Ghost Stories

Chapel - Fiction

My name is Steven Brown, and I am going to tell you a story. It might or might not be scary... to some. It all starts in a town, a small town not known to many but its inhabitants and was set back in a part of Minnesota. It had it's share of doctors, lawyers, and police men. It was known as the Towne of Dairen. My family and I moved there when I was nine after a fire burnt out everthing we had in California. We lived in Orange County, California. A perfect life until a gas leak ruined it all. My dad was killed in the fire and now it was just Jared, my stepdad, And Selena, my mom. My sister, Jill, lives with us also. "Steven, it's time to wake up". I woke up and rubbed my eyes and ran to the bathroom before Jill got in there and spent the whole year on her hair. I went in and locked the door. I looked in the mirror and ran my hair through my sandy brown hair. I brushed my hair and did all the morning stuff while Jill banged on the door yelling at me thorugh the door. I got out of the bathroom and we both stuck our tounges out at each other did the regular brother/sister things. I went downstairs in my school uniform, grabbed the piece of toast on the table, grabbed my coat and book bag, and kissed my mom goodbye. I left the house and continued on the St. Constantine's School, it was a small school on the corner of Lime St and Goran Rd. I continued on and passed the Chapel. I looked up and saw someone in the bell tower. "Wait, it's closed, A robber!" I dropped all of my things and ran in. That's where our story begins.

I ran into the chapel hoping to see who or what was in there. "Hello!" I yelled. My voice reverberated off of the covered pews and theold altar. "Who's in here!?" I shouted to noone but bats and a few doves in the rafters. I heared a loud creak from the back stairwell that lead up to the bell tower. I ran towards the sound and then slowed to a creeping walk. I climed the stairs avoiding cobwebs and broken side boards. I carefully ascended the stairwell whispering small hellos and who's there in slight whspers. "Hello?" i whispered, only this time there was a response. "Are you one of them?" a girl's voice said. "One of who?" I asked bewildered. "The monks. That's what mommy calls them." She seemed so strange. She looked over me and started to cry. A giant shadow loomed over us and I felt sick. I passed out.

I woke up in the bell tower, my head hurting from when I fell against the wall. My skull was pounding and The entire room was spinning like one of those carnival rides. The girl was gone and so was the shadow, I wondered over and over if the someone or something might have taken her. I carefuly descended the stairs making sure not to fall. I stopped and looked at my watch. "3:30!? Damn I missed school. Man, I'm dead if I don't get home." I ran out of the chapel teeterin sideways as my head spun. I pushed the door open and squinted my eyes in the sunlight that glowed onto my face. I noticed that all of my things were trashed, probably those punks that roam around the neighborhood. My unused lunch money was gone and so was my new Vikings jacket. "Great, now my mom's REALLY gonna kill me!" I said as picked up my ruined bookbag. I walked home and for the rest of the walk I thought about what happened in the Chapel. I got home and tried to sneak into my upstairs room, but didn't go one step until my mom yelled into the hallway. "Steven Christopher Brown, You get your butt in here right now!" She shouted. Jared was sitting down next to my mom in his cop uniform. "I saw you running into the old chapel," he said looking at my mom. "Why didn't you go to school?" she asked me angrily. I looked at Jared, the mom, and finally said, "I saw someone in the bell tower, and so I went up there to see who it was, and..." My mom got up, "You could have been hurt or killed." "Look, if you see someone suspicious let us know, That's why we get paid." Jared said laughing, but in a serious way.
I knew they didn't understand, so I went upstairs not listening to my mom who was telling me to come back. I pushed open the door to my room closing it behind me. I layed down on my bed and dozed off to sleep. Tommorow was Saturday, that was the day I would find out what was there.

