Ghost Stories


Yes, another experience I thought I'd share with you all! I must admit that I only have a couple left after this one, so I best pace myself! And yes, I am saving the best for last!
Everything written here did in fact happen. I had to revert back to my journal for details as I've kept one for years on any important or interesting things in my life. I know it's written like a story, but it's a TRUE story-

Well, let's see. This story centers on my dad's girlfriend's aunt (Mary). She was an elderly Blackfoot Indian. She was a wonderful hard working spiritual woman, very beautiful tall and wirey with deep leathery lines on her hands and face from years of hard labor. She trained working horses on her ranch. She had a heart of gold and would not think twice about helping others in need. If you showed up at her door day or night, you would have a warm place to stay and a meal to fill the void. She lived alone after the death of her husband on the outskirts of Modesto California, which is swallowing up what she truly believed in. The type of individual that just doesn't exist in California these days. In fact this is why there is a story to tell in the first place!

In the Early 1970's a woman showed up at Mary's door one day destitute with no place to go. (A Gypsy woman is what Mary told me) Mary took her in offered her a place to stay and meals if she would help around the ranch. Beth was her name. After several weeks' things were working out fine and Mary told Beth that she could stay as long as she liked for she was a hard worker and the two got along nicely. Beth apparently knew quite a bit about horses and had the same style work ethics which made their friendship blossom.

This relationship grew over the years and the two became quite close. Beth was always watching out for Mary. Strangers would stop by to look for work, a place to stay for a bit or just stop by and chat. Beth would always eye these transient types just to let these people know that they better well behave themselves. The protector if you will. One day A sudden illness struck Beth and within a couple of weeks passed away in the local hospital from pneumonia. The Ranch again was a very lonely place.

My dad and his girlfriend spent a few weekends out on the ranch helping Mary anyway they could. Mostly just being there for her was all they were able to do, cause this woman rarely rested! And neither one of them knew anything about horses. Anyhow, after several visits my dad confides in me that really strange things are happening there and that I should come down one weekend for myself to experience some of the activity. Now my dad DOES have an over-active imagination at times so as usual any story he tells me on the paranormal subject, I tend to take with a grain of salt. So, I spoke with Frankie (his girlfriend) and she assured me that it was true, very unusual things were happening. My reply......Pencil me in for next weekend!!!!

Okay, It's now Saturday morning and I'm waiting impatiently for what seems to be an eternity for my dad and Frankie to pick me up. They finally arrive, and I jump in the back of the car and off to the Central Valley. We finally arrive after miles and miles of windy country roads to eventually end the journey at a quaint neat little ranch in the rolling California hills spotted with the lone oak tree here and there. I get out and am immediately greeted by a large friendly German shepherd. Mary works her way towards us from one of the outbuildings gives me a huge hug and welcomes me to her home.

The home is tidy, but not immaculate and very very warm. We all sit inside and just start chatting away. She makes some tea for us and noticed she sets a fifth cup down on the table but pours in no tea? Very strange, but I just ignored it and was listening in on the conversation about horses and such. A couple minutes go by and Mary lets out this loud BETH.... STOP IT....
Hmmm what the hell was that all about I thought? My dad looks at me with that smirk that he likes to give me when he's right about something. I really take no notice other than it was rather strange. I'm sitting here thinking great; the strange stuff they were talking about is a poor elderly woman losing her mind.

Well, the rest of the afternoon was pretty mundane as I was outside petting horses and checking out the animals and Mary approaches and starts talking some more. Finally a few minutes later she asks me if my dad and Frankie told me about the strange things happening around the ranch. I told her that they vaguely mentioned some strange activity and left it at that. Mary went on to tell me about Beth the gypsy woman that showed up one day and actually stayed on the ranch for about 15 years until her death. She said that Beth is still here and is quite skeptical of strangers. Mary also went on to say that I will notice her presence, in fact was surprised I have not already. I guess I just wasn't tuning in to the subtle happenings in my surroundings. Mary told me that Beth WANTS people to know she's still around the ranch and is there to protect her and the property. Mary said that if you're a good person and have no cruel intent that all Beth will do is let you know she's there watching, and not to be frightened because she felt that nothing bad would happen. Mary said that at every meal she sets a setting for Beth since she still wants her to feel at home. This is why the empty fifth cup at the table. She went on to say that sometimes though it gets a little irritating and she has to "yell" at Beth at times to cease the activity. In all honesty I still felt that Mary was losing her mind, but I always give people the benefit of doubt and figured there would be plenty of time to cast judgement later on.

Well, it's early evening now and we're all inside sitting in the living room talking some more. At this point I'm sitting on a chair near the window next to one of those old fashion little organs they used to sell in the 60's/70's those brown plastic ones that used a round switch to turn on. Well I'm sitting there all content when I hear a small fan next to me. I look around and can't quite make out where the sound is coming from? Then I start to hear very faint tones. I looked over and noticed the organ was on! I then just reached over found the switch and turned it off. I looked again at my dad and he just sat there and nodded. A few minutes go by and two picture frames fall off the mantle. Mary jumps up and yells "BETH, THAT'S ENOUGH".

Well, there IS something happening here after all. I wasn't afraid, in fact I found myself wanting more. Shortly after that we all file into the dining room to eat. Again Mary sets a place for Beth. We start eating and I notice the chandelier starts to sway. The flatware at Beth's place falls to the floor. Once again Mary shouts at Beth. Everything subsides. This "game" continued throughout the evening. Everyone retired for the night about 11:00 PM. Except for me, as I still had the feeling I was at some sort of "fun-house", so I stayed up a bit more watching TV. Weird occurrences continued while I remained awake. The channels kept changing on the TV, the clocks minute hand spun around as fast as the second hand, and a decorative doorstop moved across the living room floor. It was really strange not knowing what would happen next. I must have dropped off unexpectedly cause I woke up to daylight and Mary rustling around the kitchen. Which she was even having a conversation with Beth. I wandered into the bathroom and started to shave when my overnight bag suddenly flipped upside down spilling out the contents within. At this point everyone was awake and sitting at the kitchen table. We had coffee and ate a bit. I then headed out to visit the animals. Mary came out shortly after where I asked her about Beth. All she really clued me in on was that she is still with the ranch and watches over it like a hawk. Mary said that she still enjoys her company, as that's the only real company she has. She said she talks to her throughout the day and is quite content knowing she's still nearby. I asked Mary if she had ever seen Beth as an apparition and she said she had not, but has often heard her voice.

Shortly after we said our good-byes got a nice big warm hug from Mary and I thanked her for her hospitality. The ride home was silent as I was reflecting on all the strange happenings that I have never before encountered. It was almost like a dream. I reflected back on what a neat person Mary was. I was actually quite envious of her achievements, honesty and overall love for everyone.

A few months later I moved to Alaska and it wasn't too long after that I received a call from my dad and was saddened by the news of Mary passing away. The Ranch changed hands to Mary's brother who sold it nearly immediately. I often wonder if the activity level remains, or if Mary and Beth have moved on......?????

If only I knew then what I know now I would have tackled the situation entirely different. I would have come equipped with cameras, recorders and any ghost finding equipment accessible. But that just wasn't the case and if we ever had ONE chance occurrence, I sure blew this one!