Ghost Stories

Albino Railroad Tracks - Belleville/Mascoutah, IL

Having been raised in a scientific household, I am generally skeptical by nature to anything beyond rational explanation.

Last night on a whim myself and 3 friends decided to drive to a local haunt where cars in neutral with the engine off have a tendency (either by optical illusion or some weird gravitational anomaly - at least that's what I want to believe!) to start rolling on their own accord uphill.

So we positioned ourselves where the story said to do so and the car did move slowly on it's own accord apparently uphill. We did this several times and were boggled but nothing that I would call unbelievable. I have studied physics and I figured the grade in the road and the weight distribution of the car was most likely causing the roll.

We then tried a secondary location based on another witness account with no results whatsoever.

So we left the area laughing at ourselves after another car showed up (probably to do the same thing as it was a dead end road) and decided to drive towards Mascoutah.

While on the way back I suddenly felt a weird urge to stop at a local gas station for something to drink despite the fact I wasn't thirsty. After trying to get further info on the internet via my friend's iPhone (as we believed we might have been in the wrong place), my sister decided to go into the gas station to see if she could get any info from the attendant. He said he had been to the location and had firsthand experienced the unexplained roll uphill that left his car on a now non-existent set of railroad tracks. He told her exactly where to go to experience the phenomenon.

So we drove back out there and went to where the attendant has said to go only to discover where he told us to go ended in a dead end no where near the supposed haunted tracks. We assumed he had his road names mixed up and decided to go back to our original location to give it one more try.

On our way there we ran across a road that was never mentioned in connection to this story, but did cross the supposed haunted tracks. So we decided to just see if anything would happen here. We crossed the tracks in the completely dark neighborhood (not a light on in even one house) and positioned my car facing uphill towards the location of where the tracks used to lay. I put my car in neutral and released my foot from the brake fully expecting the car to start rolling backwards. The car did nothing. It sat there neither rolling backwards (downhill) nor rolling frontwards (uphill) for at least a minute. We started to laugh at our own silliness when the car was literally shoved forward with great strength upwards towards the tracks. Being the skeptic I had been watching forward as well as my rear view mirrors to see if there was any human explanation. I saw no movement whatsoever before the car was shoved and started moving upwards towards the tracks. And one of my friends in the backseat claims she look out the back window the moment the car started moving and saw nothing either.

An overcoming feeling of dread washed over me and I guess I panicked as I quickly started my car and immediately left the location. I am still scared today if you want the truth.

We checked the back of my car for it was dusty and could not see any hand prints or marks that could explain the shove or how the car moved uphill. We even tried rolling my car on level ground and it took a lot of effort to even get a small roll. I have no idea how anyone on their own could move it with such force uphill as it was at least a 10 to 20 percent grade.

Two of my friends did go back (as I flat-out refused) and attempt to have it happen again with no avail. The whole thing is beyond explanation and I am here because I am looking for anyone who might have knowledge or firsthand experience with this haunt.

Thank you in advance for your help.