Ghost Stories


First Of Behind the Stories:

When I was a Year old my Parents Michael and Angelique and I moved from Bay Ridge in Brooklyn ,NY to Detroit, MI for my fathers new Job. He was and still is a Engineer. We moved from a Tiny 2 Bedroom Split home in Brooklyn to a very Large and Rather Old 5 Bedroom House in the Detroit Suburbs. And a year and a half later my sister Jacqueline was born. I lived in the house until I went to college at Michigan State and then 3mths after College before we moved to our new Homes in North Carolina. I liked the House we had in Detroit. It was on 3 Levels , had a large Backyard and Front Yard. And when I was 10 my Father Had a swimming pool put in. Some of the best memories of my younger life had that house in them. But behind he nice friendly exterior lay some past strangeness that still have my hair stand on end. Here are some of the encounters I expereienced. Also my mother and sister seemed to have known about them too. I dont know who has the house now. But I have to wonder if theyve had anything odd happen to them since theyve moved in ??

When I was 5yrs old my Father bought me a Labrador Dog for my Birthday . We named him MAX. He was a great dog. Loved getting into anything us kids did. And always played with us when we were in the yard. MAX was your typical Labrador, full of energy but not too much in the brains department. But he was a good dog. Loved playing catch and pats and anything we were eating. ANYWAY TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT: We as a Family were worried that MAX would get lonely when we were at school and work as my mother worked too (As a Photographer). So we used to leave the radio in the Kitchen playing when we were out. THE STRANGE OCCOURANCES STATED : One fall day my mother came home from Work at lunch time because we werent far from school my sister and I usually did too. We rushed in the house this day and my mother was sitting in the tv room at the back of the house with a very scared look on her face. And she asked us if that morning if we had made sure we'd locked the doors at the back and front. My sister and I nodded. And my mother who is a fairly strong headed and smart woman
said "Are you sure?" and again we said yes. we double ckecked like she'd asked us. And we asked why ? and she said she'd come home and the back door had been wide open and MAX had been asleep in the hall on the rug. We knew for a fact we'd left him outside as usual that morning. And though maybe our Father had come back home to get something before us. And had accidently left the door open. Because MAX wouldnt have let a stranger in the house. Even as doppy as he was he was still a good guard dog. But no when my dad came home that night mom asked him. And he'd been in meetings all day and had no time to come home. so my mother put it down to her being forgetful. OVER THE NEXT THREE WEEKS: Once or twice a week we'd come home to find MAX on the hall Rug. Sound asleep......Strange dont you think?? WELL IT GETS STRANGER: A week later one night about 6pm we were eating dinner when we got a phone call from our neighbour a elderly woman called "Margaret" she was worried she asked my mother who the elderly man she had seen several times over the last few weeks in our yard doing work. Everytime she'd gone to say hello he'd walked to the back door opened it and had gone in. My mother said to her that there was no old man here in the house . But maybe it was someone who'd gotten lost or confused. But couldnt explain why she'd seen him several times. Even my Father was now worried. The next day was a Saturday as as usual the Family (all of us ) would go to the market in the morning and to lunch at our favourite Cafe and then come home (If I didnt have a Go-Kart Race that weekend). THIS ONE SATURDAY : we came home to hear MAX barking like he did when he was playing with us kids you know the joyful Barking of a happy dog type Bark. Thinking that maybe this guy our neibour had seen was back we rushed inside to find once again the back door was wide open.....BUT THIS TIME INDSTEAD.........We found MAX running back and forth catching and dropping his favourite tennis Ball........FOR SOMETHING WE COULDNT SEE.
My mother called MAX and made us kids go inside. My sister and I watched from the TV room window. As my parents looked around the whole backyard.
Not finding anything they came back inside and started trying to disguss what we'd all seen noone seemed to be able to explain it other than it had to be a Ghost. My mother and I have been able to see ghosts and other things for ages. My father and sister insist they cant. BUT WE BELIEVE: that according to records of past owners of our house the Ghost possible was a elderly owner of the house from around 1940. Not long after it was built. Our
House's first owner "DAVID" had died. He apparently had alot of pets when he was alive especially dogs. SO WE THINK DAVID CAME BACK TO KEEP OUR DOG COMPANY WHEN WE WERENT THERE......EITHER WAY WE DIDNT MIND....MAX WAS HAPPY AND WASNT LONLEY....... ALL THROUGH HIS LIFE MAX PLAYED WITH THIS UNSEEN FRIEND ........WHEN MAX DIED at the grand old age of 14 of Cancer. Im sure he was happy to have not been alone. THE FUNNY THING WAS WE GOT A NEW DOG NOT LONG AFTER BORDER COLLIE CALLED "ELVIS" ........BUT IT WAS STRANGE.......HE NEVER HAD THE SAME THING ................. AFTER MAX DIED.........DAVID SEEMED TO HAVE LEFT....Were Sorry he left. We still miss having him around.


