Ghost Stories

Angry Spirit Or Demon?

Ok, this experience happened roughly 12 years ago but it has always been in the back of my mind wondering what type of spirit it could be.. so to all those familiar with this subject, your input would be greatly appreciated.

When I was much younger, everyone in my inner family was living under the same roof. This house we lived in was built in the 40's by a family who carried the same surname as my family but as far as I know we were no relation to this other family. The house was mainly an old farm house tied to a 300 acre farm, I pretty much grew up in that house for the bigger majority of my childhood days. I really do not recall anything happening out of that could be classified as being strange prior to this event but it seemed like little things only happened afterwards.

Late one evening I had been in my room reading a book as my parents and brother had been in the living room watching a movie. As a kid I had always had a habit of leaving my shoes on the foyer instead of taking them to my room, so eventually it was nothing new to hear shoes being thrown near or at my door by my mother.

This particular evening as I lay reading my book minding my own business a loud bang hit my door.. it was louder than usual and I could not really recall leaving my shoes on the foyer that day or anything else. The loud bang was loud enough that you could sense anger behind it and in return I was irritated as I did not see the logic in throwing something at my door that hard. Never the less, I did not get up right away to see what had been thrown at it.

About 10 minutes later I opened my door and seen nothing laying near so I passed through the kitchen to get to the living room.. I noticed the window in the kitchen had been left opened but that was nothing new. When I asked my parents what had been thrown at my door they both said they had not thrown anything and figured I had thrown something against my door. My dad then continued to say that after they had heard the loud angry bang on my door, the cat had jumped off his lap to look into the doorway of the kitchen.. by the way my bedroom was attached to the kitchen. He said that the cat got big eyes, the hair stood up on it's back and it started growling.. pretty much freaked out so they put it outside.

So my question is, was it an evil spirit, demon or regular spirit that may have punched my door with anger?

After this event, a few years later I had been living in a bunk house about 50 feet from the main farm house. My dad worked at nights driving a local route for a trucking company so it was nothing unusual for me to go help him at night and often times my mother did not know if I stayed at the house or left to go help in.

Well, on this particular night I decided to go help him deliver bakery product on his route. When we arrived home the following morning my mother had jumped me with anger asking why I had been knocking on the window more then once through out the night which caused her to get up to see what I may have needed more then once. Eventually she got irritated doing this.

Luckily my dad had been there to confirm I had not been home that night and my mother confirmed it was not my brother playing any games nor was that something he would be doing anyhow. I asked her details about the incident but she is the type that doesn't like to talk about things that can not be explained as she is afraid someone might think she is crazy. She eventually admitted that this knock was not a bush or tree branch hitting the window by a breeze nor was there any close by that could do this, she said the sound was a knocking sound as if a person knocked more then once on this particular window where the sound came from. A few months later it happened again and she pretty much ignored it.. I believe she was scared she would see a spirit.

Now the death history of this old farm goes back to the late 50's when the old man who built the house farmed the place himself. There is something in the ground that attracts lightning so when a storm comes rolling in, you wont find anyone on the place standing outside. The old man had been out irrigating his pastures when lightning struck his shovel and killed him. What I find to be crazy is that 30 years later to the exact date of the first death by lightning, the old mans nephew also go struck by lighting while he was on his horse carrying a shovel over his shoulders.. lightning hit the shovel and killed him.

My dad had spoken to the old mans wife who was then an old woman, and told her some of the strange incidents with the place, I believe the freaked out cat incident was the top subject of it all. The old lady said that the nephew John who was the second one to die from lighting, he was kind of had a mean sense of humor..

I don't recall anything else more happening after the knocking on the window incident happened a few times. But my main purpose of this long story is to find out what type of spirit was it that made a cat freak out that bad as if what ever it was looking was evil and my next question is, could this spirit or demon have came in through the kitchen window uninvited? Thank you