Ghost Stories

Apartments, Ghosts, and Cats...

Is it just me, or do ghosts seem to enjoy apartment living? It seems like apartments have been the major venue for my otherworldly adventures. Don't get me wrong, I have a ghost in the house I live in now. His name is Floyd, and other than scaring the crap outta my four year old nephew every now and again, he is perfectly harmless. In fact, most times I forget Floyd is around. He does enjoy flushing the toilet when I am the only one home, but I've been so used to living with him and other "non-breathing" room mates for so long, that I generally tune it out.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand; apartment ghosts and cats. I have a very good friend who I have room mated with several times, and one or the other of us, and usually both have owned cats at any given time. The last time that we lived together was in an apartment in McDonough, Ga, which is about 30 miles south of Atlanta. It was a very nice three bedroom affair, which cost us a nice sum of money monthly. Anyway, also onhand, but not paying any rent, were three freeloaders we called our pets. Bullpen, the tortiose shell sweet little girl, Mettie, the crazy orange middle brother, and Aramis, the king.

Now Bullpen was oblivious to most things except for the hermit crab, her food dish, and torturing the boy cats. Mettie and Aramis were much older, and wiser felines, and they didn't miss much. One day I was setting on the commode taking care of business and Mettie started pawing the cabinet door under the sink. Anyone with cats or kids knows you dont ever get to go potty by yourself, and this day was no different. It was making him crazy! He really wanted into that cabinet door. It was amusing me to watch him, and he was becoming extremely frustrated. Pretty soon, Aramis came to investigate and see what was going on with his pal. Then they BOTH wanted into the cabinet. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and I reached over and opened the door. Both cats went dead still. Four little eyes got big as saucers and they stood frozen in their tracks. I bent around to see what they were looking at, and of course, silly me, I'm only human, I couldn't see what the big fuss was. Suddenly, as of one mind, two furry bodies got big as all outdoors, two sets of vocal chords let out loud and angry disapproval of the contents of the cabinet, and eight little feet became rockets out of the bathroom. After that day, I couldnt entice either of the big skeerdy kats (pardon the pun) into the bathroom even for their favorite treat! Apparently, something lives under that sink, and they weren't having any truck with it.

It kind of made me gun shy to open that cabinet myself, because these guys are pro's with the whole ghost thing, since my friend has a resident ghost that moves with her wherever she goes. It wasn't like them to freak over nothing.

About a month after the initial "bad guy under the cabinet" incident, I was sleeping in my room right across the hall from the bathroom in question. It was late afternoon, and I had worked a long shift and had come home and fallen asleep. The door to the room was closed, and the only things alive in the room were myself, and Mettie who was curled up on my back (don't ask!). Suddenly, the bed started shaking violently, as though someone had their foot on the end of it, bouncing it to wake me up. Metty shot up my spine, over my head, and under my pillow, whining pittifully once he got there. I sat up, and looked around, and there was nothing there. I knew I had been "Ghosted" but I also knew it wasn't my friend's ghost because it didn't feel like George.. it just felt strange.. and uncomfortable. Finally, I just said aloud, "Hey, I dont like that much,and I'm tryin to sleep. I had a long day. Please leave me alone." Then whatever it was sighed audibly and I felt it's energy drain away. As soon as it was gone, Mettie came out from under the pillow, slunk down my side and settled back down on the bed to continue his nap. "Good Idea, Dude" I said to my fuzzy pal, and I laid back down. After that, I didn't have any more problems, but Mettie and Aramis still refused to go into that bathroom.

I guess this is a lengthy post, so I'll break it up because I have a few more cat/apartment/ghost stories I dont mind sharing...