Ghost Stories

Be careful what you ask for...

Hi, this is my first post and I hope it is not to long. I hope that you all enjoy reading my experience as much as I have enjoyed reading yours. I truly hope it is not too long, and that you stick with me till the end. I believe a good read is one that lets you know enough of what happened to bring you into the moment with the person who experienced the real event. This absolutely happened to me.

When I was 15 yrs old I was "going steady" with a boy from school named Brad. I really wasn't as into him at first as he was me, but as time went on and we hung out more I grew very fond of him. It was the most innocent of relationships.

It was a rainy bleak day as I was coming home from a piano lesson when driving over a normally small creek I became very agitated and sick. I couldn't explain it. Something about the swollen creek with its rushing waters made me cringe.

I came home and the rest of the evening was as usual and everyone but me was asleep. I was downstairs watching TV when the phone rang. It was a mutual friend of mine and my boyfriends. She said three words. Brad is dead. I dropped the phone and sprinted up the stairs out of the basement and out the back door. I ran into the back yard and dropped to my knees, throwing my head back and screaming at the stars.

I soon came back in remembering the friend on the phone, picking it up I realized she was calling my name over and over. I said "Yeah, I am here" calmer than I felt. I think I was in shock.

Brad had found the creeks swollen that afternoon and had decided to go rafting with his older brother Greg (who had leukemia but had gone into remission the year before thanks to a bone marrow transplant from Brad) and a friend. They set off and shortly after Brad fell overboard. He went under immediately, but soon resurfaced. Greg was able to grab his hand, but wasn't strong enough to hold on to him. He went back under and was pulled by the current down until he was pulled between two large rocks and his chest crushed. Greg never forgave himself for not being able to return his brothers favor and save Brad's life. My sister later told me Brad had called for me that day while I was out. He wanted me to come rafting.

I was not allowed to go to the funeral. My Mother didn't allow me. Looking back in hind sight, I believe she knew I was very distressed, and felt the funeral would be too much to take. I was fuming mad. I wanted to go. I also was at a place in my religious life that I had never been in before. I had always known and believed in God. But now I was bitter and angry at him. I couldn't understand why he would let something like this happen to such a good person. I prayed and cried most of the night that night of the funeral in my room. I remember as I prayed and talked to God, I became more excepting of everything, and began to come to some kind of peace. I ask God that if he was alright, to let me see him one more time to know. Through my closed eyelids, I began to see the room brighten. I opened my eyes and right before me was a tall glowing figure of bright blinding white light. I couldn't see any details, just bright glowing solid figure of light. One thing stood out though, from the waist down the figure was a bright red. I knew instantly it was Brad. I was terrified. I know you think you will be calm if this happens to you and you really want to be, but for me that was not possible. I sat straight up and screamed. My Mother came charging in the room, but I noticed she had to move a box fan I had sitting in my doorway. When I screamed, he was gone.

The next day, the same friend that had called that day to tell me what happened called again. She had been at the funeral, and knew I hadn't come. She was checking on me. I told her everything. I then accused her of not believing me, as my Mother hadn't. She did believe me. She told me when his body washed up in a backyard after the drowning he was only wearing one thing. Bright red shorts.

My Grandmother is gifted and very special. She always told me to be careful what I pray for and make sure I really wanted it, because one way or another I would get it. Oh how true.

Thanks for listening. This is only one of many things that have happened to me, and some even center around this individual. I will write more later.