Ghost Stories

Canton, OH haunting

I have a story that is similar to some of the stories that are circling around. Anyways this happened in Canton, OH about 4 years ago...We were looking to rent a bigger place, and found this townhouse that was at least $300 cheaper than anything similar in that same area. Without hesitation we decided to rent it from a person that bought the entire place just 6 months prior. We never asked why was it so cheap, and if it was just that unit the one that was cheaper.

As we moved in everything seemed quiet even as we were moving until very late that day. The first couple of incidents were that both my wife and I had that weird sensation of someone watching over your shoulder in the bathroom while taking a shower. That night as things were not completely setup, we had to sleep in the couches and inflatable mattresses that we set up in the finished basement's TV room. That night my brother (who was helping us with the move), felt that I woke up during the night and got close to him and called his name a couple times while being kind of quiet not to wake up my wife...his response after moving things all day was to leave him alone and turned around without opening his eyes. I can't say that I ever felt anything that day, and I'm sure that I never got up.

As the weeks went along, my brother in-law (a video game fanatic) would stop and play Madden in the PS2 with me until late on the weekends, as we both were playing, we felt that someone was running down the stairs to the point of stopping not even 5 feet from where we were sitting. (The TV was against the wall where the steps ended). We both got up thinking that my wife had woken up, and as we walked to the stairs, and looked up, we saw nothing but the empty steps in front of us. This happened at least 20 times during our stay there, as you could have been in the computers (which were set up on the other room, on the other side of the basement steps).

My wife remembers dreaming about an old lady that had a map of some type of treasure hiding in the place. (We never even looked for it).

Stranger things kept happening, as one time as my wife and I were out of town and my brother in-law stayed looking after the house. While his girlfriend was sweeping the floors, she heard people talking upstairs. She heard them so loud that she had to call my brother-in-law to come since she knew she was alone and she refused to go upstairs by his request, even though he tried to stay on the phone with her. As he got home it stopped, and when they went upstairs nobody was in any of the rooms. That entire week, as they slept upstairs in the rooms, they heard steps running down to the basement steps. As we got home that week, they asked us to go get something to eat to tell us about some of the weird things that they had heard that week while watching the house. As we were leaving, we couldn't find the keys to lock the doors and to drive the car. We ended up ridding with them, but my wife while being funny said "please just put them where they go" as we 4 were walking out. As we came back into the house, the keys were hanging in the key hanger that was next to the door. We really freaked out that day!!! Especially because we all looked for those keys for at least 30 minutes before going out.

Another strange incident happened as a summer day, while cleaning the car outside, we saw that our neighbor left his door wide open, but earlier that day my wife had heard him playing the piano. He was a music school teacher, and normally you could hear him play the piano during his piano lessons in the afternoons. Well I went and knocked on his door since I didn't see his car in the garage, and since no one answered I thought someone tried to break in, so we called the police. As the police arrived, and the landlord called our neighbor to make sure everything was there, he mentioned that he had been boating all weekend and that it was weird that someone had heard someone playing the piano since the house was alone. Nothing was missing and the police said that there was no evidence of force entry, so everything got disregarded as maybe he didn't close the door all the way and the wind blew it open. As the police was leaving the neighbor told us that he also heard things at night and that where he lived, someone had died 5 years earlier.

He told us the story that he heard from another neighbor about an old lady that lived where he lived alone, and that where we lived her son and grand daughter lived at the same time. He said that the son of the old lady was a truck driver and that he got the old lady the place next door to watch over the teenage daughter. That the grand-daughter would throw parties until late at night, to the point that the police got called over a couple of times for loud music during the week. I guess the girl got pregnant during high-school and that the old lady ended up baby sitting the baby that lived in our house while the girl went to school. I guess the lady died of a heart attack at his property, before the great-grandchild turned 1 year old. He even told us that her name was Edna.

After that night sometimes the key to the house wouldn't work, and my wife would call out Edna and say, "please let us in", and the keys would turn the next try. I have to admit that we never felt threaten up till that moment, and we had plants and birds, which I've heard are weak for anything bad, and we never had any plants or birds die while we lived there.

We did have a very scary night, as we heard a noise that wake us up around 3-4 am (same time the steps were felt down in the basement), the noise was scratching in the ceiling right above our bed (like a cat playing with his paws), this continued to the point that my wife started crying and called her brother to come over, when he and I went up in the attic for the first time since we moved there, we couldn't see anything even with flashlights ( no rats, no birds, no cats, etc).

We did call the landlord a couple of months later as we saw bats flying into the roof, and although they sprayed in the attic, they could not see any droppings to show that they lived there for long.

The scratching was the only incident in our room, but the guest room kept having people that stayed over wake up between 3-4am for whatever reason, to the point that they could not fall asleep until after 4am. My father-in-law, who is very scared of these things, stayed over one night and after being woken up, never stayed in the room again.

My brother-in-law lived 45 min south where we lived, and his girlfriend lived 1 hr north, and on the weekends after partying together they would stay over in the guest room. One night after a party they went to bed, to be woken up at 3:15am. As they could not fall asleep again, they heard someone walk very slowly up the stairs (as they explained later) they hugged each other and while both with eyes open looked at the doorway as the steps got all the way upstairs, they never saw anyone, but felt someone crawling and scratching their way from the doorway to the side of the bed, it got so loud and so scary, that they just got up and ran out of the house. When we woke up (never felt anything), and wondered where they would have gone, and called them at their cell phone...they explained what happened during the night. As we asked where they slept then, they explained that they drove and parked the car where they slept the rest of the night, even though it was February and probably 25F outside.

We moved soon after, and my wife still wonders about what Edna's treasure was...maybe something she wanted her grand-daughter or her great-grandchild to have?? Who knows. We also found out that Edna would watch the baby in the room where no one could sleep. I've been wanted to stop by and ask the family who lives there (since you see children drapes on the guest bedroom when you drive by), if they have felt or seen anything, but my wife has convinced me not to...Not everyone sees and feels these things...they could just see us as crazy people. We did have our next house blessed by a priest from the close by church, just in case. LOL