Ghost Stories

Apartments, Ghosts, and Cats...In the Beginning

When I first moved out of my parental home, I moved in with Lee, another friend, Stacey, and Lee's ghost, George, in a tiny two bedroom apartment in Robinson, Texas. We were just out of high school, and very poor. Lee and I worked at Burger King, while Stace had a job with a company that comes in and inventories stores. None of us made a whole lot of dough, and we didn't even own a television at that point. For entertainment, we read alot, and made up stories and told them to each other. This the apartment we lived in when Warlock came to us. One day, we came home from work, and weirily climbed the bazillion stairs to our landing. As soon as Lee unlocked the door and opened it, this midsized black cat comes barreling through and takes up residence in our home. We all tried to get rid of him, to no avail. He kept coming back. It was obvious that he was full grown, and in good shape, so we were sure that he belonged to somebody in the complex, but no one we talked to seemed to know anything about him, so he stayed. We tried out a couple of names, but didn't like them much. After a while, Lee said something to the effect of "We should call him Warlock, because he is so dark and powerful". As soon as she said "Warlock", he came over and started winding around her ankles and purring. It was the only thing he had responded to at all, so Warlock was his name.

Well, Warlock was a cool cat. He chose us, not the other way around, so I guess he figured he could make the rules. He came and went as he pleased, and he had the run of things. The thing about Warlock was that he was a great gage for the unexplained and whatnot. Know how sometimes, you can just walk out the door, and the very air just feels weird. Like there's just something wrong in the world somewhere and you can just feel it? Lemme tell you that Warlock was a dang "things dont feel right" alarm! He wasn't fond of George, and you always knew if George was around because Warlock'd want outside immediately, for no reason. But methinks that there were other spirits afoot in that apartment, and the cat thought it too. He would wake up out of a dead sleep, get spastic, and run like his tail was on fire, then something would happen that we couldn't explain. Weird lights, or being touched by unseen hands, or cold spots. Anything you can imagine really. It was kinda cool to have a "Spirit Thermometer" like Warlock around. He was also good at predicting bad things outside our house. For outside stuff, he didn't get spastic, just fluffy. Every hair would stand up and his tail would be bone stiff. And whoever was about to recieve bad news, he would just stare at. It was pretty strange. He was a cool kitty.

One time, Warlock went spastic when Lee had a male friend sleeping over. It's still funny to this day when I think back on it. Lee's boyfriend at the time, *Tommy*, came over for dinner and wound up staying the night with us. (This ment that I had the couch for the night) After dinner, we were setting there playing Monopoly, and the cat freaked out. Lee and I looked at eachother and kind of smirked. Tommy didn't believe in George, or ghosts or the supernatural, etc.. so we didn't bother to inform him of what this spastic attack ment. We waited and waited and nothing happened. Well, hey... the cat is allowed to just be a dumb cat sometimes, right? So, Lee and Tom go to bed, and I stretched out on the couch and started reading my book. Three chapters later, I hear this awful nasty giggle, then I hear this shrieking. It seriously sounded like a three year old girl was in the bedroom screaming. Off the couch I came, dashed down the hall, and into the room. Tommy is standing in the middle of the bed, butt nekkid, crying and screaming like a child, and pointing at the wall. I looked at Lee and she looked at me and we both sighed and pulled him down. It took us a while, but we finally got the story out of Tommy.

Apparently, just as he was dozing off, Tommy felt a hand tickling him. He assumed it was Lee and he mumbled something about leaving him alone because he was tired. Then he heard some giggling, and when he opened his eyes, what appeared before him was a hand coming from between the wall and the bed tickling him. His sleep fogged brain told him it was Lee. Again he told her to leave him alone, and again he heard the giggling. At that point, he realized that the hand could not possibly have belonged to her, because that meant she would have to be under the bed and a, he could feel her against him, and b, the bed was sitting on the floor.. no room to get under it. As this dawned on him, the giggling got loud and evil, at which point he freaked out. Lee and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We both assume that it was George playing a joke on Tommy. He didn't think it was too damned funny, but I will never forget him standing on that bed, bare as the day he was born, screaming like a child. We finally knew what Warlock saw coming.

I know this has been another long post. I will quit boring ya'll now. Oh.. and Tommy was in asterisks the first time because I changed his name to protect his manly

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