Ghost Stories

Airport Ghosts ? : Is it Possible? :


As most of you know I travel alot with my work and have lived and worked in alot of countries all over the world and have had alot of strange other world experiences in not only the places I live in but alot of places Ive visited for work and Holidays...... But the strangest of all Experiences Ive had I think has to come from one source during my travels.... The Airports....... And in many different Places around the World. Is it possible that it isnt only Luggage that is lost there... Are souls too?..... Why do they Haunt there.......Are the looking for Loved ones? Are they souls of Air Crash Victims trying to get home ? Is it a place they loved in Life ? Are they trapped and lost ? Or is it something else entirely....... I would like to know what people think after they have read just below of what Ive seen and experienced...... I too wonder if these Poor Souls are there all the time ? Or do they come and go like the planes themselves?........ Ive never seen one on a plane (Not yet anyway or not any that Ive noticed so far)... Has anyone else seen them too.... Or had other experiences at Airports Id like to know.


(ONE ELDERLY MALE ) : Around 60-70yrs old. Balding about 5'9 - 5'10 . Caucasian . Outside Terminal One Near Off Load Taxi Rank. Looks like he's been around for a while... wearing clothes that look Mid-Late 1970's. Clothes look slightly Wrinkled like his had a Hot and Long Tired Journey.Pays no attention to anyone tried to communicate with him but was completly ignored. Looks to be in a Time Loop State of Haunting Movements are Limited and on a Short Repeat Loop . Carries a Onboard Bag looks like Leather Satchel. No other luggage or suit bag. Walks about 10 steps stops and turns to face cab rank like waiting for cab then he is back to where he starts his 10 steps without walking back to the spot (Flash like disspears for a micro second on loop and is back to origional spot for his 10 steps). I NOTICED HIM : While waiting at the Pick Up Taxi Rank in Line . Thought nothing of it until I noticed he never changed what he was doing and despite so many people being around him he paid absolutly no attention to any of them. Not even when they almost walked into him.... They didnt even look his way or say anything to him.(Which is unusual in itself in NY ).

(JFK GHOST TWO : Another Elderly Male. About 50's could be Early 60's. Over 6' Tall. African American /Latino? Or full African American Lighter Skin not really Darker Skinned African American. Short Tight curly Black Hair . Well Groomed. Grey Suit , blue Shirt , no tie. Has Small Pile Of Luggage on Luggage Trolly. In Luggage Pick Up 10 (United Terminal). Looks like he is getting ready to meet someone or is waiting for someone who's supposed to came and pick him up for home. Stands arms folded Looking out towards the exit area. Doseent Move much more than to change standing position like someone who's been standing too long and who's feet are tired and sore. Hard to tel how long he's been there. Clothes harder to date. I dont think he's been there anymore than 10-15yrs .....Looks maybe early-mid 1990's style or maybe late 1980's. He looks around slightly but not much away from the exit. Makes no effort to communicate with anyone. I wanted to try to see if he did. But I was waiting for my bags and there was no room to move with alot of people's trolley's around. Only noticed he was not fitting in when I looked up a second time when I noticed a friend of mine had come to find if I was there or not yet and I could see the Cement Pillar that the man was next to right through him. I hadnt noticed it at first Im sure he looked more solid when I first notied him.... When we left I looked over to where he had been and he wasnt there anymore. ..... Funny thing was my friend was behind me and he called out to me to wait up because I walk fast and I turned my head to tell him jokingly to hurry up.......And I noticed the Guy back in the same spot again.... This time I gathered he really was a Ghost cause I could see the crowd of 2 people that were behind him right through his body. (Freaky.....Odd and Freaky)


