Ghost Stories

Am I different?

Hello everyone!

First off I would like to say I am new here. And would like to say Hey to everyone... Now with that said,

I have known since the age of six that I was different from the rest of my brothers and sisters. Being the middle child out of five made me the black sheep and for good reason too..

One night I was awaken by my grandfather, who was sitting at the bottom of my bed. I wasn't frightened. because I knew it was him, even though I have never really met him. He died when I was two. He asked me if I knew who he was and I said yeah, you are my granddad. he smiled and said yes. he began to tell me that my dad would get very sick because of his heart and will be in the hospital for a little over a month but will come home. I asked him when, he said in 2 and a half weeks this will happen. But to not worry..
In the morning my father had asked me who I was talking to the night before, I told him and he said if you were talking to my dad, then tell me what he looks like, seeing I wouldn't know.. I said he looks like my uncle and a little like him.. Then he asked if there was anything about him that stood out, and I said yeah, he has a hole in he right cheek.. My father went white and said.. That's my father.. I told him what he had said and sure enough, my father had a heart attack 2 and a half weeks later, and came home a little over a month after that..

Sadly in 1991, 20 years later my father died on the operating table, (quadruple bypass) I was crying alot, You know the saying (Daddy's girl)
One night while I was alone in my house, about 3 week's after my dad funneral. My husband had gone away for the week-end and my daughter was at her grandmothers, I was in bed crying, and I then heard the water running in the downstairs bathroom. thinking my hubby had come back early I rushed downstairs to great him, happy that I was no longer alone in the house. As I turned the corner and said Bud, you're home, but instead of my hubby I saw my dad stand there. I then said, what are you doing here, he just smiled and began to shave his face. It wasn't long until he began to speek. He told me to stop crying that he was o.k. and no longer in pain, and for me not to be afriad of death, it isn't what it appears to be.. The first thing you smell is flowers and then you get a warm sensation.. But he didn't go into it more then that.. I took my husbands tool box and pushed it in front of the door and lit a smoke and sat on the tool box to listen to what he had to say.. Again I wasn't afriad.. I had asked him, why me and not one of the others he said, because he knew I could handle him being here seeing that I saw his father when I was young.. (Made sence to me) It was after he had finishe his shaving that he looked up and said.. I have to go now, he walked over to me and gave me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek and said, remember I love you and will always be here if you need me, and then he dissapeared.. I went up stairs and fell asleep.. The next morning I woke up still feeling his hug and Kiss and felt so much better.. I called my mother and told her about the wonderful dream I had.. And that I feel so much better now.. I then went downstairs and what did I see? You guessed it, the tool box in the same place I had left it with the ashtray with my smoke butt in it.. I couldn't believe it.. I was scared to check the sink and yet I did and sure enough there was beard stubble in it.. A reminder from my dad that he was here.. Still from that day on, whenever I need some advice from my dad, he gives it to me.. But that is a different story..
Thanks for listening..

Brightest Blessings and Gentle Breezes
~ Storms ~