Ghost Stories

Another experience of mine

I'm enjoying telling my experiences to people who do not insist I seek medical attention, lol! So here's another bit of my experiences.

In the last topic, I told everyone about the little spirit boy who liked to run in hallways and play in my child's room. He was later chased off by the spirits of the next house we moved into after the home I found him in was damaged heavily by hurricanes.

This new house was older than the first and gave us all some creepy vibes when we checked it out. but it had cathedral ceilings, a fireplace, hardwood floors, and large, oversized rooms, so NO ghost was chasing me out of it!! Besides, we were technically homeless after our house was damaged, and this place was accepting renters.

Anyway, the first night in, the kids and my boyfriend at the time slept on sleeping bags in the living room since most of my stuff had not been brought in yet. My youngest son had just turned 3 and never had seemed influenced by spirits before (and there were many coming and going all the time). I had to work that night since my job with Verizon was most palatable when my callers were all drunk people at 3 AM, lol, so I was not there to sleep that night. Well, the next morning, I headed home.

My boyfriend of the time who had so graciously helped me out looked quite exhausted. I asked him what was wrong, and this is what he said, "The cabinets kept opening and slamming, footsteps were echoing through this house, JonJon had a hard time sleeping and kept saying he saw a ghost in the hallway by the bathroom so I had to reposition all the sleeping bags to where the hallway was not visible, and I just didn't sleep much at all. Didn't you sense any spirits here before taking it? You usually do"

"Why, yes, Jack, I did. But this house is gorgeous and nothing seems evil or anything. The ghosts are gonna be where ever I am, so it doesn't matter."

Case closed... sorta.

That day, he and another friend of mine began moving the furniture into my house. I stayed home cleaning and putting things away, and as I swept the master bedroom, I decided to have a talk with the resident phantoms. I introduced myself just like if I were at an AA meeting, lol. "Hi, my name is LeeAnn, and I'm an empath" "Hi, LeeAnn" LOL. Anyway, I asked them not to scare my children and ensured them I would not be redecorating the house or tearing things down, and if they could show a mutual respect for us, then all would be grand.

So in the end, they showed a respect for me and the kids, however, they did not have the same courtesy for my guests.

My sister and her friend stayed at my house shortly after I moved in so she could watch the kids while I worked, and her friend left her there in the middle of the night. She claimed a man was standing over the bed and staring at her causing her to experience paralysis until he faded away. They also heard the footsteps in the hallway and discovered the kids were all asleep. The front door opened up several times even though it was locked and bolted. And the kitchen cabinets would open, the lights would come on, and my can goods got rearranged before the cabinets slammed closed. My sister was basically unaffected seeing as how she grew up in the same haunted house I did.

Anyway, another night, my sister stayed over to watch the kids again, and this time her boyfriend came with her. I met them at the door on the front porch as she was telling him the place was haunted, and he just laughed and said, "I don't believe in ghosts" as he stepped inside. we just gave each other a look since we both felt that was not the wisest thing to say.

That night, he screamed in his sleep, had the sensation someone was working his left arm for him, and the covers were continually ripped off of him. The next morning, he calmly stated, "Yeah, so ghosts are real. What the hell, man??"

Other incidents to take place include windows opening a few inches, then later appearing to be painted shut and very difficult to close. A babysitter who was continually awakened by the cabinets and running in the hallway accompanied by giggles. And an added on room which no one would walk into. Several times after my current husband and I were married, we would leave the house and lock up (one checking behind the other) only to come home and find the front door wide open. He would sit up excited at night and listen for the cabinets and running like some excited school boy on Christmas.

I didn't feel anything malicious in the house, but there WAS an entity which certainly could not be accused of being friendly. I think "he" was the one who would scream in ears as you fall asleep or prohibit doors from opening even when they were unlocked no matter how hard you tugged. He would be the ghostie most would sense, too, and I could swear I felt him laughing after his pranks.

Anyway, there is more to the story, but for now I have a hungry little one who needs my attention. Thanks for letting me share an encounter or two :)