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A Sensitive Subject - I See Dead People!

Hello all! I never really introduced myself when I joined this website. I'm nightshade4lovers or N. I. Burn and I'm in my twenties. I'm from Canada and my whole life I've had the ability to see and hear spirits, ghosts, dead people, whatever you wish to call them.

My story begins in my childhood home. I can no longer remember my age, but it could be as young as 3. I'd lie in bed at night, eyes focussed on the ceiling as I tried to ignore the voices that were arguing in my room. I can remember that my parents were asleep and this was before I had siblings. I'd race to the window and look down to the parking lot below. I'd never see anybody, but the voices would continue to speak behind me. As I got older, I learned the ability to block out the voices lest I go crazy.

As I child I had a morbid interest in the macabre. I liked ghosts and horror stories despite the fact that they terrified me. My parents told me stories of the one time they saw the same ghost after their close friend died in a car crash. Little did they know at the time that I was seeing things myself.

One night, I spent the night at my best friend's house. She left the house for an hour or so and left me alone in her house. While she was gone, I could hear noises in the living room and I'd see movement coming from the corner of the room. When she came home, I told her of the things I had seen. She was shocked. She told me that her dead grandfather's favourite hat sat atop the bookcase in that corner. He'd only died a few months before that.

When I was almost ten years old, my parents decided to move us out of the dangerous city and into a small rural town. Odd things happened from the start. My younger brother had never met my great grandfather, and had never seen a picture of him as we had packed many pictures away shortly after he had died. One morning my brother runs terrified to my mother and tells him of the strange man that hung over his bed that night. He describes the man: an old man, hunched over, thin and strict looking with glasses on a string and a plaid shirt buttoned right up to the neck. My mother was a little freaked out as the description was similar to that of my great grandfather, but the day she unpacked the family photos and my brother pointed at my great grandfather and said "That's the man who watches me when I sleep," my mother knew that we had a special talent.

It appeared, over time, that my great grandfather was just coming to meet the great grandson he had never known, but our home still held some secrets. Over the years we have seen shadow people and mists spanning the entire home. The three most prominent encounters have seemed to prove that we are not alone in our family home.

One day, my parents were sitting in the kitchen, waiting for the bus to bring me and my siblings home. Suddenly, a blood curdling scream pierces the air. It appeared to be emanating from my bedroom. My parents searched the property, but could not find a source from the noise. It still baffles them to this day. Yet, I may have an answer.

I was very depressed in high school, suicidal even. At my lowest point, I was awoken in the middle of the night. I could feel a warmth by my feet. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was not alone. A woman sat at the end of my bed. She had long black hair, a black nightgown and slippers and unnaturally grey skin. When she turned her head to look at me there was a blank, flat space where her face should be. She then lifted her hand and reached out towards me before disappearing. She left a dent in the bedding and a warmth that radiated throughout the entire bed. The next morning, I awoke and suddenly life didn't seem so dark. I still have depression issues, but they have never gotten that bad again. Sometimes, when I feel really down I can see that woman in my room, but she's never appeared as close as she did that night. I don't believe she is my guardian angel, but I think she may have died on this property in a negative situation. She seems to understand me though and I've grown found of her. However, there seems to be another spirit here that doesn't quite agree with her. I think he may be her husband or father. And I can feel him in this house. I think that may be who may mother heard in this one instance.

I was now in high school and took a different bus than my younger siblings. I was sitting in the kitchen with my father when my mother bursts into the room. She asks us if we were in the living room just now. We had not left the kitchen and we told her that. She then explained that she was folding laundry in her room when somebody opened the living room door, slammed it and stomped up the stairs. She heard my door open and slam shut. I had left more door open and it was still open when I went to check my room. Nobody was there.

I believe that the male spirit is the spirit we hear the most often. I've seen him, as his my sister and brother, outside in our driveway. He's driven my dogs crazy on occassion. He also storms around upstairs in heavy boots and occassionally slams the living room door, whereas his female counterpart is more considerate. In fact, she checks on us at night when we sleep. Even when my best friend moved in with us, she adjusted and began checking on my best friend too. She's been known to scare people who stay in our spare room, which used to be my best friend's room when she lived with us. She's also checked in on us when we were doing crafts in the spare room.

Those two seem to be the most prominent spirits. But in our new basement, which was built a year before we moved in, my younger sister and I have seen and heard close to 30 different spirits. In fact, one of them has cheered my sister up when she was depressed by reminding her that he still likes her. But my home is not the only place I've seen spirits. In fact, I have seen spirits everywhere. I've learned a trick over time to block most spirits out and I have to focus if I want to see them, but there have always been a few strong enough to show themselves to me anyway.

Before my best friend moved in with us, she lived in a haunted house a few streets down from my home. I spent many nights there and had seen about 15 different spirits. Some pleasant and some quite terrifying. My high school was haunted and I've seen many odd things in public. I'm sure everyone will learn all about these odd sightings, as I love to share them. Unfortunately, I have enough stories to fill a full novel and I do plan to write a novel about my experiences one day, but there are too many stories to share in one post. Besides, I need to save some stories for another time.

You may have read some of my stories on other sites, also one of my friends used to be on this website and she told me she had posted one of my experiences here. Hopefully, I am not repeating anything you may have already heard. I apologize if you have read anything here already. I also apologize for such a long post, but I'm sure you've all enjoyed it. I'm sure I'll enjoy this website in the future. I love to hear about supernatural experiences. I may usually see spirits, but I have many other odd experiences to share. It appears I'm a sensitive and I'd love to meet others like myself. I'm sure we'll get along great.