Ghost Stories

Black demon dog/bear/wolf and telepathic richard?

Ok.... freshly escaped from my home and now temporarily transplanted at my mother's as we await our move in a couple of weeks to colorado, I've been psychically bashed. I spoke of "Richard" the very angry spirit in our house. I firmly believe he was left behind. As I touched on in a post last week, he was VERY unhappy to see me go. I have since driven past that house, and can still feel him there. HOWEVER, I had a very realistic dream a few days ago that he was around as I was trying to leave my mother's house, though it wasn't my mother's, just was in the dream. Everyone else was able to leave, but I couldn't. There was fire that I couldn't escape on my way to the front door. I was holding my son, and was very badly burned on my hands as I was trying to leave. Yet the fire wasn't a fire with flames, it was more of a line of fire like those lighters that shoot up an invisible flame when you push the button. Anyway, the pain was very intense and real, and even checked my hands when I woke to look for burns. Well it finally occured to me to wrap up my son and myself in wet towels and just run through it very quickly. It worked. When I woke, I had a pounding headache, and could still feel the pain in my hands. I knew in the dream it was Richard and was terrified. Is it possible for him to have contact with me even though he is bound to that house and I am not living in it?


A couple days later, in my mother's house, I was faxing papers to a property we might be renting in Colorado. It was late, like midnite, and I was doing this in a room in the basement. For some reason, my skin has always crawled in this particular room. It felt like something, not someone was watching me. It didn't have that "there's a spirit around" feel to it. It felt not human, but more animal than anything. I turned and saw something I can only describe as a very large black dog, but was about 4 or 5 feet long, with a head that was about 2 feet or so across. It didn't have dog ears, but rather like wolf ears that stood up. It's coat was very dirty and greasy looking, and had yellow eyes, and a mouth that was open that had very strange teeth. long and pointy, but just all over the place, like they were too crowded for it's mouth. I didn't see a tail, and it just sat, watching me. I didn't see it full-bodied like a person standing there, but in mind's eye. I can't stress enough how large this thing was. As round around the middle as it was long, maybe 4 feet in diameter. The weirdest part was that it's arms and legs were defined like a man's. It still had fur there, but was extremely short and you could see it's muscles were well defined. Otherwise, it's fur was very long and shaggy.

Yesterday, I was trying to leave and couldn't find my son's pacifier anywhere. I was heading out of town and couldn't leave without it. With my mom and my kids in the car, I headed back inside to look for it. I wanted to go into the basement and look, but was terrified. I called for my mom's dog kirby to come with me when I got to the bottom of the basement stairs, and when he got to the top of the stairs, he yelped and ran away. At that same moment, all of my hair stood up on my arm's and could feel something right behind me. As I ran up the stairs, I heard it coming behind me. Not like footsteps running up the stairs, but more of a gallop. I got the hell out of there.

Today, I saw it again, still watching. This time, I got a word or a name with it, and it sounded like latonkah, though I'm sure it could be spelled a number of ways. We live in an area that was once home to tribes of native americans, though I must say that I can't remember which ones (we're in northeastern illinois), and was wondering if it was connected, since it sounded like a native american word.

Has anyone ever heard of this before? I'm concerned because with Richard, I wasn't able to protect myself all of the time, and that was just an angry ghost. It made me tired and I had massive headaches all of the time. When we moved, I felt instantly better, but now since this, I can barely keep my eyes open all day.

Any advice or story to share that anyone may have regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

I will update this topic later with a pic of the room where it seems to stay, though it does seem to roam around the house.