Ghost Stories

A weired Ride

:) Hi well my name is Lupe and am new to the site throughout my whole life I had paranormal experiences and and also some that have been told to me. This first one I would like to share because We(my family and me) couldn't find an explanation to it and I would like to hear your opinions on it.

Since I was little at our family get togethers or reunions my aunts, uncle, and older cousins would tell us about there personal experiences or stories that they heard most of my family has Mexican origin so back in there town there are alot of stories and legends like La Llorona so I do have alot to share.

Well In 1999 my parents bought there first house it was located in San Leandro California In the bay area, most houses there are old well the only thing I ever found out about the house was that it was rebuilt in the early 40s but it has always been there and mostly everything looked outdated to me and the house had been abandoned for couple of years... before then I really don't recall having any experiences but since the day we moved into that house things really CHANGED,me and my younger sister shared a room and the bathroom was right across our room door and our parents room was down the hall from us about 10ft across from us. The first experience I had happened just a couple days after we moved in I woke up late at night because I wanted to use the restroom as soon as I woke up I could hear like there was someone in the hall but i thought it might be my parents as I was walking to the door I stated to hear as if someone was walking along the hall dragging a hand with long nails along the wall and my door as soon as I heared that i jumped right back to bed but the noise kept going around until I decided I had enough courage to get up So Walked to the door, my door was one of those old doors with the old door knobs that has a hole so I decided I would look threw there but to my surprise there was no one or nothing that could make that sound in the hall. I was scared because the only ones at the house were my mom, my year old brother, my sister and me, my dad was at work and he wouldn't be getting home until 1 am or so. The next day as as soon as I saw my mom I told her what happened she tryed to calm me down like any parent would do so I wouldn't be scared. Weired things kept happening but what happened next is something that till today brings chills to us.

The story that am about to share is about an experience that happened to my dad, It was about 8 month after we moved in to that house, It was a Monday like every weekday my dad had to go drop-off my mom at work which was about a 15-20 min drive and they always left at around 5:30 am, He said it was still dark at that time and he was out front waiting for my mom in our van as soon as he heard th door shut he got on his way, usually on the way to work they (my parents) would have conversations and talk a bit, but that day it seem odd to him that my mom was real quiet and that she was wearing a black hood or some type of black cloth over her hair which also seemed long and real straight, my mom's hair is curly so it seemed odd, every time he tryed to turn and look at her he just couldn't turn to look at her he felt as if someone was holding him so he couldn't turn, it was the eeriest feeling he had ever had, It was at the parking lot that he was able to turn to see what was next to him and it was not my mom but as soon as he turned to face her whatever it was it let out a evil laughter that he will never forget her eyes were like if she didn't have any eyes they were like two black holes,hair was long straight black, her skin was pail it's a sight he cant forget.A couple of month ago he was on his way back home from work when he says he felt that eerie feeling again and when he looked in the rear view mirror and again he saw her there. We cant explain it because when he saw her he was driving my car which is a new Toyota and we haven't lived in that house for 3 years.So please if u have any help or just a comment please write thanx I do have more to share but This is the most odd one we need help in.:confused::o