Ghost Stories

'Cemetery Sam'

I would like to tell the story and what I know about 'cemetery Sam', that is what the locals call him. I know for a fact thats not his real name, just a label. I see him now and again but I never have a camera with me when I do, or traffic behind me and I can't pull over, always something. But I will get a photo as soon as I can and post it here in this thread as an update. My man and I have lived here where we do now basically ever since we got married (almost four years). It's only a block from my parents home where I grew up. So, I have known about Sam even back when I was a little girl and I have been in this area all my life. Anyway,there is a man that lives around here that is wheelchair bound. He lives in a small trailer by himself, down next to the river. I would guess the man is in his late 40's early 50's? I remember seeing him when I would catch the bus in the morning for school. No matter what the weather (and it gets cooooold here) you could see this man making his way along the edge of the street. I also can remember seeing him stuck in the snow just sitting there turning his wheels trying to unstick himself.

I have never seen anyone with him ie: a care giver or even someone to push him about. He definitely puts no one out or relies on anyone to take care of him, kinda sad I guess but noble as well. Although I know for a fact that someone checks in on him because I have seen a vehicle at his home on many occasions. He also has an electric wheelchair but it is a rarity to see him in it. I have never heard him speak and know that he is almost impossible to understand when he does. I also know he looks up and smiles should you take the time to give him a greeting of the day, because I do this when oppertunity arrises. I have heard it said that he is perhaps slightly retarded? I have also heard his troubles are because of lead poisoning, drugs, stroke, a head injury, a diving accident, I don't know for sure the mans problems. When you see Sam, you can set your watch to his movements. He is headed to the market Friday evening and the cemetery, every Sunday morning at 5:30 am and without fail. No small feat for anyone in a chair I'm sure. It has to be at least a one mile journey for him and most of it is up hill! He does eat good, he is a big man for sure and quite overweight. Which I am sure that adds to the difficulty of the trip. But all the same, he is tenaciously punctual.

As I said, every Sunday morning he can be seen in his black hat and on his way to the graveyard. Back when I used to work days (I work a night shift now) I could see him sitting about the middle of the cemetery. When I came back through (sometimes up to ten hours later) he would still be there! Severely cold days, in the heat, rain, wind, it doesn't matter and he is always there. I truly believe at times, he has spent entire nights sitting there. Last winter I got the idea to see where it was that he sat because I know it is always the same place. With much discussion I ask my man to help me watch when he was gone so I could go up and see where it was his chair wheels were in relation to his tracks in the snow. Just something I wanted to know, but also something hard for me to explain I guess. I had my man making runs to the market all day to let me know when he had left. I was quite irritating that day to say the least. When Sam had left, hubby and I went up to see where it was that the gentleman was seated. We were surprised, his tracks seem to sit between two old stones. It appeared to be a husband and wife and perhaps a son that was only eighteen when he died. They were with the last name of 'Ivie' but the thing that got me was I wondered what bond he could possibly have with these people that past so long ago. If I remember right, the parents past away in the late sixties (I figure Sam was probably born in the 60's) and the son had died in 1929.

It will be a stretch, but if I can manage to remain here long enough before being banned again, I will get a picture of Sam. I can't find myself comfortable just going up and snapping a picture of him, I would think that rude or do I know how he would react to that. Trying to get a picture of him in the cemetery would probably be best since thats the basis for my curiosity anyway. I will also go up and get a picture of the two stones and post them along with his photo.

I think it would be great if I could get the talented individuals here to examine the photos and perhaps post their interpretations of this situation concerning the actions of this strange man. I will get these photos if anyone finds they have an intrest in this story, otherwise there would be no use wasting my time with it, so let me know please. This is just an idea I had. Thanks for reading