Ghost Stories

Can a ROOM haunt you?

I posted this late last night (actually, early this morning) as a comment on a story on somebody's blog that struck a chord with me. When I woke up today, I vaguely remembered doing it and actually had to re-read it to remind myself of what it said. (I chalk that up to being overly tired, by the way, I'm not trying to say I was in a trance or anything :D ). I'll just copy and paste it here, since it gets the general point across, and then get into my question:

"I used to have dreams about the game room at my great-uncle's cabin in the mountains. The room was down a very narrow set of tacky, red-carpeted stairs from the main level of the house. The floor and halfway up the walls in the room itself bore that same red carpet, and maybe it was just my overactive imagination, but it made the room seem angry. The walls in the stairwell that began at foot level when one stood at the top of those stairs were stark white, and as one descended the stairs and the red carpet began to chase the white paint up past your waist, then finally over your head, it felt like a descent into the underworld. There was a pool table, shuffleboard, bumper pool, and a bar with Christmas lights wrapped around the perimeter of the mirror that ran behind it. I was terrified of the room but it was as if I couldn't stay out of it. I used to beg people to go down with me, but if they wouldn't, I went alone. And I don't know why. I would turn on the Christmas lights, and they were probably the only strands ever made that didn't have the power to comfort me. No matter where I stood, I felt as if something was wrong behind me. I was most frightened of the end of the room where the shuffleboard table sat. And I can't recall a single instance in all the times we stayed there when, upon getting ready to leave the room, I walked calmly up those stairs. I ran as if the devil himself was chasing me. And maybe he was. At night, I slept in a room with garrish, bright-green carpeting. Maybe it was all those loud carpet colors that made my mind feel like it was screaming, too. In my room, I slept with the covers over my head and my eyes shut so tightly they hurt, because I always had the feeling that if I opened my eyes, I'd find myself no longer in bed but alone in the game room, lying on the shuffleboard table, face-to-face with the broken pinball machine, the noises from which I'd never heard but somehow knew exactly what they'd sound like if I ever did. When my great-uncle passed, his children unceremoniously sold the cabin, but I can still see that game room as plain as day in my dreams. I feel like that carpet is angrier with me than ever. Stupid, huh?"

Okay, there's that, and now my question: Is it possible for a room to haunt someone rather than a spirit? Because as frightened as I was going into that room, while I was in it, and leaving it, I never was able to stay out and I want to go back now. Nothing ever happened to me there. I never saw anything move, never heard voices, noises (except I do seem to recall one time when I was pretty young that I thought I heard a thump like the sound the shuffleboard pucks made when they went off the edge of the board and into the tray around it). And thinking harder about it today, I think the part of the room by that table in which I was most uneasy would have been directly beneath where my bedroom was.

Anyway, it never seemed like I was afraid of someTHING or someONE when I was there - the fear seemed to come from everywhere, from the room. I haven't been there in years, and I can see every detail. And when I think about how I haven't been there in years, I feel this weird longing. I think about how whoever my cousins sold that cabin to has probably decided they didn't dig the retro-red-carpeted floors and walls and has taken them out, that the shuffleboard table is probably gone, the pinball machine was probably trashed, and I get upset. When I first heard they'd sold it, I tried to think of ways to buy it back just to save the room, even though I don't have that kind of money.

Does anybody have any thoughts on why I'm not able to get that room out of my head?
Just wanted to throw something else out there since I had another dream about the game room night before last...

Usually the dream is always the same - I go down the stairs into the room, look around, see everything is the same, and then start walking to the end of the room I never liked, get to the shuffleboard table, run a puck down it, and that's it. This time, the dream was different. I was walking toward the far end of the room and all of a sudden the stereo behind the bar came on. The stereo was an old one with a turntable and eight-track player. Somebody's case of old eight-tracks from the 70s used to always stay in one of the cabinets and my cousins or friends or whoever was there and I would always get them out and play them. My favorite ones to play were the Pink Floyd albums. Well, in the dream, I hear the stereo click on. I look over at the bar and see the old eight-track case open on the counter and then all of a sudden "Wish You Were Here" by Floyd starts coming over the speakers. My first instinct was to run, obviously, but I walked over to one of the bar stools and sat down. I noticed that there was no eight-track in the stereo. I pulled the case over to me and noticed all the Pink Floyd albums were missing. I was, for some odd reason, calmer at that point about a stereo with no eight-track in it playing Pink Floyd in a deserted basement. :D I wasn't looking to run for my life anymore, but I got up again with the intent to leave the room regardless. But when I got to the base of the stairs, this weird sensation came over me. It was almost like in my dream I realized I was dreaming - that I was conscious of lying in bed at my house but I could still see myself in the room. The music got all tinny, like it was coming from far off. I saw myself turn and start to walk back over to the bar and in my mind I was trying to get myself to turn around and leave, but it was like the me in the dream was compelled to go back over, like I'd sensed or seen something else that I wanted to check out.

At that point, I woke up and was standing next to my bed. Anyway, I don't know what to make of any of it, other than that the dream got weirder and I must have been sleepwalking or about to sleepwalk. I've done that a few times in the past, so I don't guess it's abnormal. Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on why a dream that's been the same for about 7 years would switch all of a sudden. Is it just because I was giving more thought to the dream lately?