Ghost Stories

Beautiful ghost story (sad but sweet)

Yesterday evening I was on an investigation in an older manor near the city of Vaasa. We we're asked to investigate strange occurences of the said mansion. Among these were:

- scent of roses (and few other flowers such as irises and moonflowers) when no flowers or anything (perfume for instance) containing those scents was/were near

- a female voice singing when radio was off, and there were no women in the building that time

- wet spots appearing apparently from nowhere around the house (mainly in one of the bedrooms, but also in the living room and certain places (mainly near a statue of two lovers) in the garden outside.

- apparition of a young man had been spotted near the statue, as well as in various rooms, and the staircase.

- occasionally lilies of the valley have been found from one ot he bedrooms, even in winter. The flowers were real, and lived from week to three weeks.

- still unidentified white small bird has been spotted every year at same date (we were there the right day, on purpose, and saw the bird: pure white, but smaller than dove - when we were checking the garden, the bird was sitting on the statue I mentioned earlier. we tried to photograph it, but it flew away. camera recorder was on, but it only caught a white something flying away)

Our investigation brought following results:
- Higher than normal EMF readings
- Photograph of two possible orbs near the statue (our photo expert hasn't confirmed any possible cause of two spheres in that statue; I'll try to get to post you the pic)
- identification of entities (ghosts, in this case) causing the phenomenon, via a story we were told by the owner, but also via a diary of one of the involved (the woman)
- sightning of the apparition that had been seen before
- 150-year old mysterious dissapearance was solved (police is looking into it, but only to confirm the identity of the remains we found, so that they can be laid to rest)

I'll start by telling you the story of the statue as we heard it from the current owner:

The statue of two lovers (real human sized) was made from white(ish) granite, almost 250 years ago, and the one who had had it made had wanted it to show that he loved her young wife (who had been sickly all her life). The statue presents two people in an embrace, a longhaired woman, and short haired man, both dressed in capes (the two's capes meet and overlap each other, so we have no way of knowing what kind of clothes the two would be wearing). It's said that their faces resemble a lot of the man who has it made, and his wife (by the paintings I saw, this seems true).

That story has a sad ending, for only year later she fell ill, and died. It's said that in that day, the white bird was seen for the first time. According to what I call legend (the owner called it oral tradition, possibly true, possibly not; no written accounts remain) the man promised to love her for all eternity, and they would meet again.

The man himself died by his own hand (drowned himself to a pond, according to the current owner his body was found and buried in the garden; true enough, there is a grave marker, in bad condtion, all inscriptions seemed to be gone by erosion; also according to the current owner, some decades back the body (or rather what was left of it) was transferred to the local cemetary to have a proper burial place).

Ever since that the owners have apparently told that the woman of the statue had been sighted weeping. However, the current owner told us, that he hadn't seen anything, nor heard of anyone recently seeing them. Also, when we went to check the statue, nothing like that happened.

However, what we heard (and read) next is the reason I decided to post this. A story that dates back 150 years.

The couple (and their servants) who lived in the mansion 150+ years ago were typical of the time. Both born in Sweden, in noble families, and decided to move to the area of then Russia that would later be known as Finland. (Don't ask me how they were able to move from Sweden to Russia, this was what I was told. Most likely it was okay, since they would pay taxes to Russian general governor (or something like that) or the Russian Czar; another possibility is that they inherited the mansion).

They had only one child who was born in Umea, Sweden. She was only three whe they moved. She had a teacher to teach her how to be a proper 'lady' (etiquette, literature, languages, at least). So, she grew up, and was engaged to marry when she was 17. Of course her husband-to-be, was a son of another noble family, and she hadn't chosen him. Her parents had.

Before the wedding the husband-to-be kept visiting her home, trying to win over her love. He had fell in love with the beautiful girl the moment he saw her (and had asked his parents to arrange the marriage). He still didn't want to marry her if she wouldn't return his feelings.

So, he sent her flowers, having them delivered to her room when she was elsewhere, and at times brought her lilies of the valley, which he had picked up himself.

She accepted all presents, but was sure that even though it was sweet of him, she could never love him the way he loved her. She told this to him one night. Still he continued sending and bringing her flowers.

Then, about year after the betrothal, she fell ill. Disease remained a mystery, but she was weak and tired all the time, and her parents refused to let her outside. Even still, the man was trying to win over her love, finally succeeding when he brought her a medicine that was supposed to heal anything.

Apparently it did work, and he came every day. Eventually she fell in love with him, as she had written in her diary. Apparently the medicine (whatever it was; according to her diary it had been thick and had had a terrible taste and smell) had been something that wouldn't be easy or cheap to obtain (she had written in swedish, and she used a word none of us could read that well). This had impressed her, and she eventually had began to see that he could be a good husband.

Also, before the date the wedding was planned to be held, there was an ball, and all nobles who lived within area known as Osterbotten (Osthrobothnia, Pohjanmaa) attended. In there they danced the first time toghether, and she learned a song.

This song was the one (in swedish) she sung each day he couldn't visit her. Also, this appears to be the song heard even at the present day. (We didn't hear it though.)

The night before their wedding he suddenly disappeared. He had been travelling (riding a horse) from his home to her home, but reportedly he never made it there. (Then only few knew what had happened, nowadays it's known better.)

She was grief stricken, walking around the house, or just sitting (or lying) on her bed, or just standing at the statue in the garden, staring at it (these were known, because she was seen). Her diary writing those times were odd, to say the least. There was grief, and even apparent death wish (translated into english from what I read from the diary: "It's my fault. I should die with him, even if I had to do the worst, and to take my own life."). However, the oddest were the entries like these:

- She told how she had found lily of the valley lying on her pillow, this happened few times (that she mentioned)
- She had seen an odd white bird, and after she heard it had first been sighted when the wife of the first owner had died, and had been sighted the same day every year. She had hoped for a moment that the bird would take her away 'too' (propably she thought it had taken the other woman's soul to Heaven or something; my guess)
- A few times she had apparently seen her late betrothred. She described in her diary that she had seen a man that looked like him, but when she had approached or tried to talk, or simply looked again, he was gone or vanished.
- She also writes that she visited the statue, and had told it her story, ans the woman had wept, and she had seen her smile to vanish, for just a moment.
- Apparently later when she was near it, it talked to her. She heard voices, and saw the statue looking at her. These voices were gentle and comforting at first, but soon its words became malicious, telling her to join her loved one in death.

Three days before the anniversary of the first owner's wife, the girl fell ill again. Everything was done, but nothing helped. At the anniversary, the white bird was seen again, and she passed away. She was buried to the local cemetary, but apparently she never left the house (if that singing wasn't caused by residual haunting that is).

Now, to our investigation. When we had went through the house and garden with our equipment, we returned to the house, and was told the story (stories) above. After that we were sitting in the living room, checking what the cameras had, when we felt a presence.

There he was, looking at us, with this sad look on his face. The group leader asked him if we could help him. To this he nodded and turned around. (By his aura, and interaction with his surroundings, he was a real ghost, not residual haunting.)

He led us to the outside, to the old stables. In there he walked directly to behind the buliding and towards a small building that had been used to store something (owner wasn't sure what, just that it was a storage).

Under planks, old horse equipment (and some unsorted stuff) there was a chest. Big one, that had been probably used when one of the owners had moved there to hold their belongings. At first we couldn't see the chest well, but we managed to clear enough of the stuff to reveal its lid and front properly (we did this because the ghost pointed at it).

When we moved to open it (or rather trying to find out how to do it) the ghost spoke, and told us that when he had been coming to see his bride, few men had attacked him, and told that they were on the behalf of another noble man who wanted the girl his own (however, we didn't find anything to support this, and nothing indicated that another man would've asked her parents for her hand; Of course, he might've decided to wait a few years).

Then he told that he wanted to make sure others knew what had happened, so someone could bury his body, but we were the first ones he could get to follow him. Apparently in the house he had done things to get the people's attention, because he couldn't speak while somewhere else than in this 'shed'.

We got to the chest, and broke the lock (rusty one). There was a skeleton in there, and even some remains of clothes around it. As per protocol (and by law), we called the authorities (police), and a police car arrived, and told they would take care of it. Then they drove us out of the shed.

We know that another car arrived to take the remains to be checked, and the police questioned us. Neither of the two police men seemed to react when we told, truthfully, that we had been led there by an apparition. Maybe they had heard that an apparition had been sighted in the house a few (hundred) times.

The ghost had disappeared when the police arrived, and as far as I know of the current situation, nothing has happened in that manor since we left yesterday.