This is a shorter story to finnish this page off. When we moved into the DETROIT house there was this set of draws in the attic. My mother liked them and brought them down into the den. Were she cleaned them up and put a vase of flowers on them like you do. We thought they looked nice. And we thought they looked like they belonged well into the room. HOW WRONG WE WERE: For some strange reason every day after we brought that set of draws downfrom the attic.We would come home to find.....THEY HAD BEEN MOVED.......... GET THIS........BACK INTO THE ATTIC.....And the vase would be on the floor perfectly ok. AFTER A WEEK OF BRINGING IT BACK DOWN....My father said obviously someone dosent want it down here and in the ATTIC IT STAYED........And as far as we know its still there.....I WONDER IF ANYONE ELSE HAS TRIED TO MOVE IT. The thought of it moving still freaks me out. WHO MOVED IT AND WHY??

When I was Living in Detroit , My Sister Jacqueline and I had the whole 3RD Floor of the house to ourselves. We called it THe Hangout. Only thing above us was the MUSTY old ATTIC. Which was full of past owers reject furniture and junk (See Story of Haunted Chest on Page 1). We each had a side of the Hallway which ran down the Center of the Third Floor , not along the side on the other floors. I had the Left Side of the Hallway which had My bedroom , the Bathroom and our Study - Playroom. My sister had the right side of the Hallway which had Her Bedroom and a little Dressing room and a Spare Bedroom which we used when we had sleep overs and a second toliet. While her bedroom was at the far end of the hall , mine was at the start . So near bed time my sister and I would watch TV together in my room (even though she had her own tv. Because we liked the same program and we did get along most of the time) and at 9pm our bedtime my sister would then get up with her quilt and run down the hall to her bedroom.. When she'd go to bed she'd always yell out "GOODNIGHT BAS! " (My Nickname) before opening her door and going in her room and shutting it. ANYWAY ONE SATURDAY NIGHT: I wasnt feeling well I had a bad heaache so my sister had watched TV in the lounge with my Mom while my dad was away on Buisness. ABout 9pm I heard Footsteps running up the hall and a little wimper like noise before what sounded like my sisters bedroom door opening and closing Thinking my sister MUST HAVE GONE TO BED: And hadnt called out to wake me with my headache I rolled over and went back to sleep. ANYWAY ABOUT HALF AN HOUR LATER : I heard someone coming up the stairs loudly and It woke me up
So I got up; IT WAS MY MOM AND MY SISTER COMING UP THE STAIRS: So my mom could check on me and so my SISTER COULD GO TO BED...[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]BUT BEFORE SHE COULD DO THAT :[/FONT] I asked "Did you come up here about half and hour ago and go into your room?"
and my sister said "No. Ive been watching a Movie with Mom. Why?" I TOLD THEM WHAT I HEARD THE RUNNING ALONG THE HALL , THE LITTLE WIMPER AND THE DOOR BANGING: And my Sister looked shocked.....My Mom went sort of Pale........I was like "What?"..........MY MOM THEN SAID..........I GUESS YOU HAVE FOUND ANOTHER GHOST.................

Funny thing was It was only one of Four times I ever heard it.EACH TIME WHEN I WAS IN BED ILL..........AND MY SISTER WAS DOWNSTAIRS WATCHING TV WITH MOM.........WHILE DAD WAS AWAY........:eek: