Ghost Stories

Can Ghosts/Spirits Touch You?


I am sensitive to a large degree, and have seen numerous spirits/ghosts and even had one experience with what I believe is an angel (he/she rubbed my back one night after a really bad week. I thought it was my mom until I rolled over and she wasn't there. I woke up the next morning to a white handprint on my sheet like someone held onto the side of the bed. It was surprising, but neat)
Anyway, I accept that angels can touch you, but rarely do, it's ghosts/evil entities that I wonder about....I believe I was touched by the latter.

I was at my uncle's house in August of this year, and I have had numerous experiences (scalp tightening like someone had a hold on my ponytail, mirror changing like a funhouse mirror, my skirt moving when there was no breeze, ect. I'd even seen an entity on my video camera, and there were severe temperature fluctuations)

All of the above mentioned happened in Sept 2009, so I was curious about it all when I went to visit again (they live a 16 hour drive, I only visit once a year). They told me that they'd seen a demon face in the bathroom window when anyone passed the house, but had shoved a bunch of sheet into the window before I arrived. I was disappointed, because I wanted to see what they were talking about, but I understood.
I really DIDN'T want to go back in, because of the horrible experiences I'd had in the house, especially in the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom. But I wanted to see my uncle Jeff, his girlfriend Stephanie and my cousin Jesse James, who was about 20 months old.

I'll get back to the important part: I went in and had to use the restroom so I made Stephanie wait in the bedroom by the doorway while I ran in to the bathroom and did my business. The damn thing was waiting on me. As soon as I entered the bedroom I felt hated. Have you ever felt hated? It's a BAD feeling. It settles into your bones. It's cold, and aching, and just a terrible feeling.

I went in and felt like something was pressed up against my back WHILE I WAS ON THE TOILET. It grabbed my hair and I booked it.

Later on, my aunt and I, along with my mom's cousin's wife (this is my maternal side of the family), who was visiting from a few hours away, were sitting in the bedroom while Jesse slept and the men talked in the front room, and it seemed okay for the moment, so I was relaxing and talking about men and why I'm currently single, when Tammy (cousin's wife) stopped and was like "Do you smell burning? Steph, check the candles." Since we'd lit them for light while the baby slept. Stephanie checked, and nothing was wrong. I was faced away from the front wall, and it was coming from that area.

I was seated directly across from the bathroom doorway, which has no door. I glanced over, I don't know why, maybe a subconscious thing, and I saw myself in the mirror....But I also saw a touring dark figure behind me. I jumped up, but for whatever reason, I didn't beat a path like usual. I just stood there and asked the others if they saw the figure. They both looked, and while Tammy said she had a bad feeling and sensed something, neither could see it.
I began to get a cold, hated feeling again, and glanced down, and saw a hand on my upperarm. I began to feel like a cold hand was on my upper arm squeezing.

That really ticked me off, so I just said "O-kay, do NOT touch me. I'm not kidding. GET OUT of here and leave me the ---- alone!" At that it disappeared.

I didn't think though, that they were allowed to touch you. Yet it did. What's up with that?
Honestly, I have been contacted by and had experiences with, human and non-human entities. The non-human variety give off a certain "vibe". The human ones reek of desperation and emotion, the non-human ones give off a singular emotion, or else, emptiness. There is a child spirit in the house - one that is terrified of the entity in the bathroom. She (I believe it to be a small girl) sticks to the back part of the trailer, while the dark entity sticks to the main bedroom/bath at the front right hand corner of the trailer.

I do know that there was a fire that gutted the original trailer, and killed a woman and girl that lived there in the early 1990s.

However, from what I understand, the father survived.

The trailer was badly damaged and sold to my uncle in about 2005 at a discounted price, and he reconstructed it to it's original shape.

However, he is also haunted, and has had experiences with human and non-human entities as well. He doesn't believe this spirit is human, either.

I have seen and communicated with spirits. The human ones tend to send me messages (the little girl inadvertantly sent the message that she was scared of the master bath, and seems to be a toddler) but this entity...It won't or can't communicate. It just hates me, does things to scare the occupants and visitors in the trailer. It seems to only be there to destroy happiness. It loves to inflict fear and unease. Is this typical of human ghosts and I just haven't had the "pleasure" of communicating with a human spirit with such a pleasing personality?