Ghost Stories

Barking Dogs and Strange happenings.....

Okay this story begins about six years ago, I was livng in a 3 bedroom home that wasnt very well insulated and the windows were so old encassment windows I believe they were called.

We had several nieghbors complain of peepers in the nieghborhood but no one could figure out who was doing the peeping. I met my neighbor some years before that but never really engaged in conversation other than hi/bye. She walked over to my car window as I was leaving for my night shift and asked if she could tell me something. Of course I didnt mind the conversation. She had informed me of a man who she had seen peeking in her front room window.

She said her husband worked nights and it never really bothered her until then. She had a child that was a year old and was pregnant with her second child. She said she was sleeping on the couch and something caused her wake abruptley to being startled by a man's face locking eyes with her. She jumped up and grabbed the phone and called 911, but the man ran off.

I told her i would keep an eye on things, and that i mostly worked thirds but that my husband was home. I told her if she was ever in any fear or seen someone to come knock on my door for my hubby. She said she appreciated it and walked back to her house.

Well one evening I had switched up my shift from 11-7 to 3-11 and hubby worked the 11-7 shift. I didnt mind, I thought how nice it would be to have the bed all to myself. besides I ahd a big yellow lab to protect my home. I ahd just walked in the front door to meet and kiss my hubby goodbye for his shift. I changed clothes, grabbed a bite to eat and called up my cousin.

This time of year was in the fall and my house had a nice fireplace. I gathered up the wood from the attached garage and got a good blaze going. I chit chatted with my cousin about the latest family gossip, and talks of religion. Our deep concentration was interupted by the loud barks from Kayla ( my dog), which initially caused me to jump out of skin. I mean all was quiet you couldnt hear anything but the crackling of the fireplace and talks of the Book Of Revelations ( that is enough to scare anyone) them Barrrrarrrrarrak. Hell yes I jumped.

So I got up from the couch turning the front porch light on and checking for a varmet in the trash like usual. But I didnt see a thing. The dog begun to settle down as I did back to my prior position on the couch. The conversation changed ot local news. We were discussing current events as the next set of growls and barking occured, at this point I becam aggrivated by my dog's action afraid she would wake my girls.

I got up once again turned on the outside light and had a gander, nothing. So I scolded the dog and told her to go lay down. Bad move doggy was trying to protect me. She inched closer to the kitchen barking like a rabbid beast, I began to get quite nervous. I walked to the kitchen and slowly reached for the back porch light which was located right above the doorknob to the right on the wall. As I reached for the light switch I heard glass shatter from the back door window, all the while with my cousin on the phone talking away about something ( I couldnt tell ya I wasnt paying attention by this time). So i said hang on to her as she is asking what was that, what's going on. I clicked the phone over and dialed 911 on three way. I explained to them what has transpired and they were on their way.

Why is that in a situation where you are scared out of your wits thinking some machette welding madman is going to pop through your door and slash you to pieces, do the poilce take their sweet ass time? The minutes seemed liek hours until I saw flashlights going back and forth around my back yard which sat about 300 feet away from the railroad tracks.

The police talked to me and said they didnt see anyone but helped me secure the broken back door. They explained that with the fall weather and winter liek breezes that the door could have blown open and busted that way. I guess that was apossibility, and it sure hepled me to calm down.

So after all the dramatics it was about 2:00am when I finally got to settle down on the couch for some shut eye. Nice peace and quiet witha few howls of the fall wind and the crackles of embers drifting up the chimney. I was snuggled upa nd warm, the dog on the couch at me feet. I was dozing off to dream land when WHAMMMMMMMM!!!!

A huge bang and lots of clatter coming form the living room window, I wanted ot look but my body froze there on the couch in fear of what I would see if I opened my eyes. My dog was whimpering with fear as bad as I. I managed to get up enough courage to open my eyes, okay I got that far and froze again. I mustered up a little superhero tactics and stretched my head to the right of the room to see my miniblinds lying in the floor and my storm window on top of those.

What was out there, who was trying to kill me. All these things were running thorugh my head like the freeway in rush hour traffic, I began to move from superhero Streth Armstrong and into military survival mode. Belly crawling through the jugles of Nam waiting for the enemy or an ambush. I got the edge of the window sill and sat there, my greates fear was about to come true. I was afraid that I would get on my knees and inch up to have a peek and meet the night stalkers eyes. What would I do, could I scream, would he make it through my living room window to have his way with me. OH GOD help me, please watch over me I thought.

I gathered my bearings and edged closer to the tip of the window sill, I tried to get higher but I coudlnt get from the crouching to the sitting position. My body wouldnt let me. About ten minutes of sitting in the crouched position and a many a leg cramp later, I did it I jumped up waiting to face my doom. NOTHING!!!! No Leatherface, no Boston Strangler, Jason would not be my death tonight.

I got up with the rest of the strentgh I ahd and picked up the window put it back, and replaced the blinds. I flipped on a few lights and called the hubby. I acted like a little kid afraid of the dark and said "Honey tell them you have an emergency and come home." He said "Why?" I said in my best little girl voice " I am scared."

Hubby never worked another 3rd shift.