Ghost Stories

Auditorium -TRUE-

My friend and I were painting something for our final project in Stage Craft, the bell rang and startled me I fell forwards and hit wet paint I smeared it all over my hoodie and skirt. I swore and threw the paint brush down just as my boyfriend walked by he hugged me from behind throwing his weight and height onto my back, he out weighs me by nearly 30 pounds and he's nearly 9 inches taller than me all of this combined with the unexpectedness of it sent me stumbling forward my ankle length skirt hit more wet paint and got onto my shoes.

He laughed as my friend dropped her brush and scrambled over to see if she could help me she ended up making the splotches on my hoodie worse. I sighed gave my boyfriend a playful tittie twister before darting off to the bathroom and try to wash the stains off my hoodie, I succeeded in making it worse and finally gave up. I went and told my teacher who panicked and started worrying it would permanently stain 'my nice clothes' she gave me the key to the auditorium and told me to go to 'the cage' and get some stain remover.

I took the keys and let myself in through the side exit I made sure the door was locked on the outside and made my way through the dark hallway [I have a picture I drew so you can really visualize this] that lead onto the stage I paused at the door and frowned...I had been in there not even an hour ago and I had left the door open in case other students came in so they could see. I shrugged maybe L*** had shut the door when she ran through a few minutes ago when she was getting props for her presentation.

I entered the empty auditorium and walked onto the stage it was so quiet in there you could have heard your own heart beat echoing off the walls, every footstep I took echoed loudly like a drum making me more and more unnerved [I hate silence] this silence in particular I hated it didn't seem normal or natural at all...I opened the 'the cage' and walked in ['The Cage' is a area we keep tools, paints, and props to keep thieves from walking off with them, it's covered by a large chain link cage and shut tightly with locks].

The silence seemed to increase as I walked into the tool cage the old settings from past productions killed the echo. I knew my way around both cages the tool cage in particular I clean it up after every production and put things back in place so I had no trouble at all finding the stain remover. I dropped my jacket onto the floor and set to work spraying and rubbing the foam in.


I jumped and dropped the stain remover it sounded like someone was walking into the auditorium through the exit I had used. Impossible...since I had locked it...

I heard a sigh and my skin crawled I stood up debating wither or not I should close the cage and lock it or go out and investigate the noise, if anyone was in there with me they were obviously up to no good...I held the only keys to the auditorium besides the band teacher [who would have come through the 3rd exit] and the principal. I heard footsteps they echoed through the auditorium I stepped out of the cage but kept my hand on the door so I could step back and slam it if someone tried to attack me. I heard a shuffle as someone came to a sudden stop.

"Hello?" I rasped cursing my sinus infection my voice was so low it didn't even echo. "Did Mrs. C send you?"


Stupidity took over and I walked towards the other cage I looked around the corner just in time to see a shadow dart into the hallway I heard a loud BANG like a door was being slammed shut-the problem with this was all the exits in that area [there were two] had a light source so if they had been opened the light would have shined through the hall. I stepped into the hall it was totally dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, being a teenager I didn't think about Rape or Kidnapping I just wanted to get to the bottom of this I jumped the steps and ran to the door leading outside that I had locked and threw it open the hallway outside as well as the area around it was empty and there were no places to hide.

I slammed the door and darted back to the auditorium I didn't waste anytime grabbing my stuff and locking the cage up I ran out through the 3rd exit I didn't even make sure I'd grabbed my teacher's keys I was so scared!

Thankfully though I had, I handed them back to her pale faced and told her I was never going in there alone again...since I'm already pale she didn't think to ask me any questions I doubt she noticed the diffrence between paleness and my natural skin tone...ah well, I didn't feel like explaining it to a non-believer anyway. :)