GHOSTS ONE : FAMILY OF FOUR : Nothing out of the Ordinary you say? Family going on Vacation? Going to see The Grandparents for the Summer? or
Family Reunion Trip? Maybe they'd arrived from somewhere and were waiting for a friend or family member?........ Who could tell. Looked like any normal Family you see at the Airport in Early Summer. Parents with 2 Children. Loads of Luggage on two Trolleys and all carring On Board Bags . MAN: Early 40's. Blonde short cropped Hair . Jeans. Some Kind of Sport Team T-Shirt... Not sure what I couldnt read any logo's clearly enough wasnt baseball... Maybe Football or Soccor?. Joggers wearing Normal Glasses and a black watch. WOMAN : A Little Older mid-40's. Shoulder length Brunette Hair. Black Headband, Black Floral Patterned Dress and Black High Heel Shoes . Some Jewellery . GIRL : About 14-15. Long Dark Brunette Colored Hair. Jeans, Jean Jacket and Red and White top. Red Baseball Style Cap and Sunglasses. black Shoes Doesnt look like she wanted to be there. Didnt look to happy. BOY: 10-12. Blondish Hair like Dad. Jeans , Black T-shirt with Collar and black boots. White Hat. Sunglasses. Backpack. Family Look like mid 1980's Clothes. Dont move from spot either. Only Talk amoungst themselves. Cant hear anything said. Dont interact. Didnt notice much other than I could see a sign on the wall through them all after watching them for about 2 mins. Didnt notice if they went anywhere. They all paid no attention to anyone around them.. Made no atempt to talk to staff or approach the desk for anything. No attempts to have luggage boarded etc. THE WOMAN : Had a small scar on her forearm... Looked like an old burns scar? Could this be a sign of why they haunt there, were they crash victims. WHEN THE DESK ATTENDANTS CAME TO TALK TO THE TICKET HOLDERS AS OUR FLIGHT HAD EARLIER BEEN DELAYED DUE TO A STORM : They were going around and talking to everyone and letting us know that the flight would soon be boarding and everything was ok. Appologising for the Delay etc. And checking our tickets and other things. She went around talking to everyone....Except the family of Four who were clearly waiting at the same gate as the rest of us were. She walked straight past them not even a glance their way..... Like they werent there at all. AND SHE HAD TALKED TO EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE FLIGHT!! EVEN KIDS WHO WERE WAITING WITH THEIR FAMILIES!! Just not those four..... (Makes you wonder.... Why there... Why the WHOLE Family. Why are they there? How long have they been there? And most of all........ Why is it i was the only one who noticed them? ).... MIND BOGGLES

I usually dont fly commercial these days much either since I now have my own plane and pilots licence.... Had the licence for 10yrs and the plane 4yrs. So most of these story's are from before this or when I rarely go Commercial. I agree......The TERMINAL thing does put you off. And I wouldnt fly Delta unless I ABSOLUTLY Had too....... But Id rather not. I dont have that much of a death wish I risk my life enough with my job..... Im not about to push my luck when Im not.



LADY GHOST NEXT TO TICKET COUNTER : Indian Woman dressed in a Traditional looking in Sari type Dress (Red and Gold ) . Long Black Hair in Plait down her back almost to her waist. Has a Type of Decrotive Clip in her hair and Flower on her beret at the end of her plait. Looks to be in her Mid-Late 20's ? Large Rolling Suitcase with handle at her side ... Looks around 1960's era . Old style leather type with strap and buckle around the middle (My Grandm has a old Suitcase Like it from her years of travelling when she was younger thats why I know how old it is). She looks like she has been crying her makeup has run on her cheeks.... She watches people walk past with a Pleading look in her eye.... Like she is looking for someone or hoping someone can help her cause she is lost.... No-one payed any attention to her , or seemed to see her until I saw her. I went towards her thinking she was just a ordinary lost passenger thinking i could help her out.... She looked up at me Her eyes seemed to light up for a second......Then she smiled at me and vanished into thin Air!! ( I WAS SHOCKED : I stood there for a few seconds thinking WHAT THE HELL...... And then thought oh well another Airport ghost. Went back to were I was previously standing and waited to get my ticket. As I walked Up to the counter a second time to get my ticket ... I looked over again to see if she re-appeared but she hadnt..Ive been to Heathrow lots of times since and havent ever seen her again.. I wonder who she was... And why she is there? ).

