Ghost Stories

A strange night in the Desert

When I was about ten years old I lay awake in bed and listen to my Grandfather telling this story, his name was Orville and he was good at tales. My parents and my Grandfather/Mother was playing cards and I'm pretty sure all were pretty boozed up as they were prone to do that often back in the day. They were laughing and telling story's and the one my Grandfather told that night was the only one that stayed with me. My Grandfather drove a truck in the late thirties up into the mid fifties. He said, in the summer of 1946 I was on my way from Edmonton Alberta Canada to Los Angeles California when I experienced something really strange. I really tuned in after I heard the 'really strange'. He said it was about 30 minutes before dark. He had pulled over somewhere about 20 miles north of Bishop California for a short break. He got out of the truck and did a walk around and, whatever else he had to do. He said there was nothing out there but sage brush & lizards. He noticed about fifteen/twenty yards off the highway something that didn't look right. Like a spot in the darkness that looked darker then the surroundings. He went and got his flashlight and walked over to investigate. He said it looked like a really dark shadow and was in shape of an 'S' laying on it's back and was about 2' wide and 6" high. The closer he looked at it the more he said it looked like a rip right in mid air he said. He waved his arms around it like to see if it had any support, and it didn't. There it was he said, a hole in nothing! It had no back to it as it looked the same on either side and as thin as a dime from the side. He told how he shown his flashlight into it and it did no good because there was nothing to see and the light just went nowhere . He told how he took out his Zippo and tried to burn the edge of it. Took him a while I guess but he finally got the courage to stick his arm in it. I stuck my arm in all the way to my armpit he said. He looked around to the other side and his arm was not sticking out the other side. I guess that scared him and he quickly jerked it back. The way I understand it there was no sleeve in his shirt when he pulled it back. For some reason he took his lighter to it again. He Stuck in his arm and struck a flame and was trying to see it from the other side when he said it was knocked out of his hand. That time when he pulled out his arm the hole closed. I guess it shrank away in just a few seconds.

Almost ten years to the date that he had experienced this strange hole he got a gift. He was on that same road, at night and close to where he had witnessed this strange happening so many years before. He was feeling in his pocket for a lite when he glanced over to the passenger seat where there lay the same lighter he had lost many years before. He knew it was the same because Grandma had gave it to him several years prior to him losing it and She had their Marriage Anniversary date engraved on it. He reached over for it and brought it into the dash lights and looked it over. There was a light rain on his windshield he said and there he saw something that made him pull over and marvel. On the window, written on the outside with what looked like a finger was these words. Thank you, we have enjoyed it's use. Or something like that, I can't remember exactly what he said.

In my mid to late teen years I went with Granddad now and again on one of his short runs when I was assured that I would be back home in a day or so. I remember him using that lighter and saying. 'You know boy? I have never replaced the flint or have I put any fluid in this lighter for over twelve years and it always lights without fail. Them ole spooky boys fixed it for me' he said. I thought he was just full of crap at the time as he was a good one to tell tales anyway. My Granddad died in 1973 and my Brother ended up with the lighter along with some other things that was willed to him. My Brother used it for years until he stopped smoking and as far as I know he never replace or added anything to it either! It has been long since lost in the shuffle of moving over the years. But if there was anything to that old mans tale. I wonder what it was he dealt with that night and also a decade later.

The Blue Flame