Ghost Stories

A suburban Halloween ghost tale

This is a story I have kept to myself for many years. Even thought this story takes place in Texas, and that I have always lived in Texas, one important fact must be known. My father is from Green Bay Wisconsin, and I was raised a die-hard Packers fan. I would rather eat dung than miss a Packer game, and I would rather die than miss the oldest rivalry game in the NFL. The Packers vs. The Bears, especially on Monday Night Football. But unfortunatly my supernatural tale took me away from that exact event, the Monday Night Football game between the Packers and the Bears, on Halloween Night, during the unforgetable throwback season of 1994. I was 14 at the time, and all I could think of that year was the Packers/Bears Monday night game on Halloween night, Throwback Jerseys and all. This would be the first year I would skip trick-or-treating. I decided to stay home and watch the game, and take on the important role of passing out the candy to you kiddies while my parents went to a party.

While my main duty was to watch the Packers destroy the Bears, I was to pass out candy, and also keep whoever had smashed our pumpkins for the past 6-7 years from doing so again. My plan was to sit on the roof outside my second story window, armed with a BB Gun, watching the game through the windwo, and taking shots at any suspicious characters, mainly those who weren't children. I was also equipped with a radio and headphones tuned to the game so I wouldn't miss any action of the game while I scoped the neighborhood.

I had to come down a few times to pass out candy to local kids, my costume that year was of course the Packer throwback jersey and helmet. I was of course wearing the name an number of the then young QB Brett Favre/he is now about to retire if that puts the timeframe into perspective. During my last trip downstairs I noticed a Packer who had decals on the back of his helmet that made it look like a Jack-O-Lantern, which I thought was cool. After passing out a few Snickers I took my position back on the roof, with my BB Gun, waiting for the hooligans to appear. Soon a static-like noise would begin to drown out the sound of the game in my radio, and as I tried to fix it something else began to bother me. It was becoming very cold. It was cold already mind you, but now I was creating Cold Breath, the fog effect, you know. Not to mention an actual weather caused fog was building up at ground level.

At this point I freaked "what if this fog let the pumpkin smashers sneak in undetected?" I picked my air rifle up off the roof and ran downstairs, the pumpkins were still there. So I set up shop on the front porch, amidst the fog, my only care in the world being the Packer game and secondly the preservation of these pumpkins.

Time rolled on, The Packers won the game, but I was still on the porch guarding the pumpkins with my BB Gun. It was probably around 11:30, all trick or treaters should be in bed. I abandoned my post for a moment to bogart a little candy from our basket, and I heard a noise out front. I ran to the door, and through the fog I got nailed by a pumpkin. That's right, a whole pumpkin hit me in the head. I fell to the ground hard. I was only 14 and I just took a full-size pumpkin to the head, and it was splattered all over the front hall as well as my forehead, while I fell flat on my back, hitting the back of my head on the tile of the front hallway, needless to say I had quite the shock. I was pissed though, I thought an older kid had done this to me, so I grabbed the air rifle and ran out the door with hopes of a butt shot in mind, but there was nothing. In fact the moment I cleared the doorway there wasn't even any more fog. I ran upstairs, jumped out my window and ran around the roof looking for a target and a shot. But I didn't see anything, except for a fog that was rolling down the street, away from my house, and it wasn't exactly doing wonders for neighbors animals. In fact they acted like they were magnets of the opposite pole of this fog. I was so into the moment that I jumped off the roof, trying to end this mystery once and for all with my BB gun, but I broke my leg upon landing, and never found out if there was anything supernatual in that fog.

My parents got home around 1:30am and found me crawling, crying, and shaking in the yard with my broken leg, I missed the one football game I wish I had never missed, and my injury cost me from playing football my freshman year of high school. All of this because of this mysterious event. I'm still pissed about it. So pissed that I don't care about what people say about my story, I just hope to get clues so that I can bust whatever is responsible in the ass harder than if could ever imagine.