Ghost Stories

A night to remember

This happened along time ago, back when I was in High School. At the time, I, along with about 4 other friends were quite interested in the occult; especially Demonology, and diabolism. We all had our own Ouija boards which we used regularly. One Friday night in particular, we were at our friend Pete's house . He got out his board and we decided to mess around. Believe me when I say, I have learned my lesson about the Ouija, and have not had one for over 15 years. I burned it after saying a few cleansing prayers over it. As we were asking questions, we started talking to a spirit that called itself Xacto (Trying to remember the exact wording after 22 years is sort of hard, but that is pretty close). After about 5 minutes of asking this spirit the dumbest questions we could think of, we finally asked it where 'it' was, and why it had come to speak with us.

It told us that it was sent from hell to teach us the next "steps in our education" and that it would never leave us alone. As I said before, at the time we found the whole Demonic thing quite interesting. However, this was something none of us were prepared for. We told it that we were not interested and said Goodbye. For a moment the Planchette was still, and then it went straight to no. This had never happened to us before,as most spirits seemed to want off the board so that they could continue with whatever they had been doing, or not doing as the case may be. This thing would not leave. It had become quite late, so as a measure of protection for Pete, we gathered many of the bibles in the house, and surrounded the Planchette with them, even going so far as to opening one up and laying it words down over the top. We all left, feeling that if it was a demonic spirit then it could bnot get past the Bibles, and we could spend the weekend trying to figure out how to get rid of this unwelcome visitor.
However, luck seemed to work against us again. Pete's mom went to church on Sunday, and found her favorite Bible sitting on top of her son's Ouija board. She took the Bible, told Pete to leave it alone, and went on her way. Pete later told us at school, on Monday that when he went up to his room, he tried to speak to it, but the spirit seemed to have left. We all had a big laugh about it, and went on with our lives. As school went on that year, we lost our interest in things demonic, and did not discuss that night again.

Now here is where it got scary for me, and for two friends who weren't even there that night. Flash forward about 7 years. I had just gotten out of the navy, and moved in with my best friend. One weekend, neither of us had to work, so we went up to Lansing Mi. to visit his girlfriend, and spend some time looking for an apartment, since we had tentative plans on moving there that summer.
We arrived just as Kim, and her friend Jennifer , were getting ready to go to dinner. Kim and my friend Craig had been dating since before Craig and I had Graduated HS, and Kim was a sophmore in the same school. We took the girls out to dinner, and then after ward to a movie. As we were driving home afterward, Kim asked me a question, which to this day still worries me. She asked me if I had ever talked to a spirit called Xanto on the Ouija board. I am glad I was not driving at the time, since it startled me to say the least. And although the way she pronounced it was different, it sounded to much alike to be coincidence. At the time we had the first encounter, Kim was in 5th grade, and Craig had nothing to do with this at all. I asked her what the name was again and she once again said " Xanto". I told her to never talk to it again, saying that it was not a welcome presence. At the time, I had just started studying Witchcraft, but had kept up on my reading when it came to Magic and the spirit world. I knew the only explanation, was that this thing had been keeping tabs on those who were there, and that it knew I would be visiting Kim at sometime in the near future. Kim also told me that the two people using the board had never even heard of me before that night, and it had told them to say hello to me when they saw me. It used my proper name, First and last. The young man who was using the board was later flung from the couch while Kim and Jennifer had been talking to the spirit. Later that night Kim was in her dorm room when something walked by her bed. Both of her roommates were gone for the weekend, and no one else was in the room. I was able to convince them to not use the board again, at least anytime soon, and that I would take care of the visitor myself. I spent a long time in meditation and prayer to both the Lord and the Lady to rid me of this problem. As far as I know it worked. I also have a witch's bottle buried in a field near my home which may be helping as well.

Kim burned her Ouija about the same time I did, and I haven't spoken to Jennifer for almost 13 years. The young man ( I think his name was Steve), left school and transferred to another university soon after ward, and we never saw him again. Kim has not had any other encounterws with the entity, at least as far as I know, and we talk at least 2-3 times a year (they live in another state).

Sorry this was so long. I hope I didn't ramble to much...

I just wanted everyone on here to know how dangerous a Ouija board can be. Don't use them, thye cause nothing but trouble.

Heck, if someone wanted to haunt me, all they have to do is ask.