ELDERLY MAN WITH YOUNGER WOMAN : COUPLE IN CAFE OUTSIDE AMERICAN AIRLINES GATES: Sitting at the Far Table on the right hand side near the window to ouutside. MAN : Late 60's... Caucasian . Balding Grey Hair. Not sure how tall. (He was sitting down) and very thin. Wearing Dark Suit and tie. Had a hat on the table next to him and a cane leaning on the table . He was also wearing thick glasses in the big fame of late 70's style (Like Aviator type). Clothing seemed to be of the same era. WOMAN : Looks to be of Asian Decent . She is younger about 30's. Looks to be about 5-6 mths pregnant. Long Black Hair with no clips or other ties etc. Styled like 1970's. Wearing Cream colored slacks and a pale Grey/Blue? Maternity style Baby Doll like top. and Brown shoes. She has a Dark Brown Handbag with a chain style handle. THEY ARE BOTH : Drinking Coffee or Tea from cups in front of them... No food or plates Could see that they were talking too their lips were moving but they were making no sound. Man looked tired . Woman seemed angry or hurt about something. He seemed to be trying to keep her calm. I was sitting on at the table across from them. I looked up at them even wathced them for a minute or two.... NEITHER : Paid any attention to me. Not that I thought it odd. They were obviously trying to sort some problem out. AFTER ABOUT TEN MINUTES : They got up to leave and I got up as I had heard my Flight being called. So I wasnt that far behind them....... They turned the corner to walk towards the gate I was heading in. And I walked around the corner about 10 seconds later.... This is into a Hallway leading to the Baording Gate with no other doors to go into mind you. And they had dissapeared . There was no way they could have walked off anywere or gone into another room or something there was no-where to go in that Hall. And no way of going elswhere unless they came back the way they'd been and they would have had to come past me to do so. I looked around and couldnt see them anywhere. When I got to the Boarding gate I asked the lady at the desk if she had seen these two people come past as I was worrried about them as the lady was clearly upset. SHE KIND OF LOOKED AT ME FUNNY AND SAID: No. Sir. Weve only had 3 people past here since the call..... Three young College Friends all Female. (WHERE HAD THE COUPLE GONE......There was no way out of the Hall!.). STRANGE !!

THE MAN WITH A SIGN WITH A FAMILY NAME ON IT : WAITING : MAN WEARING : A Uniform looks like a Chauffer's Suit. Carring a hat under one arm. Holding a Sign in Both hands with Family Name of HUGHES written on it.MAN IS :Looks to be around 45-50. Tall over 6' . Looks to be Italian or Similar Origin. Stocky . Wears Gold Wedding Ring. Hoop earing in right ear. Dark Suit , white shirt and dark tie. Looks bored like he had been waiting a long time. Has a very weathered face lines and wrinkles. Hard to tell what decade he is from.... Doesnt look to be that old of a Spirit. Has smokes in top pocket and a lighter you can just see the top off (Must have been there before the post 9/11 restrictions). HE JUST LOOKS AT THE GATES : Dosent do much but walk a few steps back and forth looking around for his clients. DIDNT PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO HIM : Until I realsied after watching him for a while , I was waiting again for a friend to get me. When I noticed one/ noone even looked his way or even took any notice of him.two/ No Family turned up and all the planes Had Unloaded! and at Last/ After looking at his direction for a while I noticed I could see the people walking past CLEARLY THROUGH Him!!........ ( I WONDER WHY A DRIVER OF ALL PEOPLE WOULD HAUNT THERE.... IS HE STILL WAITING ON THAT FAMILY? WHY DIDNT THEY TURN UP? OR DID THEY AND HE WASNT THERE BECAUSE OF SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TO HIM ON THE WAY THERE? Who Knows. I feel Kind of Sorry For Him.)