Ghost Stories

A Real Will'o Whisp

The summer of 2000 I wound up staying at my grandfathers cabin with my family and boyfriend. It was a lovely little cabin; one of only two, on a giant lake in the middle of nowhere. I must say though, despite appearences the place really creeped me and *Jack (my boyfriend) out.

You see for some odd reason the wind, which was constantly coming off of the lake never blew in the area of the cabit itself. Each tree sourounding the place was completely still. I still get the shivers just thinking about it!

Wierd stuff started happening right away. My dad had the creeps the first night so he lit a fire in the fire place (I think to create a sends of normality about the place) and we all settled down for a restless night of sleep. Half way through the night, the whole place was awoken by my fathers yelp. The lights came on, and everyone jumped to thier feet to see what was wrong. A fishing rod holder, which had been nailed to the wall had some how dilodged itself and beamed my dad square in the head. Everyone was shocked, but tired so we went back to sleep.

The next night just as the sun was setting into the trees beyond the lake, my brother saw something in the water about five feet down, from his seat at the end of the dock. Apon closer observation by everyone including my dad we came to the conclusion it was someones doll. Small and white like a child with golden blonde hair. Although it was getting dark we could clearly make out an arm and a face. It was really quite creepy. To be honest at first I thought it was a body of a young girl- not a doll, but my dad convinced me otherwise. Jack suggested that we come back out to the dock first thing in the morning and pull the doll out of the water, just to make sure...

That night a storm was inching its way up along the forest and down towards the lake. All of the trees were blowing side to side, all but the ones around the cabin. Jack and I decided to go outside in our PJ's for one last smoke before bed, and so there we stood huddled together puffing away when suddenly a bright yellow light caught our eye. It was too big to be a fire fly, and totaly the wrong color. The orange sized orb swung itself back and forth betwween the trees until it was about six feet away, then it hovered for a moment asif it was sizing me and jack up, lifted itself into the branch of the tree infront of us, and sat there. Jack and I were terrified. He grabbed my smoke and threw it, then grabbed my arm and ran me into the house as fast as he could.

"What the heck was that?" I asked him. " A will'o Whisp," He frowned, "They are a reminance of someone who wants to be alive again, they are very strong spirits, you want to stay away from them." with that we climbed into bed together, both of us staring wided eyed at the cabin roof.

Around three in the morning I started to hear a womans voice, I had been awake the whole time just laying there too scared to sleep, so at first I thought it was my imagination, as it wasn't anyone in my family ( everyone but me was male), but the longer I listened the louder it got - " Appppp..." It said, " Be good to your children," and then it started singing a lullaby. Jack (Who I thought was long asleep) whipped around and grabbed my arm... really tight. So I wasn't the only one hearing the voice... he heard it too. I choked up, all I could do was listen to this horrible delusional voice, singing this warped lullaby like the kind you would hear in a horror flick. It was unreal. All I can say was thank goodness for the fire going in the fire place, I would swear up and down it was the only thing keeping that glowing ball thing from shooting down the chimney and eating us alive.

The next morning, Jack and I, all groggy and tired from the night before slunk down to the dock for a smoke and peered into the water where we had seen the body the night before. There was nothing, just clear ripples of sunlight dancing on the sandy lake bottom. There wasn't even a stone or a stick or something that we could have mistaken for a doll or a body. What of that long wavy golden hair? That creepy porcelain face?

There was nothing.

Jack looked up at me and shivered abit, his cigarette barely dangling from his white lips, " I'm glad we're leaving today." he smiled.
" Mee too," I said..."Me too!"

This is a completely true story I am still too freaked out to go back to that cabin. I have plenty of my own speculations but I would love to here some of yours + if anyone has any info in will'o whisps I would love to see it. thanx -AP