I woke up to my mom getting clothes ready for me. She looked over at me, "Come on, I'm driving you to school." I looked at her very surprised. "Mom, it's Saturday. No school." I told her, and she looked at me and put the clothes away. "Alright, but your not doing anything today," She said to me in an angry voice. I told her that me and my friends had plans, and she told me that I should have thought about that before I went tramping around the Chapel. I layed back into bed and my mom walked out of the room. I knew that I had go to the chapel to find out what was going on there, and maybe find out who that little girl was in the process. I got out of bed and closed and locked the door. I yelled to my mom that I was going to be sleeping all day before I locked the door because she almost never bothers me when I'm sleeping. I grabbed my other coat and opened the window, and I climbed out. It was one of those foggy mornings, the sun was low and there was no doubt that Jared would be patrolling the streets. But, alas the police car was still in the driveway, meaning he was still home. I walked down the street to the Chapel, and I got a foot away from my house when I heard my front door open. I looked back and Jared, who normally walks out with my mom to kiss her goodbye, rushed out of the house and in to the car. I then saw my mom in my window looking outside. I ran as fast as I could and got to the chapel in no time. I ran inside and watched as Jared's patroller creeped past the chapel. But, he stopped in the front of it, and got out of the car. I ran to the alter and hid behind it. Jared opened the door flashing his flashlight around the pews and broken tables. "Steven!" he called out, "Steve, Come on out pal. you and I have to talk!" He walked right passed me and I heard him talking to someone. "Hey Steve, come on lets get you home." I looked from the side of the alter and saw him bending over and waving to no one but air. He went in and up the stairs yelling at "me" to come back. I was sitting there hoping to hear anything else. I then heard a scream, and thinking that I could get away with being here, I went to Jared's aid. But, I was too late, there was Jared sitting with his head cut off in a pool of blood. I stood there speechless, until I heard a rolling sound. It was a soft thumping/rolling sound that couldn't be described. Then, out of the darkness, came a small, round object. I looked at it, sickend by it. There was Jared's head, with a screaming expression plastered on the face. I screamed and ran down the stairs, I turned and kicked the door. Only this time, it didn't open. I fell backwards, stabbing myself by a lose nail. It went through my jacket and punctured my arm. The blood ran around in circle on the floor, obscuring a pentagram on the floor. "Holy God. What the hell is this?" I watched helplessly as the star-shaped Satanistic sign lit up with fire. A shadowy figure descended the stairs. It was Jared. He still had his head, and he was wiping a red substance off of his bald scalp. "I really loved that little act of mine. I mean that wasent really an Emmy preformance, but." He was acting the whole time. "Why me? Why my mom and me, and Jill?" I asked, my voice craking a little. "You know, it's funny you mention Jill. Because, through out this whole situation, You haven't even seen her," He said smilling. He pointed to the pentagram and Jill was laying in the middle of it, tied up and gagged. I ran toward her and Jared pulled out his gun. "I wouldn't do that. Unless you went a bullet to the head." I looked at him and noticed something behind him. It was the little girl. She walked over to Jared and hit him in the back. "GO, TAKE HER AND RUN!" she yelled out. I picked up Jill and Jared shot the gun at us. He missed all of the shots and hit the wall. I ran towards the door and the Pentagram fire started up again. It hit a cloth covering a pew and set it on fire. The Chapel was burning up around us and Jared was walking towards us. Just then, a peice of masonry fell on him, killing him instantly. The Chapel was falling in on us, the girl was standing by the alter, waving to us to come towards her. I ran with Jill over my shoulder towards her. She went from waving to pointing to the bell tower stairway. I went up the stairs and looked at the fake head lying on the floor. I passed it and went towards the opening in the bell tower. I looked down and saw a pile of grass. I knew it was safe, so I threw Jill over and into the pile. he landed safely. I was next, so I stepped over the edge, But was pulled back by someone. Jared was standing over me with his gun pointed at my head. "I will not lose another child. I need you to complete the ceremony. Now stay here!" He pulled the trigger and a loud blast encompassed us. It was like time froze a bullet was in front of my face, my breath echoed in my head, my heart beating a mile a minute. I was pulled away and time came back. I got up and ran back downstairs. Jared chased after me. I hid by a wall, and the girl ghost was next to me. She pointed near a gas pipe running up the wall. There was fire everywhere. I had an Idea. Jared came running down the stairs and the ghost of the girl seemed to take my form. Jared looked at her, "I've been waiting for this for a very long time Steven. Eat this!" I shot the gun and the bullet went through the ghost and hit the pipe. A burst of flame punched out hitting Jared directly in the body. He was so close, that he got the full shot and melted away. I crawled carefully under the shooting fire and back upstairs. Jill was awake now, Yelling for me to come down. I crossed my hands of my chest, closed my eyes and jumped. I went straight into the grass pit and landed safely. I looked back up at the bell tower and saw the girl, waving to me. I waved back and ran out of the courtyard. Fire engines and police cars were rushing to the scene. In a minute, every law enforcement and safety official was surrounding us. My sister told a police officer everything that happend. I was dizzy and bewildered. My mom was there and was too happy to be mad. She ran towards me and picked me up. she was asking me if I was alright, if Jill was ok and I said yeah. A police man came up to us and talked to my mom. "Mrs. Brown, do you know a Sgt. Jared Bresk?" He asked. My said yes and asked what happened. The police officer took her to the side. We watched as he told her some things and she started to cry. He gave her his badge. "So, Jared was bad huh?" Jill asked me in a shaken voice. "Yeah, he had a few screws untightend." I said as we both laughed. We left my mom there to search for Jared and mourn his passing. We walked home and decided to sleep after what happend.

In the months following the incedent, my mom never got together with another man, we thought that was best. Jill became part of the Dairen Tigers pep squad. And as for me, I talked to Dairen's mayor to get the chapel rebuilt and used as a multi-religion church. I've seen the girl around the old church, just sitting there. And Jared, well I'm sure he's somewhere VERY hot. Maybe next time something like this will happen again, And I will document it. But, until then, I have nothing else to say but thanks for reading. HAPPY HUNTING:D