Ghost Stories

Banshee calls again!

These are additional episodes where a wailing entity announced a death.

When my nephew was 5 1/2 He was preoccupied with death since one of his Grand fathers had recently passed away. He was asking alot of questions, like does it hurt and what happens, where do you go? Well I passed it off as curiosity and found he was asking others. 2 months had passed and I found him drawing pictures of himself with a circle on his head. I asked him what it was and he said a hole, I also found him out side staring at a hole that he had dug out side, he didn't have an answer as to why I figured that he was thinking about his Grand father!

A few days passed and my brother T.J. and his fiance were going to visit my parents. They said that when they arrived there it was windy but they hadn't noticed any wind anywhere else. they parked in the back alittle aways from the house where the Garage was.

They said that when they exited the car that a whirling wind hit them and that a sound that made their hair standup all over was swirling around them with the wind and progressively getting louder. They looked at each other with fear and decided to run to the house, the sound moved with them and was all around them. TJ said you could almost reach out and touch it but there was nothing visible. When they made it to the back door and up the steps they found the door locked and began banging on it! The sound was deafening and froze you to the bones!!

My Mom and Dad came to the door to see what the ruccus was all about, they opened the door to see two frightened people rushing to get in the door. My parents heard nothing. They told them what had happened, they tried to explain it but couldn't. My parents were more concerned because they suspected someone was going to pass on.

Two days later my nephew was at my moms and had been complaining of a headache which had started the night before she gave him some Tylenol and he went out to play with in a few minutes he came in screaming that his head hurt and his feet felt big my mom grabbed him and he started to convulse, She screamed for help and a lady walking by came in and called Paramedics. My nephew had an anuerysm burst they gave him surgery and he lingered for two days but he finally passed away. Afterward everything came together while we were all together and talking. The questions, the pictures and the whole he dug, but most frightening was the story my brother and parents shared of the wailing wind.

The other was many years later on a cool summer night, I was in school and getting things ready for the next day. I was listening to music on my stereo and my broter TJ was in my room talking. I had all the windows open because it was so nice.

We heard the dogs on the other block barking and a weird sound but over the music it didn't sound like much. So we continued to talk but we stopped when our own dog began barking, so I lowered the Stereo to yell at the dog when I heard the wailing! Itwas getting louder and closer till it was almost outside the my windows! We had been paralyzed with fear when I yelled to my brother and we ran to my mom.

She was in the Bathroom listening to it as well. She had hoped we hadn't heard it but we had and were terrified. i asked if she thought it was the banshee and she said yes1 We slept in my parents room that night. The next day we found out that a cousin of ours had died of a heart attack that night!