my parents wondering what happened.

This could all be merely coincidental though. I'm trying not to read too much into it. The snake could have been a pet that escaped. The cat may have been old and sometimes animals wander off when they're sick. My brother could have set fire to the house because he was mischevious.

Just thought I'd share. Thanks for all of the input!