Ghost Stories

An attack by a nature spirit, as requested

I was asked to tell what happens when nature spirits attack. I've been attacked by evil nature spirits several times, but I've chosen to post the most dangerous one. Just once (as far as it can be confirmed) I've been attacked with an intention to kill. The being was a poltergeist (demonic entity, possibly Bell Witch was similar to this).

This is what happened.

Me and my group were investigating, yet again, a possible poltergeist case. It started pretty much as normal investigation, checking the house, photographing, videotaping, hearing the stories, and so on. The sensitives had sensed a 'presence', but none of us could really specify it. Just, 'something'. At that time, we weren't sure if the house had a ghost and a poltergeist, or just one of them.

After we had been told of many events that had happened there, the banging noise began. Since there was a 13 years old girl in the house, we had considered it as RSPK, but of course, we wanted to make sure it wasn't any entity.

So, when tha noises began, we made our best to keeo her calm, keep her from turning what ever bottled up emotions she might have to poltergeist activity, via latent PK abilities.

We had confirmation that it wasn't a case of RSPK when we saw a shadowy figure walking past the window. Sun was still up, and we all saw it pretty easily.

Soon after it had vanished from our sight I felt shivers going down my spine, and air came difficult to breathe. I recall thinking that It was like breathing in water.

When I heard a scream of a girl (the girl who lived in the house), I look up and saw that something was pulling her hair, arching her neck backwards.

I was able to chant one of the banishment spells (only one in the group that day who knew those). The something threw the girl from it, and then I felt like something cold was wrapped around my chest. Then a hand wrapped around my neck and something pushed me against the wall (had been only meter away from it).

I couldn't use (say) my chants, and at that time I barely knew that gems could be used against these creatures. Luckily, even then I wasn't helpless. I am an energy vampire after all, and even though the creature's energy is something I couldn't use, I began taking it, unconsciously at first, and when I realized what I had been doing, I began to do it a lot.

It worked. The hand vanished, and I fell to my knees on the floor, breathing easier. The creature was now weakened, and As soon as I got up, I used another banishment spell (gotta love those).

As far as I know, the entity haven't returned.

Just in case, we were checked up in a health center. The girl was shaken, but uninjured, my team mates had bruises (by what they told me, things had been flying at them). I only had scratches on my knees (from falling on them, rough floor), and bruises on my neck.

It was interesting trying to explain to the doctor who checked me what had happened. So, I didn't tell him it was a _demonic entity_ that had done this, just that _someone_ had grabbed me by neck and held me against a wall strangling, and when he (I used finnish 'han' which is neutral; both he and she are transated to 'han') had let go, I had scraped my knees (wearing skirt) on the floor.

He (doctor) asked if I wanted him to take photos for evidence used against the attacker in an assault case, but I said that there was no need, the one who did it was caught already. I just chose not to clarify, that police hadn't been involved in any part, and he let it be.

I used turtle neck skirts for two weeks to prevent mom seeing the bruises. If she noticed anything unusual, she never said it.

This is so far the worst attack that I've been the receiving party to. Luckily Demonic entities known as Poltergeists are not common, because they are _dangerous_, as I've seen (and felt).

Note, still I'm not afraid of those entities, now that I know I can handle them *grin*.

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