Ghost Stories

A strange event

Hi, I am new to the site and finally decided to post an 'event' that happened to my mom. I first heard my Mom's story when I was about 13 years old.

One day we were sitting around with our neighbors and started telling ghost stories. When everyone was running out of stories, my Mom said that she had one to share but didn't know if she wanted to talk about it in front of "the kids", but she did. This is her story: My Mom (22 at the time) used to have a friend named "Sharon" that she hung around with for years. My Mom said one summer she started to slowly stop hanging out with her because she was becoming different (talking of witchcraft, etc..). One day, Sharon called my Mom and asked if she wanted to go out cruising. My Mom made up an excuse and Sharon became upset and said "I know what you have on..." She described what my Mom was wearing, even though it was early and she just got dressed and had not gone out yet. She was laughing strangely and my Mom hung up.

She got really scared at this point. Later that day my Mom met her friends at the 7-11 to go out. She was with 2 other friends talking in the parking lot when Sharon suddenly pulled up. She said to my Mom "I thought you were sick?" My Mom said she was feeling better and then Sharon asked if they all wanted to get in her car and go for a drive. They all decided to go just because they didn't want her to get mad. My Mom was in the front and the other 2 were in the back. They started driving down the road and talking when Sharon started to laugh very strangely and mumbling things.

Everyone started getting scared and asking her what was going on. My Mom said Sharon's facial expressions actually started changing (she said she couldn't really describe it). My Mom yelled to pull the car over and she did. She said it was really strange because it was a nice summer day out but when they pulled over, they could hear no cars going by or birds. She said things just didn't seem right. They were on the side of a road and with Sharon still mumbling things, my Mom yelled for everyone to pray (that was all she could think of..). She said when she did, Sharon was yelling to stop it.

After a few minutes, Sharon calmed down. They decided to drive back to the 7-11 and my Mom drove. On the way back Sharon started up again with the laughing and strange facial looks. She kept saying that someone was coming and then my Mom looked ahead and something that looked like a large, dark brown dog ran in the road. She thought she was going to hit it. She stopped and the "dog" stopped in the middle of the road, turned around and stood on its hind legs and when it turned, it had no face that she could see. It then dropped back down and ran away. My Mom swears that was the scariest moment of her life.

My Mom and her friends immediately decided to take Sharon to the church downtown, thinking she was possessed. She said that they sat down with the priest and Sharon was spiting and opening her legs at the priest. The priest actually thought they were playing a prank on him! Basically my Mom never talked to her again and found out later on that Sharon got married and had a kid. I asked my Mom about it about a year ago asking her if it was true and she swore by it and I could just tell that it happened to her. She said she still gets goosebumps when she thinks about it. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!! I really would like to know if anyone has heard of a "faceless, dog like thing" before? This always has interested me.. and scared me...