Ghost Stories

Calling up the spirits.......

Okay I have told you guys in tha past about the abiltiy to use a normal deck of playing cards ( just like a Ouija Board) to call upon the spirits of those who have passed.

Now there are a few differences with the cards verses the Ouija. Wiht the cards you can only ask past and presetn questions. I ahve odne this on several occasions, call it coinsidense or call it truth. I am quite skeptic but what I witnessed was quite eerie.

We ( husband and some friends) sat down to have a little fun and a good scare.

It started around 10:00 pm we set up the deck and began to ask questions. We both ( hubby and i ) worked in nursing homes, so most questions were about those residents who had passed away. We contacted what we believed to be the spirit of a recently deceased male in his late 60's. The converstation lasted for about an hour verfying that he was in fact who he claimed to be. We asked quetions about other folks living in the nursing home, and he di in fact verfy that yes they lived there. Mind you most of the way the quetions work are 50/50 so most is a guess. But as I said it was for a few laughs and to really scare the crap out of our guests.

Now we had a couple of friends who were non believers and emanded proof. We were stumped as to how to provide this proof ( after all we thought it was just a game), so hubby just winged it.

We knew of two ladies that were in the nursing home who were very ill the previous night we had worked. We began to ask questions about these two ladies and the spirit ( or cards) talke about this particular persons passing but the name we were asking about was not the same and the answers were NO this was the person. The person we were asking about was a lady named Sally, but the cards keopt saying NO. So we were clueless as to who this person was that had passed.

We had another man in another facility that was very ill, his name was Eddie name deleted. Hubby and worked for a nursing agencey that had us travel to different nursing homes to fill in when they were short staffed. The cards bean to tell that he has passed away two nights prior.

So the company asked us to place a call to the facility to question the passin of Mr. name deleted. Hubby and knew we were caught. They game was over they would find out it was nothing but a joke. I mean who could rellay talk to spirits with a normal deck of playing cards?

We placed the call to the home, and the freinds listened in on the other phone. We talked about nothing at first to the charge nurse and fiddle around thinking how could we just come out and ask the question about Mr. name deleted. We we finally did and the answer we got was crazy, Mr. name deleted had passed away two nights ago.

Of course I was shocked and thought WOW what a coincindence until I returned to the other facility to work. I walked int he facilty as any normal 8 hoiur shift began. At the start of the shift the residents would have a snack in the dinning room and some type of mass ( it was a catholic home). In the midle of feeding snacks a new co worker was talimng to another girl about having to clean her first dead body two nights ago. I didnt think anything of it. I said "Hey Ash who passed?"

Ashley replied to me and said "Sally name deleted" I was so shocked that my mind I guessed drifted to point that the two girls were saying to me "Hey are you okay?"

I immediatly walked to the pay phone and called my hubby to relay the news. he was shocked as i was, but he said if she was passed how come the cards kept saying No when we aske Sally's name. I couldnt put my finger on it.

Later that night when I filling out my report on my residents I ahd taken care of, I scrolled by Mrs. name deleted Care Plan and noticed something so unreal. Her real mane was Madilyn name deleted but in parenthesis it staed she preffered to be Sally.

I was speechless I ahd no clue as to what to say. I went home form my shift and explained the mixup to my hubby.

I never thought you could call upon the spirits with a normal deck of playing cardsa, and I sure dint believe in Ouija boards either. But I do now.

We ahve since quit messing around with the cards after this incident happened.
Now I do not try doing this naymore, we have done it for chits and giggles numerous times in the past. But when my nephew mentioned this to my mother ( who is very religious) she flipped. She explained ot me in the Bible it talks about the usage of a normal deck of cards and of course tarrot cards being an outlet for demons and such. Seems pretty reasonable to me. If you can do it with tarrot cards and Ouija's why not normal playing cards?

We ahve had other things go on when we used them, but mostly coincidental things. Like our shed door blew of the hinges during one these times. I mean it was fall and the wind was blowing. One of the candles we were using, when we done a friend of mine went to blow out the candle and it made this WOOSH sound as if a gas stove had been lit. When we tured on the lights the bluberry candle had exploded all over the table and in his face.

My first experience doing this was with just me and my hubby, I was sitting in my living room floor eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup with crackers ( there is a signifigance for the that). He wasgoing through the explanation of how the cards work. He began to ask the questions, and I snickered. i guess this made the cards mad. I wasnt buying the whole thing.

I had prior to eating my soup been doing a load of laundry, and while waiting for the washer to get done hubby sat me down to show me this thing with the cards.

So anyway he was asking questions, and then looked at me and said "Is there anything you wnat to ask?" So being the smart ass I am , I said are you in the house, the card flipped was a YES. So I asked another.

"Are you in this room?"
the card flipped was a NO
So I continued to ask where in the hell in my house was this supposed demon/spirit what have you. When I asked if it was in my basement, the card flipped was YES.

So still not believeing what I was seeing, I said sarcastically

"If you are in the basement give me a sign!" as I took a bit of my soup.

At that moment my washer nmachine went off balance and started knocking loudly, I jumped up, my knee caught the side of the bowl of soup and catapulted the bowl throught the air like a cannon.

I think i half choked on the soup, the banging was so loud.

Now call it coincidence which is what I said to hubby, but when we went down stairs to rearrange the clothes in the washer, I was shocked to see that the washer was still going.