Ghost Stories the day?

Hey everyone, I'm new in the sense that I just made an account but I've been lurking for years now, recent events have caused me to FINALLY create an account. My husband and I live in military family housing on a USMC base, we just got the house on 22 April 2010. My husband lived in the house alone for a couple of weeks before I could move here.

This post will be a bit longer, but bare with me...please?

When he was alone he'd call me saying he was seeing a "ghost cat." It's just a black shadow of a cat and he sees it in various places of our two story home. Even still he sees it, it actually got more frequent when we adopted a 3 year old chocolate lab around 17 May 2010. We'll be relaxing on the couch after he gets home from work, it's ALWAYS dark when he sees it, the shadow of the cat is real enough to where he actually looked for a cat when he first moved in. I've only seen it once, but it startled me.

When he was living in the house alone the shower upstairs would turn on by itself, he'd hear footsteps upstairs, his co-workers (Marines, mind you) refused to stay in our house because they have had things happen here.

Military family housing is unique in that all of your friends who were on the base before you have probably spent a night or two in the house before they knew you existed. People thought my husband was crazy for accepting this house when the office offered it.

Everyone who comes over always says "Wow, it's been so long since I've been in this house." The first thing we ask when they say that is "Did the old family have a cat?" Everyone so far has said yes, a black cat. My husbands best friend came over this past weekend and I had the pantry door, which is right near the front door, open. I was cleaning the house and that's where we keep everything. He looked in and cringed. I asked him why he cringed and he told me the people who lived here before us kept their cat in the pantry ...with the door closed. And I wondered why my dog had a complex with his treats being stored in there...

I'm a domestic goddess, hahaha, so I'm home alone all day. My husband usually comes home a couple of times a day (usually after PT in the morning and then for lunch) and my dog and I always meet him at the door and give him hugs and kisses. Recently my dog and I have been hearing a key being inserted into the lock from outside and turning it to unlock the door, it sounds so real that both of us get up and start walking towards the door. We also both hear banging around in the kitchen as if someone is cooking something, the shower starts by itself, and the downstairs bathroom sink turns on and off by itself. We keep all of the doors in our house shut, we just don't like open doors, lol. Sometimes when I go upstairs during the day the bathroom door is open.

Hershey will wake up out of a dead sleep and start growling at the kitchen/entryway. I usually have to call him off and I check, there's never anything there. He's also freakishly protective of me when my husband is at work. When I need to go upstairs I have to wrestle him to actually get on the staircase. It's not an easy feat, he's 100 lbs! I try not to go upstairs anyways, during the day if I'm in the living room I feel as if someone is staring at me from the staircase, which is a straight shot to where I usually sit on the couch.

I don't feel comfortable in the upstairs of my home alone. I'm not so much scared of my house, I just wish I could be comfortable here.

Perhaps another unsettling thing is that before I got here I was not in any pain. I'd had knee surgery in 5th grade, but my knee was fine. I was also diagnosed with arthritis in my entire body at a young age, but I have had that under control for years, and these pains are NOTHING like what my arthritis pains are. Since I moved here I've been plagued with terrible lower back pain and hip pain so bad that I sometimes cannot do anything but lay on the couch with an ice pack and icy hot on hand. Once I physically leave the house my back and hips are perfectly fine, but as soon as I get home it hits me again.

I'm not saying that it's anything paranormal, but I think it could be a possibility. Certainly with it being military family housing...these houses have seen heartache, tears, and nightmares come true.

I guess I'm just wondering what everyone here thinks.