Ghost Stories

Back and w/ a Story!

Alright, some of you MAY remember me as Alexandra1589. Yes I'm the little punk :) Lol, jp. I sure do have a way of popping in and out! Woo.. go me. :) I feel like a jack in the box. :P First you see me... then you don't! Ha! Yeeeeeeah... alright. Sorry, enough about that. I'm turning 16 this August so I have my head collected and I wouldn't be able to blame this on my immature state of mind even if my life depended on it. So... here you go! This happened last night at around.... 10:35 or so.

I got off the computer and I walked in the room with my robe on, felt extremely cold so I turned the fan off. I was sitting on the bed getting dressed into my pjs for the night and suddenly I was plunged into darkness. This NEVER happened to me before so I freaked but then thought that I sat on it. I reached under me to find it but it wasn't there. I seen the glowing button -- it's a neon green that glows. So, I press it... and my moms remote to turn it on/off was about a foot away from me-- and there was NO way that the lights should have went out. So... I ran out of the room... My mom convinced me that it was just an electric discharge and what not [Since there was a storm....] So I went upstairs again and finished getting dressed. I went downstairs once more to take the dog out. I went back inside, got myself some sprite, and I was going up the stairs but stopped to pick up my chubby cat, Mickey. I heard 3 foot steps in the distant but I thought it was my sister in her room. I walked a bit more up and seen her light was shut off. I said what ever, she must have just fallen asleep. I heard another foot step so I was edgy then. They were really low but I have excellent hearing if I'm just casually walking around or trying to hear something. So, anyways, I layed down on the bed. I had my dog on the bed and my cat next to him. I leaned over to get the drink which was on the night stand. One of the drawers were open... and I didn't think anything of it. Now. The knobs are one that you pull. It's like a latch. Heavy brass metal that isn't easily moved up or down. Well, I looked down and the brass latch moved up half way, then slammed down while I was staring STRAIGHT at the thing. I was frozen for about 3 seconds as my mind was trying to contemplate what had just happened. After 3 seconds ALL of my nerves started screaming bloody murder at me. I was soooooo scared.... My god. I ran -- literally -- out of the room -- and I rushed down stairs. By then I was HYSTERICAL. Lights turning off, footsteps, and now the metal brass lifting and slamming down by itself..... No. I'm sorry. But that got to me big time. I was standing in back of my mom, with my hands over my mouth and I just started crying from fear. It was waaaaaaaay to much for everything happening and all of that under 15 minutes. So, I told my mom through crying and what ever what happened. She couldn't understand so I had to calm myself down and told her. My sister came downstairs and was FREAKED out. She heard everything I heard so of course she wasn't going to go upstairs by herself. I'm shaking, chills, everything. I'm reciting everything to them... it's I know I sound crazy and everything but I could actually FEEL it waiting upstairs. Everything resides in the upstairs area. Everything from the hallway and my moms bedroom which is where I've been sleeping since we've been working on my bedroom. My god... That had to be the SCARIEST night EVER... :(

I know it can't hurt me but the knowledge of it being there with me... and then having enough ENERGY to move the heavy metal... that doesn't mix well with me. I just don't have the stomach enough to sit back and let things happen and still be ladededada about it. Either way. I usually don't cry infront of people so.... LoL.... It was like a SHOCK that I even did which follows up to showing how frightened I was. It wasn't a nice ghost... I know that for a fact. He was frustrated with me for not listening to him and the only other way he knew was to scare the heck outta me. :/ Great... Need my help? Take a number but try and get my attention in a much.... simpler way? =X Lol... anyways... Ciao, :)