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Astal Projection??

Hmm so I haven't been on here for a few months. Nothing particulary "exciting" has happened to me when awake. I am kinda confused as to what is going on. I am a firm believer in the paranormal I've experinced many things; whispers in my ears, shadows, taps, pressure on me whilest I sleep. NEVER seen anything yet I find it quite naieve to belive the paranormal does not exist. Although I am the type of person who HAS to have every logical reason as to what certain occurences are to actuall believe for certain it is paranormal. I don;t want to be that gullibal person who falls for everything. So right now Im kinda in state as to what is ACTUALLY going on. Ur advice will be much appreciated. I am having 2 types of occurences happening to me that I dont quite understand.

The first type is I am having weird things happen to me as I am just barely drifting off to sleep, u kno the first stage of sleep when u wake from it u think to ur self "Oh dang was I just asleep" ur not awake but ur not quuite asleep either u kinda still have a sense of ur surroundings... Well Latly I will hear strange things that wake me from this stage like shreeking!! Ill be awoken by it but so confused thinking did my brain make it up or did that noise really happen and I picked up on it. Well 2 weeks ago. I had just gotten off of work it was 5ish stil daylight out and I was really tired so I layed down for a nap. The sunlight was pouring in... I had fallen to a deep sleep then awoke and looked around then closed my eyes I was just barely fallin back asleep, I could still sorta see throught half shut eyes the sunlit window to the right then the door to the left. Then it felt as if someone was laying next to me on my right. I then felt pressure on top of me my eyes now fully closed. I felt pressure on my lips then my eye. It was as if it was thick heavy gas or fog on my face becuase it seemed to blend through me. there was pressure all over then I was feeling as i was being gently kissed but that thye were slightly blending with me to where I was starting to get smothered and couldnt breath by the heavy fog. I then gasped for air in a shreeking way and shot straight up and was awake. I am kinda puzzeled by this. Was it my imagination? OR was i truley experincing this?

Alright Now my second occurence. I believe this might have something to do with astral projection, not sure. Well I was again taking a nap and having a strange dream ( or was it? ) In the "dream" I was laying in the same bed sleeping when I felt being pulled up. I was forcfully being pulled up into a sitting position when I looked back and saw myself sleeping!!! My astral bodys legs were still in place but it was if I was right in the middle of decending from my physical body. Again I felt being pulled and I was now tryin to pull back tuggin back and forth when I finaly won and laid back down. I then woke. Realzing I was layin in the EXACT same postion in the "dream". Was this astral projection? Was i dyin and my sole being taken? I thought astral projection had to be done intentionaly and I am way to scared to try sumthin like it. And why was i tugging? or was it just a dream but it had a different feel than my other dreams do, I felt airy and a lil foggy like a dream but quite aware of what was going on. But not like a lucid dream. I have many of those and this was quite a different feel. My dad has mentioned to me before of it happening to him but I dont think he knew what it was. He said he was 14 and alone my him self during the day he said he wanted some quiet peacful time so he had all the lights off and made sure he was all alone and no noise.
He said he sat on his bed meditating for abolut an hour then said he had an eperience of being a bird flyin over his backyard and the neighborhood, I dont remember what he said about how it all ended but he said he told his mom ( my grandmom ) about it and she freaked out and siad dont u ever do that again. So Is that astral projection can u turn into sumthin else or are u just ur same self? Weird... So give me ur thoughts as this is quite confusing for me!! Thank You!